Wondering just how to conserve Instagram photos? Learn how to download and save your very own Instagram photos, or Instagram photos from various other accounts.

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If you"ve used Instagram because that a while, you"ve probably built up quite a collection of your own photos, also as those you"ve conserved from others. You can selalu view castle on your Instagram page, but maafkan saya if you want to save duplicates as a backup?

Thankfully, it"s pretty basic to conserve Instagram photos. We"ll present you exactly how to download and save photos indigenous Instagram top top iPhone, Android, and also your PC.

exactly how to Download All her Instagram Photos at Once

If you desire to download whatever you"ve post on Instagram in one go, you have the right to use Instagram"s simple alat on your computer or phone. To use it, very first log into Instagram top top your desktop computer or laptop, or open the cell phone app.

top top mobile, tap the Profile symbol in the bottom-right, followed by the three-line Menu in the upper-right. Native the food selection that appears, tap Settings. Finally, pick Security > Download Data ~ above the alternatives menu.

Instagram protection Options
Instagram Download Data Archive
top top desktop, click your profile picture in the upper-right corner to open up a menu, kemudian choose Settings from that menu. Top top the resulting page, select Privacy and also Security ~ above the left side. Then scroll turun to the Data Download header and click Request Download.

Instagram Data request Desktop
Either method will untuk mengambil you to Instagram"s download request page, where you can obtain a copy of every little thing you"ve posted on Instagram.

Instagram says this has all "your photos, comments, profile information, and also more." This can untuk mengambil up to 48 hours, but shouldn"t take more 보다 a few minutes to an hour in paling cases.

your email resolve should currently be in the field, so click Next to continue. ~ above desktop, friend can select HTML or JSON for the format. You"ll need to kemudian enter her password, and also Instagram will start generating the data.

Soon, you"ll get an email with a link to every little thing you"ve ever shared on Instagram. It"s just valid because that a few days, for this reason download her data quickly sebelum it expires. This is the best means to save an archived copy that your whole Instagram file in a brief amount the time.

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just how to Download Instagram photos on iPhone

Instagram doesn"t administer an resmi way because that you come download your very own photos top top iPhone, Android, or the web. You could be tempted come download an application that insurance claims to perform this because that you, but you should stay far from paling of these. Never enter her Instagram password into a third-party app, together doing so mungkin lead to her account gaining stolen.

However, some downloader apps room safe come use due to the fact that they don"t require your credentials. One is iGram, which functions on mobile and also desktop. It has some ads, yet they aren"t too many intrusive.

To usage it, find the Instagram photo you want to download. Even if it is it"s among yours or who else"s, tap the three-dot button at the top-right top top the post and choose Copy Link. Next, open iGram in Safari or lagi browser.

tap in the URL box and choose Paste to include the attach to her photo. Kemudian press Download. After a couple of moments, you"ll see the image show up below.

You can tap ~ above the Download 1080w or other buttons to easily download the record in a variety of sizes. If girlfriend prefer, long-press ~ above the image and also choose Add to Photos or Share > save Image instead.