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U.S. Embassy Warsaw will send a everyday update to ensure every U.S citizens in the Warsaw Consular District have actually the recent information around COVID-19 (coronavirus) and local conditions. If berbeda or additional information would be useful, you re welcome email us at ACSWarsaw

April 15, 2020

Location: Poland

Event: article to U.S. Citizen – upgrade on COVID-19 and also Related constraints

New Updates:

As that April 15, the polish Ministry of health has shown 7,408 instances of COVID-19 and 268 associated deaths in Poland.

Actions to Take: 

Polish government Resources:The Polish federal government has collection up a nationwide informational hotline because that COVID-19 health-related inquiries. To reach this hotline, dial +48 800 190 590 and press 6 because that an English-speaking operator. Because that emergency services, dial 112.

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State department – Consular Affairs888-407-4747 or 202-501-4444Poland negara InformationEnroll in Smart Traveler Enrollment program (STEP) to receive security updates.Follow united state on Facebook and Twitter

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