Have your wedding ceremony more special surrounded through lush greenery and fresh air at this beautiful the end venues.

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1. Bumi Sangkuriang


Bumi Sangkuriang is just one of the oldest duty buildings in Bandung, however still local’s among the paling favorite locations for one event. Still preserving its vintage style, Bumi Sangkuriang equipped through spacious ballroom, and an the end area. This hotel can also accommodate a garden-themed wedding with impressive service.

Jl. Kiputih No.12, Ciumbuleuit, Cidadap, BandungP: (+6222) 2032661WebsiteInstagram

2. Crowne Plaza Bandung


Timelessly beautiful intimate and also romantic wedding at the Crowne Plaza Bandung with perbedaan of role room that have the right to be a perfect venue for your dream wedding in Bandung, kemudian as one elegant Braga Ballroom, semi-outdoor wedding at mountain View Poolside batang and Resto, and many more. Our superior service and also top-notch catering are also other secrets for her unforgettable moment.

Jl. Lembong No.19, BandungP:(+6222) 30002500WebsiteInstagram

3. Four Points by Sheraton Bandung


Plan your dream wedding at four Points through Sheraton Bandung. The hotel will certainly let you pick your very own theme or preference, and also helping you through wedding professionals. One of two people European or garden layout wedding, the hotel is ready to provide a ideal venue for your khususnya wedding event.

Jl. Ir. H.Djuanda No.46, Citarum, Bandung Wetan, BandungP. (+6222) 87330330WebsiteInstagram

4. Gedong Putih


Gedong weiss exists in a slice of exclusive property in Bandung highlands, appropriate in the tengah of landscaped lush greenery, surrounding by the panoramic see overlooking the megah Mount Tangkuban Parahu as the fokal point that the exceptional scenery and also backdrop to your memorable events. Gedong putih shows a modern ambil on the Landhuizen or negara houses indigenous the belanda East indies era – having a putih façade and penampilan vernacular architecture to give far better air circulation. Measuring as much as 1600 square meters of artificial grass together the grounds that a five-star deluxe outdoor venue, Gedong putih is juga equipped through a kasar of three, 350 square meters of indoor facilities with milik mereka own distinct mood and also settings come facilitate different functions properly. Varying from intimate gatherings to a cool garden wedding party, Gedong weiss will provide the perfect place to it is in the setting of your significant milestones bersama the journey of her life.

Villa Triniti, KM. 4,7 No. 88, Jl. Sersan Bajuri, Cihideung, Parongpong, BandungP: (+6222) 2785124WebsiteInstagram

5. Hilton Bandung


Strategically located in the city center, Hilton Bandung fitted with distinctive spots. Including magnificent majestic stairs because that once-in-a-lifetime pre-wedding photos or garden by the personal outdoor pool to storage the paling important day of your life. Combined with the hotel’s reputation for spesial menus, customized services, and luxury accommodations, they are all designed specifically for you to mulai home life through a important memorable day for you and your guests. For something much more personal, the 6th-floor poolside rooftop terrace with spectacular city views deserve to accommodate as much as 250 guests. Have the right to be merged with the Panorama room which has actually ceiling-high windows and is close to Fresco Restaurant, permitting you to host celebrations which combine indoor, outdoor and restaurant.

Jl. HOS Tjokroaminoto No.41-43, Arjuna, Cicendo, BandungP: (+6222) 86066888WebsiteInstagram

6. InterContinental Bandung Dago Pakar


Known as one of the worldwide five-star luxury hotels in Bandung and also surrounded by the hill View Golf Course, InterContinental Bandung Dago Pakar offers the paling romantic location for your khususnya day. Hidden behind that is elegant and also luxurious façade, friend will find a delightful and also romantic ambiance, stunning organic views and also lush eco-friendly spaces.

Jl. Resor Dago Pakar Raya 2B, Resor Dago Pakar, BandungP: (+6222) 87806688WebsiteInstagram

7. Maxi’s Resto


Maxi’s Resto is among the plenty of colonial ide buildings in Bandung that still was standing beautifully till now. The place has a spacious outdoor area which perfect for her garden themed wedding or engagement. Maxi’s Resto juga accommodates your occasion needs with a trusted and professional event specialist.

8. Padma Hotel Bandung


Carve the most beautiful cerita of her life in ~ Padma Hotel Bandung. That is distinctive Champaca Wedding Chapel will execute every minute of your dream wedding perfectly v romantic touches and also refined elegance. Located in front of the luscious green scenery, Champaca Wedding Chapel is a perfect place when you to speak ‘I Do’ with nature as the witness. The hotel’s specialized wedding professional is selalu ready to aid you with every single detail the will rotate your dream wedding come true.

For much more information, please call Muhammad Faddly at muhammad.faddly
padmahotels.com or call +62 (022) 203 0333

Jl. Rancabentang No.56-58, Ciumbuleuit, Cidadap, BandungP: (+6222) 2030333WebsiteInstagram

9. Peta Park


After gift renovated and also concept-revamped, peta Park now is among the paling hyped role places in Bandung. Open for any type of thematic events, from a small community gathering, school events, birthdays, engagements, to an intimate wedding. Have your spesial moment in its the end area ketika overlooking the lush green park view and also city’s breezy air.

Jl. Atlas No.229, shang Asih, Bojongloa Kaler, BandungP: (+6222) 20560735IG: petapark

10. Sheraton Bandung


With one area of 620 sqm, the towers garden area can accommodate as much as 1200 invited guests. Towers Garden has actually two areas that can be digunakan both or one, follow to the sourse of guests invited. Also though it’s full outdoor, there’s no need to worry around rain. You deserve to rent tents and wooden floors to protect guests when they mingle or eating the food.

Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No.390, Dago, Coblong, BandungP: (+6222) 2500303WebsiteInstagram

11. Swiss-Belresort Dago heritage Bandung


From exchanging vows come the intimate wedding reception, one of your concerns will be finding hanya the right venue for your huge day! Swiss-Belresort Dago heritage Bandung is the perfect meet for producing the ambiance that romance and also a miracle wedding with our tasteful cuisine and is graced by impeccable Swiss-Belhotel services. The hotel’s wedding packages cater to everyone, be it because that engagements, wedding lunch or dinners and even wedding anniversaries.

Jl. Lapangan Golf Dago atas No.78, Cigadung, Cibeunying Kaler, BandungP: (+6222) 20459999WebsiteInstagram

12. The Green forest Resort


As a hotel v a romantic feel, Green woodland can definitely be a beautiful location for hold outdoor weddings. Here is an iconic chapel that can be transformed into a romantic wedding venue. Thanks to its place in the hills, your wedding will be attach by cool air and a beautiful panorama.

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Jl. Sersan Bajuri No.102, Cihideung, Parongpong, BandungP: (+6222) 2787939WebsiteInstagram

13. The Papandayan Hotel


Your wedding meet is an ext than hanya a stage-of-the-day, that the location where memories space made. Endure the romance, beauty and khususnya moments at The Papandayan romantic chapel and find the perfect setting to commemorate the start of your happily ever before after. HB Grill Garden Chapel is styled with natural elements of stone, wood, and also art and is located beside the swimming pool offering your guest fresh and relaxing scenery. HB Grill Garden chapel deserve to host as much as 150 people.

Jl. Gatot Subroto No.83, Malabar, Lengkong, BandungP: (+6222) 7310799WebsiteInstagram