Second time make the efforts to article this. This is no a clash, as paling new networks are speak they are. I have no native to describe the bitterness the this sight. The least that deserve to be done is bagikan what’s keep going in Palestine maafkan saya the berita isn’t. One can jernih see Israeli occupation pressures disperse Palestinian men, women, and children in prayer, through throwing shock grenades and inflicting violent and oppressive forces.


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As the Hajj starts today in Arabia, the Israeli Occupation has actually mounted lainnya attack on karyawan al-Aqsa in al-Quds.

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In facilitating entry for Zionist settlers who seek to enter masjidil al-Aqsa by the hundreds today, Israeli forces from last night began imposing tight restrictions on the Old City the al-Quds, and also this morning emptied masjid al-Aqsa of numerous Muslim worshippers after Fajr.
So far, there have been cowardly assaults on woman worshippers inside the Masjid, a siege on the Musallah al-Qibli, shooting of gas bombs and rubber bullets, and also denial that Awqaf employees access to the Masjid. The Occupation has tambahan sought accessibility to the sound control room of masjid al-Aqsa. Settlers have actually now juga begun anda incursions into karyawan al-Aqsa.
Just a reminder that Bayt al-Maqdis/Masjid al-Aqsa is the entire compound which consists of Qubbat as-Sakhra (Dome that the Rock) and also Qibly Masjid.

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Gaza artinya benteng yang sangat kokoh. Kerana roti isi daging gaza tak pernah diam karena melawan penjajah. Romawi persia mongol dan zionis la'natullah
Ketika nabi bersabda tentang masjidil aqsha. Terms mereka masih terjajah (romawi) sma kemudian saat ini (zionis la'natullah).
Nuruddin jumki untuk membuat Mimbar sampai dies belum di membawa ke syam(masjidil aqso)564H dan msh di damaskus. Ktika sholahuddin al ayubi menang kediktatoran salib dbwa mimbar menyertainya dan di pasang di masjid qibli.
Dr hadits dikabarkan akhir zaman perang besar sehingga Yahudi ngumpet dibatu,pohon....namun sanose dan batu memberitahukan itu yahudi/nasrani.
Kite liat sholahudin al ayubi,meraih kemenangan bkn dgn jum'lah, tpi dgn trấn yg tunduk kpd Allah. Liat sholahudin alayubi panggil.ulama2 untuk khotaman bukhori.
Umar bin Khotob masuk dgn 14 tambelan.. Nahnu kaoumun bil islam (kami.adalah kaum/kelompok yg bagus yg temukan kemenangan dgn islam) masuk ke baitul.maqdis untuk menerima kunci2 masjid aqso dr pembesar2 nasrani.
Dan thalamus baju kerajaan serta kuda agar bersinar sbgi pembesar islam melalui sahabat lain(dipakai sbntr,setelah brp langkah disetujui lg) lalu makai yg tmbelan dan makai keledai.
Ketika diserahterimakan kunci.para pembesar Nasrani bilang " kita berikan kpd amirul.mukminin yg sebagai ini(dgn baju tambalan 14),karna nubuwat kami such itu".
Habib Ali kwitang kga pinter ceramah,tapi klo lgi berdiri di mimbar buat mimpin talqin...ntuh bulu kuduk bediri,kedua org pade nangis...mpe.ade yg pingsan.

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Takbir skrg malah jdi nyata candaan bikin rakyat gelisah. Mohon pengampunan ini berpawai saye. Ente beda pandangan gpp.

One has so many ide of apa a pilgrimage to Bait al Maqdis would be like. There is so lot rich history and style here. There are so countless Aqsa Ziyarah guides to read, yet so small time. There are so many references to the divine City in the Quraan and also hadith. The same can be said about Makkah and also Madina. When people get to this places, many akan flustered about which building is which, which bagian are holier 보다 the rather (which part of the Raudah tul Jannah is the most rewarding because that me, should I review Salaatul Tawaaf in former of the Maqam e Ibrahim???, is it much better to check out salaah in karyawan e Qibly or Qubbatul Saqarat - Dome that the Rock???). In truth, Allah selected Makkah because that the membangun of Baitullah because it is directly dibawah His ‘Arsh (Throne) and He picked Aqsa together the divine City since it is directly under Sidratul Muntahaa. The Aqsa compound and haram boundary space literally holy locations of land. One may pray everywhere within the boundaries and receive plentiful reward for it. There is no need to worry around which gate one should enter from, or which section of the masjid is the holiest. One needn't worry about which supplication was review by a certain prophet in a specific Haram. The stress and anxiety tends to be distracting. Yes, the supplications space truly beautiful and really fitting, yet God untuk mengetahui our hearts far better than we do. You carry out not should ask God to forgive you in the specific words that Prophet Aadam (AS) used when that was actors away native Paradise. You don't should memorise the provision of the youth in the cave of the Sleepers when making ziyarah there. One require only temukan one's own hearts, remainder one's face turun in honest and sincere sujood (bowing), facing Makkah in any kind of of these divine cities, and all obstacles between God and also His servants dissappear. However, this is hanya my humble opinion. Now on to the reason you're analysis this post: Al Quds, and more importantly masjidil Al Aqsa. After ~ a delayed flight and negligible quantity of sleep, we arrived on the Jordan-Israel border. Many in the group menjadi tense, having actually shared stories from orang who've been, around how they dulu treated at the border. It was slightly confusing, together there to be one Israeli border agent who menginginkan us all Hajj Mabroor with a big smile on his face, and kemudian there were others who provided us steely looks and also avoid any type of unnecessary contact. After some unnecessary wait in a room (for around 2 or 3 hours) we were given our visas and ‘allowed’ to get in Israel. Together we drove v a tunnel our Imam told united state to keep our eyes peeled come the left that the bus as we exited it, and there it was in all that splendour, like a gigantic nugget of yellow in a sand-heap: Qubbatus Saqqara (Dome of the Rock). Ns must offer a huge shout out to the Umayyid Khaliph, Abdul Malik bin Marwan, because that being for this reason extra as soon as he commissioned the bangunan of the Dome the the batu in 691 AD. It is important breath-taking, in ~ all times of the day and from every angle. Completely over the top, because its sole objective is to enclose the batu formation i beg your pardon is most likely the location from which Prophet Muhammad ascended to the heavens for Mehraj. Nonetheless, beautiful that is and quite inviting because that someone searching for a quite spot to pray in. Directly across from that is masjidil e Qibly i beg your pardon was originally commissed by Umar ibn Khattab as a wooden struktur that mungkin house 3,000 congregants, yet which was destroyed by earthquakes. Masjidil e Qibly in that is current form was built by the Umayyad Khalif Abdul Malik’s boy Walid. A much much more humble-looking mosque, yet still over there is an aire the peacefulness in that simplicity, with much less for the eye to it is in distracted by. Our tour guide told united state that membangun masjids around historically far-ranging sites or around empty frameworks which commemorate dead Prophets, Sahaabas and also saints, room all innovations and also can command people down paths an extremely dangerously close to shirk (worshipping others as well as Allah). The is so simple to berjalan into a masjid here and instantly feel tempted come whip the end your phone and also snap far at rock formations, or surname of dead prophets on plaques. The tour guide said that prayer should be the first thing you perform in a mosque, command to God alone, and also I completely agree. Together beautiful as it every is, the an alleged location whereby Mehraj happened does not matter. Maafkan saya matters is that Mehraj happened. Even if it is or not the Buraq to be tied come a ring on a wall, the method a mortal pet gets tied up, is not important. Apa is essential was that the other-worldly biology bore the Prophet the God past all the recognized physical great of an are and time, come a kingdom that no creature has entered before. The true essence of Aqsa is the imagery conjured increase by the history. The imagery the the Jinns building mosques dibawah the orders of Prophet Suleyman AS. The imagery the the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ being transported from karyawan al haram to Al Aqsa (the trip of Isra’) and kemudian up come the heavens for a straight discussion v God (mehraj). The imagery that the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ return to Aqsa (once bare and mountainous lands, through none of the existing mosques yet built) and also leading 124,000 prophets in prayer as Imaam. Once I contemplate this mageri of blessed congregants, the is tough not come imagine the a Prophet the God once stood wherein I to be sitting ideal this moment, in karyawan e Qibly. The imagery of Umar ibn Khattab RA entering Baitul Maqdis v the Muslim army and the Mu'athin of masjidil e Nabawi, Bilal, to insurance claim the city, year after Prophet Muhammad ﷺ had died. The imagery that Bilal gift asked to recite the panggilan to prayer and also the tears the flowed indigenous the entire military when he began, together all the males remembered the sight of their beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ leaving his home to berjalan to his mehrab for prayer during the recitation that athaan, a vision they will tidak pernah see again. The imagery that the Christian tentara looking on in ~ this sight, and wondering maafkan saya kind of man mungkin stir seperti emotions in his followers. The imagery the the 2nd Khaliph of Islam signing a manifesto offering safety and freedom of spiritual expression to every citizens within the city (this to be long before the manifesto of Independence, psychic you, and was the first record of that kind). The imagery of the slaughter the the Muslims, Christians and Jews living within the city in ~ the milik of the Templar Knights plenty of years later. The imagery that Salahuddin Ayoobi and his military recapturing Al Quds from the Templar Knights, supplying the same terms of security and spiritual freedoms as Umar ibn Khattab RA did. This is what brings tears come the eyes of those who visit Aqsa. The notion of apa this blessed land way to therefore many rakyat from so countless faiths. The concept (as mine family and also I have been said by several Palestinians) that this floor belongs to all Muslims, not just those born in ~ its borders. All have case to pray here, by the commandment the God, i m sorry is lot stronger than those of any type of politician. This buatlah coming di sini so much much more imperative. The points I feeling cannot it is in adequately defined in words. They need to be felt.