Xiaomi Redmi keep in mind 3 and Redmi keep in mind 3 Pro are the company very first all-metal architecture phablets at this time announced only in China. As the machine is China exclusive, we don’t discover Google bermain Store application installed instead we discover Mi Store and also other Android apps. So, in this write-up we will guide to Install Google bermain Store on your Xiaomi Redmi keep in mind 3.

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Xiaomi already announced its rencana of launching Redmi keep in mind 3 agree smartphone in India what in mid-March 2016. Like various other Mi phones, the recent phablet will certainly surely a big hit in India, which is world’s second largest smartphone market. Juga install TWRP Recovery and also root Redmi keep in mind 3


Updated V2 of the popular Google Installer through Eric Xiang.Supports Kitkat, Lollipop & MarshmallowEasy installation.Google bermain Services.Google permainan Store.Google solutions Framework.Google Calendar Sync.Google contacts Sync.

Note: sebelum starting with the below process, make certain installation of third party Android apps is permitted on your device. If not allow from Settings.

Disclaimer: Xiaomi Advices is no responsible because that any damage occurs to her smartphone during the execution that the complying with procedure. Continue at your own interest.

Install Google bermain Store top top Xiaomi Redmi keep in mind 3/Pro

1. Download the Google Installer_2.0 file to her computer.

2. Now bawa pulang a USB cable and connect Redmi keep in mind 3 with computer and menangkal the Google Installer, latest Google bermain Store and also Google bermain Services to the internal storage of her device.

3. Disconnect the maker from PC.

4. Currently go to file Explorer > APKs > “Google Installer_2.0.apk”. Because that easy referral you can inspect out the listed below screenshots.

5. Now you need to launch the Google Installer icon. As soon as it’s acquire open friend will view blue circle. Madness on it to proceed the installer process.



Note: always click top top OK and Install, do not click launch in ~ anytime throughout the installation of the apps.

6. At the end of the surroundings tap top top Red CIRCLE, expropriate the terms, click enable Google to review SMS, and finally setup Google by sign-in.



7. Currently your Redmi note 3/Pro mulai syncing the contact and also other Google Apps.


8. For far better results, you should install the latest variation of Google bermain Store and also Google permainan Services. To install walk to your record Explorer > APKs and install both the APKs which you have copied along with Google Installer_2.0 APK.



9. As soon as done with the installation, reboot the maker to awal enjoying the latest version of Google bermain Store.

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