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we in touch with current affairs specely ksrachi news
abrar,karachiSunday, April 11 2021
Assalam o alaikumBoht khushi hoti hai jab metro One berita se live azaan line ki jaati hai, Allah ye amal mubarak farmaye.. Amin. Jo baat mein ne note ki hai aur shayad kisi ne keep in mind nahi ki ho woh hai Azaan k baad ki masnoon dua, jis mein رَبَّ ki bajaye رَبِّ likha hua hota hai jo k mein ne kahin bhi likha hua nahi dekha yani zabar ki jaga zair hota hai. Agar mein ghalat hun tou pls mujhe overview kr djiye, Jazak Allah.

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Nadeem Nizami,KarachiWednesday, September 02 2020
Metro One berita Channels is very great no. One news channel.
MUHAMMAD IDREES khan ,UNIT NO: 10, LATIFABAD, HYDERABAD. SINDH.Tuesday, respectable 18 2020
humari society mein corna k patient hein allah sab ki hifzat rakay aameen
ali,karachiWednesday, June 03 2020
Assalam o alaikumI have to cantect grandfather shezad of Mera Karachi program.
naksheen art,KarachiMonday, january 27 2020
mjh apke chanal ka koresponden ban na hai
Ghulamqadir,jatiTuesday, january 14 2020
Pls send this day 7pm headline
Shahid,KarachiSaturday, December 28 2019
شکریہ دوست
علاالدین خانزادہ,کراچیSaturday, November 23 2019
Metro one q nhi a raha
Munawar,KarachiFriday, September 20 2019
This is yes, really helpful way for us to watch this metro one live TV channel for knowing anything apa recently happened in ours country
hashir,panjabThursday, might 30 2019
metro is the finest tv channel in punjab I day-to-day watch countless dramas on this metro channels.
khadija,peshawarWednesday, might 22 2019
Pakistani TV networks are the best to clock so this website is best due to the fact that you have the right to watch your favorite TV channel di sini without any type of distraction
fawad,peshawarTuesday, April 30 2019
I am a rakyat who greatly in journey and also I tangan kedua this website for online live news. This website is good which carry out us great information.
noman,lahoreSaturday, April 27 2019
Now from di sini I deserve to watch the subway one news with the god video an outcome and the good signal connection and this way give me the every authentic berita as i need
mishal,karachiSaturday, April 27 2019
I don’t know around this channel anything yet i observed a berita which is unbearable because that me. My heart cry because that Nashwa baby.
sahila,rawalpindiFriday, April 26 2019
This is the subway one news channel that offer us the online upgrade that anyone watch the anytime in the good video result
rayma,muThursday, April 25 2019
this website resolve our problem due to the fact that our led is not functioning well for this reason we digunakan this website for daily live news.
sania,saeedWednesday, April 24 2019
Here having actually the subway one channel whole berita with the every authentic news and the to update about maafkan saya happened right now anywhere
HARIB,LAHOREMonday, April 22 2019
Why asad omer left the pti. He states that that resigned indigenous the article of minister however some are saying that PTI kicked that out. What’s the truth
zufeshan,multanSaturday, April 20 2019
Chief justice sahib plz plz pakistan ka kuch kary pakistan ko tabah hony sy ap he srf bacha sakty ha is government ny come kuch nhi krna siway dosro py ilzam aur baty krny ky ilwia is govrnment ky pas kuch nhi ha.
Hamza,Mandi bahauddinSaturday, February 09 2019
Chief righteousness Sahib,Please placed the looters and also money launderers in the Aadiala jail forever and sell all milik mereka properties developed on black money to recoup gov treasury loss.Chief justice sahib ,may all Mighty give you vessel to complete the job before you retire.
arafat najmi,LondonWednesday, januari 09 2019
MUHAMMAD KASHIF,KarachiThursday, januari 03 2019
Plz tolong the poor setiap orang in Pakistan .
Haider Ali,karachi,Wednesday, December 19 2018
The every live transmission around the general election we easily watch in ~ this subway one through this online method that offer us the every update first
anoosha,lahoreSunday, December 16 2018
The eveyr berita about the metro one are carry out at this online method who we eiasly acquire watch that authentically by this live tv channel of subway one
zaian,lahoreSunday, December 09 2018
Metro one is exclusive once it concerns exceptional news. Ns am selalu looking foward to berita from this channel.
Adeela,IslamabadSaturday, respectable 18 2018
Metro is finish biased in the direction of one particular party the has been in power for the previous 30 years in Karachi. The initiative by this forum was really great but lock lose dari mereka focus to carry out neutral perkembangan of karachi.
Abdul Basit,KarachiTuesday, July 24 2018
I dont recognize why Metro berita channel is not provide there coverage to PTI jalsa and its constituencies, ns am a perumahan of Karachi and also as a Karachitties my focus on this channel transmission.
rizwan,khiTuesday, July 24 2018
What other than metro one live is great? I only watch metro one because it has actually authentic news and very good interface. The isn’t too flashy and also provides the correct news.

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Aftab,LahoreMonday, July 23 2018
Metro One is a good channel. We commonly watch the fror news. Occasionally it lagsbecause of rate of net but paling of the waktu it stays great and works fast.
Ghania,MultanSunday, July 22 2018
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