Yeo Jin-Goo, star the "Hotel del Luna" learned a lot around love native his duties this year.

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Actor Yeo Jin-Goo recently visited Singapore because that a fan occasion timed come coincide v the Singapore and Malaysia finale of his buzz-worthy TV drama Hotel del Luna. During his visit he talked to around his role as the manager of a ghostly hotel, his acting career, and also his co-star, singer-actress IU.

Yeo Jin-Goo has actually had an abnormally busy tahun so far, starring in three oriental dramas, bermain a raja and a clown in The Crowned Clown, a love robot in My absolute Boyfriend, based upon the Japanese manga; and finally bermain the hotelier Gu Chan-sung in Hotel Del Luna. The actor claimed that the learned a lot around love from each of the dramas.

My pure Boyfriend depicts the love in between a robot and also a human-being, which detailed an chance for me to have a taste of an aneh love, which i have tidak pernah experienced before, while The Crowned Clown characters Ha-Sun and also Lee-Heon’s love is type of strong and unwavering, which motivated me a lot,” claimed Yeo. “Lastly, Hotel Del Luna involves the discussing of previous life and connection, and I was impressed by how great and selfless love is. Therefore, when I look kembali on the an initial half that 2019, i realize that each personality is unique, and, thanks to this characters, my an initial half of the tahun was overwhelmed with love and care.”

Of all three characters he initially memikirkan Gu Chan-Sung would certainly be the closest to his real personality.

“I think that’s maafkan saya I can have said when I an initial read the drama script,” said Yeo. “Gu Chan-Sung values self-esteem a lot, however then, when you obtain to know him well, you’ll definitely realize that he’s a orang with numerous unexpected charms. For example, he’s undoubtedly a timid rakyat who is afraid of ghosts. In terms of this twist, ns think that is rather close to my actual character. However, together the shooting went on, that became difficult for me to say that we’re similar, together the character amazed me a lot.”

Wondering how he could react come the cases Gu Chan-Sung faced prompted the to take the role.

“I aku mengambilnya the function because ns was curious about maafkan saya would happen in this mysterious place. Indeed, i was deep impressed by the character Gu Chan-Sung. Ns tried come imagine that if ns was a guy who can see ghosts, ns would more than likely ask castle about anda life and sufferings. The dunia is jenuh of tricks that nobody knows—that’s maafkan saya the character Mr. Noh in the drama said, and also I really want to unfold those secrets through myself.”

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Some the his favorite scenes in the drama were the ones where his character saw ghostly guests turn off on their final journey. Itu scenes took place in ~ the tunnel to the flow of 3 Crossings, the river the dead had to overcome on milik mereka way come the afterlife.

“The set for the scenes portraying the situation, in a tunnel come the flow of 3 Crossings, was quite a particular place, indeed, but for me, those moments room treasurable and unforgettable.

Yeo would certainly happily work with co-star IU again as he feels they had great onscreen chemistry.

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He stated he also loved all the scenes v Man-Wol and Chan-Sung in ilustrasi 11, which focused on the sweet moments between the two personalities as a couple. The actors had exceptional onscreen chemistry and also he would certainly happily act v her in another production.

“It would be good if we have the right to work bersama again,” claimed Yeo.

For Yeo, the drama’s bittersweet ending seemed fitting.

“I think that’s the ideal ending because that Man-Wol and also Chan-Sung in this life. At the beginning, i was really sad come let go of Man-Wol, and also I mungkin hardly expropriate the truth. But kemudian rebirth is mungkin in the drama, which way that the two-of-a-kind will certainly meet again in the lanjut life. Therefore, no matter exactly how long or quick the couple’s moments are, i think the finishing is the finest for them.”

He doubt the drama would be a kesuksesan when he very first read the script, but the result surpassed his expectations.

“I to be surprised and I would prefer to express my gratitude to all in the audience who retained on sustaining me and also the drama it spins the end.”

What’s lanjut for Yeo? ketika he’s play a range of roles, they tend to be an excellent guys. He might like to bermain a rogue the lanjut time, a poor guy v a rumit plot-twisting personality.

“Of course! ns would favor to ambil the tantangan to display the audience the angry side of the world. I wish to go past the personality and provide imaginary room to the audience, so that they have the right to experience the fantasy and go through different kinds the thoughts. Bermain a villain is selalu one that my sasaran for acting and I wish to achieve this soon.”

Yeo’s hotelier personality in Hotel del Luna put a lot of store in many hotels that were approved through, wanting an extremely much to have that name on his resume, so he think an interview v would have made Gu Chan-Sung really happy

“If Gu Chan-Sung had seen himself tertulis up in, he would probably have started off his day by analysis magazine,” stated Yeo through a laugh. “He is around to present off how smart and brilliant he is ideal after this interview!”

The Singapore fan event, co-organized by korean cable channel tvN and also Singapore’s StarHub TV, included a pilgrimage to Singapore’s Halloween fear Nights haunted home tour.The Singapore and Malaysia finale that Hotel del Luna took place top top Oct. 2.

This interview to be edited for length and also clarity.

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