220 Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas X Semester Genap K13, Persiapan Belajar UAS/PAT/UKK~Part-2 - rejang 220 soal UAS b. Inggris kelas X semester 2 SMA/MA/SMK/MAK kurikulum 2013 edisi terlalu banyak pekerjaan bagian ke-1 (soal numeral 1-25), bagian kedua dimulai dari pertanyaan angka 26 berikut ini.The following text is for number 26-30Presentation was not a huge deal for me. I have done it so many waktu without flaw. However, terakhir week presentation was a huge different. The Wednesday, I have to perform presentation in former of the owner that the company. That was the very first time for me to stand up in prior of the highest rakyat in my company. I obtained a small nervous yet I have the right to keep myself calm due to the fact that had ready everything.The opened was operation out without problem. I had the confidence and also I was sure the products are checked. Unfortunately, ns made mistake when I to be played the video. I claimed to play video about our study in the lanjut construction constructions site yet the video I played to be my kitty bermain a yarn ball. People menjadi suddenly laughing the time.I to be so embarrassed. Ns apologized, and also quickly changed the video. The laughing terakhir long till my boss stop it. I was therefore blessed the my ceo is very kind person. He smiled and asked me to proceed my presentation. Apparently, my boss love hijau so the video did not bother him much. Thankfully, the rest of the presentation was operation well there is no problem.26. As soon as did the event happen?a. Sundayb. Mondayc. Thursdayd. Wednesdaye. TuesdayAnswer: d27. What did the writer feel around that experience?a. Happyb. Angryc. Afraidd. Embarrassede. ScaredAnswer: d28. Apa happened come the video?a. It changed into the pernis videob. The writer forgot o lug itc. The video clip was brokend. The video clip stopped abruptlye. The video clip contained with violent materialsAnswer: a29. Apa kind that tense digunakan by the writer above?a. Current tenseb. Past tensec. Masa depan tensed. Previous futuree. Masa depan perfect tenseAnswer: c30. Why walk the writer feel calm?a. Since he had actually prepared itb. Since calmness is the keyc. Since it has tod. Because calm can save his jobe. The writer was asked to be patience by the ownerAnswer: aThe complying with text is for number 31-35.

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A farmer own a buffalo which was strong and jet black. He called him “Mr. Blackie”Mr. Blackie to be lazy and also the only wanted come eat and also do as little work as possible. Every morning, the farmer rode and his back to his rice fields. Mr. Blackie helped him till his field. After functioning for several hours under the warm sun, the famer returned house at mid-day to take his meal. Mr. Blackie bathed in his water-hole. Mr. Blackie walk not job-related in the afternoon. The famer allowed him to eat grass. In ~ night, Mr. Blackie self comfortably in a kecil stable lanjut to the farmer’s house, through a roof end his head. Mr. Blackie, however ran far to eat grass, ketika the farmer was no looking. One day, Mr. Blackie trod on the tail the a quail which to be sitting quiet in its colony in the grass. The quail jumped numerous feel right into the air.“Cheh! Why can’t friend be much more careful? you trod on my tail.”“I don’t care,” responded Mr. Blackie. “You shouldn’t do your colony in my grass.”Soon the quail and Mr. Blackie dulu quarrelling and also shouting at every other.“This is my field,” said the quail.“But the grass in that belongs come me,” membalas Mr. Blackie.The quail kicked Mr. Blackie in the mouth so hard that all his height teeth dropped out. (That is why buffaloes never have height teeth come this day) The quail then flew away. However it mungkin not fly an extremely well due to the fact that its tail had been pulled turn off by Mr. Blackie. (That is why quails execute not have tails)Not lengthy afterwards, Mr. Blackie was resting under a tree ~ a difficult morning’s work. It was mid-day and also the farmer had gone home. Suddenly, a wild ox appeared.Mr. Ox was Mr. Blackie’s old friend. He had actually run away from his owner.“Why execute you job-related so hard? Why don’t you run away with me? We akan be able come eat grass and play together every day. Friend won’t need to plough rice areas for the silly old farmer.”“Where have the right to we go?” request Mr. Blackie.“Oh, don’t worry around that,” membalas Mr Ox, “I know a an enig place in the forest where nobody can discover us.” lock both ran off together, uphill, downhill, and across stream till they got to a green daerah hidden deep in the forest. The farmer sought Mr. Blackie everywhere. In ~ last, he witnessed some hoof marks left by him. He followed them into the forest. After walking a long way, he saw Mr. Blackie with his friend Mr. Ox eat grass in a field. Mr. Blackie go not understand the farmer to be there. The farmer tied a rope through a noose on it throughout a path leading native the daerah and went home. When he turned later in the day, he experienced that Mr. Blackie had actually been recorded in the noose. Mr. Ox ran far as soon as he saw the farmer coming. (That is why there room still wild oxen in the jungle) The farmer was very angry v Mr. Blackie, “Is this the means repay my kindness?” the cried. “I’ll tie friend up through rope through you’re your sleep so that you won’t have the ability to run away in future.” (That is why buffaloes have a hole through anda noses) He had actually no more trouble through Mr. Blackie ~ that. Every morning, that rode on Mr. Blackie’s bagian belakang to his rice fields. In the afternoon, the tied Mr. Blackie by a rope with his sleep to a post in his stable.31. Apa kind of pet had by the farmer?a. A cowb. A chickenc. A hend. A deere. A buffaloAnswer: e32. That is Mr. Blackie’s friend?a. Mr. Oxb. Mr. Goatc. Mr. Cockd. Mr. Quaile. Mr. DeerAnswer: a33. What is the name of the message above?a. Recount textb. Narrative textc. Analytical exposition textd. Hortatory exposition texte. Review textAnswer: b34. Maafkan saya was Mr. Blackie doing when the farmer found him?a. He was eating grassb. He to be cryingc. He to be begging to Godd. He was untuk membuat a piee. The was having a conversationAnswer: a35. Why didn’t the quail have a tail?a. Since it had actually been pulled by Mr. Blackieb. Since it had been bitten through a crocodilec. Because it had actually been eaten by an Oxd.

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Because the farmer threw him through a hoee. Because that’s apa quail look at likeAnswer: aLanjut nanti soal PAS berikutnya =>220 Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas X Semester Genap K13, Persiapan Belajar UAS/PAT/UKK~Part-3

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