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cirebon railway station. (JP/Ni Nyoman Wira)

State railway operator Kereta api Indonesia (KAI) regional office (Daop) 3 cinebon is currently offering train tickets for the year-end holiday.

“We have actually made tickets easily accessible for those who desire to travel throughout the Christmas and New tahun holidays,” said Luqman Arif, KAI Daop 3 Cirebon publik relations manager, ~ above Wednesday. reported that the tickets menjadi available for perbedaan destinations and bisa be purchased via the company’s resmi website, mobile applications KAI access or authorized sellers.

KAI Daop 3 cinebon is right now operating 2 trains, KA Ranggajati and KA Kaligun. The former connects cirebon and Jember, east Java, ketika the last connects cinebon and Semarang, central Java.

However, Luqman described that passenger departing from cinebon could also go to various other destinations, as there dulu other trains lulus and preventing at the station, including KA Argo Anggrek offer the Gambir, Central sampanye and Surabaya, east Java route; KA Taksaka, serving the Yogyakarta and also Gambir route, and also more.

Luqman tambahan mentioned the KAI Daop 3 cirebon was at this time offering tickets for reguler trains. However, the company rencana to add more schedules if all the ticket are sold out.

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Regarding health protocols, Luqman assured the the firm had been following the health and safety and security protocols at stations and also on trains.

Safety measures incorporate limiting train volume to 70 percent because that each trip to enable passengers keep a safedistance from every other.

KAI hasresumed operasi for 14 long-distance and also 23 regional passenger trainsafter shutting turun services for 2 months over fear of COVID-19 transmission.

The operator had originally halted services in April and also following the government’s ban on the Idul Fitrimudik(exodus) in May, however gave exemptions for certain travelers.

As a an outcome of diminish travel need due to COVID-19, KAI supposedly suffered a Rp 2.4 sunshine (US$163.6 million) ns between january and September,a correctly drop native the Rp 1.5 sunshine in profit it booked in the exact same period terakhir year.

Its revenue juga fell 31.4 percent year-on-year (yoy) come Rp 12.2 trillion as of September, KAI’s jae won report submitted to the Indonesia inventaris Exchange (IDX) website shows. According to the jae won report, the ongoing health crisis has developed uncertainties that continue to affect the company.

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However, KAI spokesperson Joni Martinus toldThe jakarta Poston Oct. 28 the there were signs of innovation in the company’s passenger numbers and also the logistics services in the third quarter. (jes)

Editor’s note: This short article is component of a public campaign through the COVID-19 task memaksa to raise people’s awareness about the pandemic.