To have three motorbikes favor this side by side is a fascinating experience. They are similar, yet an extremely different. In between $500-$600 separates each motorbike, produksi the Honda XR 150 (cheapest) approximately $1000 cheaper 보다 the Yamaha WR 155R (most expensive).

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The 150cc dual-sport segment is interesting due to the fact that it only uses to a limited mageri of nations where the 150cc’s room popular. However these limited set of countries can be argued to it is in “motorbike countries.” The motorbike have the right to be viewed on the road much more frequently or at least to a similar tingkat to the amount of cars.

In Vietnam the 150cc parentheses is due to the secara teratur license enabling 150cc and below, definition anything over 150cc demands a different license. Motorbikes above 150cc also have strict income regulations and also get hit tough by extra taxes. I don’t recognize the thinking in countries like Thailand, Indonesia and also India, but the 150cc motorbike parentheses is common in those countries as well.

Honda XR 150LHonda CRF 150LYamaha WR 155R
Seat Height825mm869mm888mm
Gas Tank12L7.2L8.1L

Do the 150cc dual-sports hold anda weight against Japanese thumpers?

Considering a Yamaha WR 155 costs roughly 4,000usd, ns don’t think this motorbikes have actually a function in the tangga western dunia where they would certainly be completing with $6000 Suzuki DRZ’s or $5000 Honda CRF 250’s. The 2nd hand pasar for old and reliable Japanese motorbikes pipeline these 155cc’s v very small room for value. However in nations that are focused around the 150cc bracket, there is a huge amount of objective to them.

What is the difference between the Honda XR150, CRF 150 and also WR 150?

The main distinction is the means they drive. The Honda XR 150 and CRF 150 feel choose toys. When I define a toy, ns am comparing that to apa a proper offroad or double sport motorbike must feel like. Motorbikes do not do it wobble about with boat-like handling, the penangguhan shouldn’t it is in bottling the end over kecil jumps, and also the motorbike need to be giving the driver a sense of confidence.

Honda XR, CRF 150, Yamaha 155 next by side

Riding the Honda XR 150

The XR 150 is a good motorbike. It is reliable and it can do anything the you litter at it. If you desire to ambil it ~ above a journey throughout Vietnam, it is a an excellent choice. If you want to mess roughly in the mud v your friends, it deserve to do that as well. However, if you want to enhance your driving and also learn new techniques, the XR 150 will hold you back. Girlfriend can’t drive it choose a proper motorbike, since it isn’t.

Where the XR 150 excels is in the seat department. It has a great seat for both the driver and also the pillion, and also I would placed the XR in the category of “Adventure Motorbike”, whereby it is mostly for road use with a hint of offroad capabilities.

It continues to be to be the best 150cc motorbike because that the task of travelling across Vietnam due its comfort.

Riding the XR

Riding the Honda CRF 150L

The CRF 150L is an upgraded XR 150, or a downgraded Honda CRF 250L. The motorbike wobbles approximately less than the XR 150, however it still wobbles around. It has better suspension than the XR 150, however the suspension still isn’t very good. The provides more confidence come the rider 보다 the XR 150, yet it quiet doesn’t carry out much confidence.

When it pertains to a lengthy journey, the chair lacks in comfort contrasted to the XR. It juga has almost no setup for the pillion driver.

For a time the Honda CRF 150L to be the best offroad based 150cc motorbike in Vietnam, however it has actually now been swallowed increase by the Yamaha WR 155cc. In my eyes, the Honda CRF 150cc finds karakter itu in no man land. It isn’t tackling any kind of discipline to a good enough kadarnya to bring any type of value.

Tigit Honda CRF 150 the end on a tour

Riding the Honda Yamaha WR 155

The Yamaha WR 155 is doing whatever perfectly, just with no power. It has actually 16hp which is considerably an ext than its competitor Honda XR 150 and also Honda CRF 150, yet when compare it to a 250cc+ motorbike, that is severely lacking in this department. In every other facets however, that shines prefer a bright star in the sky.

The Yamaha WR 155 comes through six equipment transmission and also it glides ~ above the road. The is actually fun and also pleasurable to take this motorbike the end on a roadway based journey. Famed Dual-Sport motorbikes kemudian as the Suzuki DRZ 400 are actually quite difficult to manage on the road. A reasonable lot of power under your belt merged with a semi-off road setup create a fairly scary mix for tarmac. Owners of large dual-sport thumpers seldom talk around it, however these motorbikes have tendency to wobble about on corners in a reasonably cumbersome and also scary fashion.

The Yamaha WR 155 seems to uncover a an excellent balance where it is steady planted ~ above the tarmac v a an extremely manageable power band. A super irradiate clutch and speeds that cater towards the spongy brakes the a dual-sport that has actually no ABS.

In the nations that are targeting the 150cc motorbike bracket, there often tends to it is in a suicidal technique to web traffic laws and driving styles. Vietnam is known to be among the paling suicidal areas to be driving, v locals comes from all directions at every times. Having manage over the motorbike is far more important than raw power, and with this Yamaha WR 155 it is the very first time ns have found myself on an offroad qualified motorbike the isn’t walking to kill me once taking the onto the road.

Riding the WR 155

Comparing the Yamaha WR 155cc to bigger and better bikes

The Yamaha WR 155cc is in a dunia of its own once comparing it to the Honda XR 150cc and also the Honda CRF 150cc, for this reason how melakukan it compare to the enlarge motorbikes like the Honda CRF 250cc.In nations with huge open roads and “road rules”, i don’t think the Yamaha WR 155 has actually a ar in the market.

Sitting di sini writing this write-up in Vietnam, I have a Honda CRF 250cc and a Suzuki DRZ 400cc sit downstairs. Ns am truly having actually an internal mind battle regarding which motorbike ns would bawa pulang out on my lanjut Dual-Sport based journey.

The Honda CRF 250L is the end of the question, it has no power and it weighs a chuck 148KG.

The Suzuki DRZ is remarkable fun come drive, i love the noise and also I love the power, however it terrifies me ~ above the roads. Tambahan weighing in at approximately 148KG it create a tired off-road journey with intense amounts of manhandling to manage the large beast.

The Yamaha 155cc brings the excitement down to a bare minimum, no popping the clutch, no rawing power and also no noise. Yet I feel contempt with the idea of straightforward to manage motorbike that will obtain me over the road and through the tropical with minimum drama and minimum effort.

When push comes to shove, ns think I would certainly still go v the Suzuki DRZ 400, but the Yamaha WR 155 comes in a an extremely close second.

I emphasize the ide of the location you live being vital when looking at this motorbikes. Steering in America or in europe is a very berbeda game to driving in Vietnam. If you have not experienced how the roads work here, I fully recommend a guided motorbike tour.

CRF 250cc act a jump

The Yamaha WR 155 in India

One the the big hypes approximately the Yamaha WR 155 is its publikasi in India. Once it involves tackling the beautiful Himalaya’s, India is at this time dominated by outdated and unreliable royal Enfields.

On mine recent expedition to the Himalayas we used the imperial Enfield Himalayan 400cc, i would have actually gladly changed it v the Yamaha WR 155cc.

A possibility to pop part wheelies, perform some appropriate offroading and wield roughly a fun lightweight motorbike on several of the best terrain in the world.

An 18 inch kembali wheel and also a 21 customs front wheel with innertubes and also tires that should be uncovered in local mechanic shops.This is contrasted to the very boring imperial Enfield Himalayan 400cc v a 17inch bagian belakang wheel whereby no mechanics have actually tires or inner-tubes. The royal Enfield Himalayan is known to it is in a reasonably unreliable maker where pieces loss off the motorbike together you go, this is no something you desire on a 4000 metre high mountain.

The Yamaha WR 155 bisa be said to be the an extremely best dual-sport in the dunia when it involves countries v reckless driving and subpar roads. The is a very much needed melepaskan in India and also I think it might be a game changer because that the motorbike tour industry there. Tour companies are struggling to keep the useless imperial Enfields dating kembali a thousands years, and also the imperial Enfield Himalayan has actually been so terrible in terms of dependability that paling companies room too scared to move to it.

The Yamaha WR 155 will lug a breath of fresh air come India, and its release has put the Himalayas kembali on my travel list.


Learning to offroad on the Yamaha WR 155cc

It feel lightweight, it felt well put bersama and it didn’t wobble around. The only area that was doing not have was in the strength department.Considering just how tame but well put together this motorbike is, i think it can be among the ideal platforms because that an entry tingkat offroad learning experience.

People underestimate the pentingnya of weight once it pertains to offroading. Learning to offroad top top a 150kg+ monster is not an especially helpful. Shot and get the weight dibawah to a manageable tingkat by using a KTM or Husqvana and you discover yourself v an explosive and unmanageable engine under you.

There hasn’t been any kind of “good quality” short powered motorbike for offroading up till the release of this Yamaha WR 155.

Learning to journey offroad. Acquire a bike that in reality helps you!

Maintaining the Honda XR 150L, Yamaha WR 155R and also CRF 150L

None of this motorbikes have resmi distribution in Vietnam. As soon as buying a motorbike (in any kind of country), it is crucial to it is in able to resource parts. This is either with a local dealer close to to your house or with websites sebagai as Ebay or Partzilla. The XR 150l is made in China, and the Yamaha WR 155 and CRF 150L are made in Indonesia. None of the motorbikes have actually any official reference or resource to part numbers. This way maintaining any type of of this motorbikes is going to be an pure nightmare. If you rest a piece of plastic, maafkan saya do girlfriend do? when you require a brand-new sprocket set, what do girlfriend do? unfortunately this is a horrible reality of to buy motorbikes that room not aimed at an international distribution.

In Vietnam, the Honda XR 150L has akan popular sufficient that the size of our fleet has justification our time to figure out whereby to source bagian and i m sorry random bagian fit top top the motorbike from other motorbikes. This is a time consuming and challenging task that has taken years to master. The is not something where you deserve to pop ~ above a youtube tutorial and also listen come a arbitrarily blogger talking rubbish around how easy a motorbike is to maintain with no resmi part distribution. For rakyat in Vietnam, companies like Tigit mean that the Honda XR 150 can be maintained (through us). Regrettably the CRF 150l, back Tigit has actually four. This part melepaskan stopped us expanding the fleet. Us can’t preserve the motorbike.

People on the web will to speak the Yamaha WR 155 shares parts with the Exciter or other low capacity regional Yamaha scooters, but good luck figuring the end which precise parts!

When you buy a new motorbike, girlfriend must be able to find parts!

Is the Yamaha WR 155cc worth its price

I think the price is a solid yes, providing money is that no concern. It is the very best short powered offroad capable machine. This bekerja untuk it the ideal motorbike for discovering on. It is tambahan the ideal aggressive dual-sport motorbike ns have ever driven. Ns am talking around riders who usage the roadway as a method to find offroad.

If friend buy this motorbike, girlfriend will easily learn if you room an offroad rider or a roadway driver because this motorbike does both techniques extremely well. Once you outgrow this motorbike, relying on which next of the pagar you landing on, a roadway rider or one offroad rider. Friend are currently in a position to walk out and buy the most expensive motorbike on the pasar that is particularly catering to the technique you love and enjoy.

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If money is a concern, kemudian you have to skip the Yamaha WR 155, and go and also find you yourself an old thumper dual-sport motorbike. Friend will tidak pernah upgrade, since you don’t really require to, and you don’t have actually the money too. However you will ultimately learn come manhandle the hefty beast both top top the road, and off the road. Her Japanese dual-sport will continue to be with you for the remainder of time.