man of stole 2 mungkin Still occur With Henry Cavill states DC Movie Writer male of stole writer David S. Goyer thinks man of steel 2 mungkin still happen with Henry Cavill (though Goyer admits he"s greatly out that the DC loop).

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Henry Cavill in male of Steel
Man of steel 2 could still take place with Henry Cavill says DC movie writer David S. Goyer. 2013 observed the come of the recent Superman reboot with Zack Snyder’s ambil on the renowned DC superhero, penned by Goyer and also starring Cavill together Superman.

The first movie in what would eventually become the DC Snyderverse to be a solid enough performer at the box office, grossing $668 juta worldwide. But the movie still verified to it is in divisive, with plenty of fans decrying Snyder’s darker ambil on Superman and particularly taking him to task for the film’s excessive levels that mayhem. Cavill’s Superman would of food return for Batman V Superman: fajar of Justice and also Justice League, both of which would certainly divide pan again however for different reasons. Indeed, Justice League memerintah to the best of all pan outcries as Snyder’s devotees railed against the Joss Whedon-completed reduced that made it to theaters and called because that Warner Bros. To publikasi the Snyder Cut. That alternate Snyder-made Justice League version lastly arrived in 2021 through Cavill back as Superman together the remainder of the key heroes that the DCEU.

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Fans are currently left come wonder if the Snyder cut actually marked the last time castle will ever see Cavill together Superman. There have actually of course been rumors the a possible Man of stole 2, with one cerita having J.J. Abrams producing, and also others claiming Cavill himself was signing on to return. Because that his part, Man of Steel writer Goyer thinks a sequel bisa still take place with Cavill in the lead role. But Goyer admits he’s not presently in a position to know much more than the mean fan. He said recently (via THR):

I think so. I’m not associated in it appropriate now. I’ve heard the very same rumors did you do it heard, yet I’m not plugged right into it. I have stepped far almost total from comic book-related projects various other than Sandman, which i don’t really categorize as component of the normal DC universe.

Goyer to be of food once very plugged in to Warner Bros.’ DC plans, being a writer top top all 3 Dark Knight trilogy movies and also the very first two Snyderverse films. Other of a specialist once it concerns penning comic book adaptations, Goyer is juga credited on whatever from the Blade trilogy to Ghost Rider: spirit of Vengeance to the TV shows Constantine and also Krypton. Now as he says, he’s concentrated on creating the upcoming Sandman show as well as his adaptation of isaac Asimov’s Foundation.

Goyer might indeed have no spesial insight right into the possibility of Man of steel 2 ever happening yet he nevertheless sounds fairly optimistic that something could still get done. That course, if a Man the Steel sequel pertains to pass it would assuredly no be directed by Snyder, who has actually moved on native the DCEU sepenuhnya and into a brand-new and freeing relationship v Netflix. Part might take into consideration it really good berita to have actually Snyder no longer in charge of Superman ~ the means he tackled the character in the 3 movies that made featuring Cavill.

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It’s arguable of course that no one can make a great Superman movie in this day-and-age, offered the somewhat simplistic nature of the character. Dark Superman because that the most part no work, but it’s juga a fair pertanyaan whether today’s more serious-minded comic publication audiences would ambil to a Superman closer come Richard Donner’s lighthearted 1978 movie. It"s also worth mentioning that the DCEU is set to introduce Sasha Calle together Supergirl in The Flash, and also there"s a line of thinking that says Supergirl could/should change Superman in the DC movie roster. Perhaps instead of Man of steel 2, Girl that Steel could soon be on the table (with a better title, the course).


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Source: THR

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