From Robert Pattinson to justin Trudeau - here"s a perform of the top tahun most handsome men in the world. 



Robert Pattinson is one of the paling handsome guys in the worldBollywood gibbs Hrithik Roshan is juga one of them

Nowadays it"s quite usual to talk about the paling handsome men and also the paling beautiful women in the world. Us are currently usually looking to discover a way by i m sorry we deserve to know the height beautiful ladies in the world, however it"s a fact that the optimal handsome guys are juga being looked upon.

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Well, if you"re thinking who are the top lima men amongst the list of paling handsome men kemudian we"ve listed the very same for you.

#1. Robert Pattinson

So, the actor that stands on the topmost handsome guys in the world, is Robert Pattinson, that is a Hollywood famous and indeed the highest-paid actor. The full name the this gentleman is Robert Douglas cutting board Pattinson and also he to be born in London ~ above 13 might 1986. This man is popularly well-known for his character named Edward Cullen of the Twilight movie series. His name was had in the world"s paling 100 influential orang and juga in Forbes Celebrity 100.

This male not only has a charming confront but tambahan a charming heart, due to the fact that he juga does a lot of charity work, consisting of the walk Campaign. Robert juga has some elegant wax statues in London and brand-new York at madame Tussauds.

#2. Hrithik Roshan

The lanjut on the list is the famed actor indigenous whose name is Hrithik Roshan. This man is also so well known for his remarkable dance. He to be born top top 10th january 1974 in Mumbai. Even as a son he became famous since he plot in plenty of movies in the 1980s. The an initial movie in which that acted to be "Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai".

The unique thing that Hrithik has actually is the Hazel environment-friendly colored eyes and also luckily he tambahan has 2 thumbs in a hand. Since of his attractive tubuh structure and also his eyes color this male is well-known as the Greek God. End the year he has gained many awards that also include 6 Filmfare awards which is a vast achievement.

#3. David Beckham

If you room a football fan kemudian you have to be discovering this man whose surname is David Beckham. He was born in London on 2nd May 1975 and in 1999 he gained married come Victoria Beckham who is a popstar and also now they have actually 4 adorable children.

The People"s magazine determined him as among the sexiest males alive. As of now, the is the co-owner and ketua of Inter Miami CF, and co-owner of Salford City. This handsome male is tambahan a goodwill ambassador.

#4. Idris Elba

Idris Elba has also been established as the Sexiest man Alive in 2018 through the People"s magazine along with numerous other fashion magazines. He was born in London on 6th September 1972. The is tambahan a writer, an actor, a singer, rapper, DJ and producer together well. This guy has the paling appealing face and also an attractive personality. Among his famous performances remained in the HBO collection named The Wire. The is juga known because that the personality Heimdall in the Marvel movie series.

#5. Justin Trudeau

In 5th position is justin Pierre James Trudeau, who is one of the paling famous politicians in Canada. This man has been the element Minister of Canada sejak 2015 and is currently the 23rd prime Minister. Previously his dad named pierre Trudeau to be the 15th element Minister that Canada.

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He to be born in the month of December 1971 and got married in 2005 to Sophie Gregoire. Darimana 2013, he has actually been the leader that the free Party. In 2021, that was discussed in Vogue Magazine amongst the sexiest men.