We have diimplementasikan the most stringent the hygiene and safety actions for food preparation, set-up and service, so the you and also your loved ones have the right to dine v confidence and also peace that mind. Us commit that our food and also beverage venues room ISO 22000 certified, globally recognised together the greatest food safety administration system.

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The safety and also wellbeing of our guests and colleagues is always a top priority. In light of COVID-19 and for preventative measures, we have actually made some temporary changes to our restaurants opened hour and services. Please visit Hotel policies page to learn much more about the enhanced hygiene measures we have taken.

For inquiries, please contact the hotel directly to +62 21 2992 1488. 


shopping is made simple through grand fasettoblog.com Jakarta"s online shop. Shop premium gifts for your loved ones or have your favourite meals delivered to your doorstep.

Please panggilan +62 21 2992 1488 or WhatsApp at +62 815 913 1234 for further inquiries.

grand fasettoblog.com Jakarta and Le Petit Chef invite you and also the entirety family to sample the best of 3D theatre and funny dining in a two-hour immersive cook adventure. Every presentation is designed come captivate all of your senses, from vision to smell to taste.

The world"s the smallest chef will certainly welcome you into his colourful world using state-of-the-art 3D intuitive technology. By the end of the tantalising menu, you will seize a chance to present your personalised cook masterpiece.

located on the lobby level, cool Café is one all-day dining restaurant offering a fresh made-to-order buffet that emphasises regional flavours and also home-style dining through an interior and also architecture designed come evoke the feeling of one Indonesian home.

Grand Café guarantees an Indonesian food adventure and also international favourites right from the five live food preparation stations. Specialty chefs prepare a multicultural warisan of Indonesian cooking à la minute at the restaurant’s wok, grill, soup, vapor and pastry food preparation stations.


Breakfast (A La Carte)6:00 to be - 10:30 AM

A La Carte Noon - 10:00 PM

Takeaway & Delivery 9:00 am - 9:30 PM

collection in a sophisticated yet relaxed-ambience, C"s at cool fasettoblog.com champa presents the freshest an option of seafood, the finest an option of Japanese, Australian and also U.S. Element Beef.

One of the ideal restaurants in Jakarta, the food selection at C’s is simple but through no means simplistic. Focus is put on the freshness of all assets used. Eight fish tanks ensure the all the seafood meets the highest possible quality standard before being prepared eastern style in woks or steam in classic bamboo baskets.


A La Carte Friday & Saturday 5:00 afternoon - 10:00 PMSunday Noon - 5:00 PM

Takeaway & Delivery9:00 am - 9:30 PM

enjoy dining in a warmth Japanese negara style residence at Sumire.

One that the paling popular Japanese restaurants in Jakarta, Sumire offers premium-grade sushi and also sashimi, seasonal specialties and also Japanese favourites with freshly flown ingredient from Japan. A selection of sake is tambahan available.

Overlooking the stunning atrium lobby and magnificent see of the city, burgundy is the perfect location to unwind over coffee, suitable place for after work-related rendezvous or post-dinner drink with friends.

burgundy juga features one extensive mengumpulkan of wines, vodkas, spirits, martinis, champagnes, cocktails and a selection of light snacks.

located on the Mezzanine level, spring Lounge proceeds to it is in recognised because that its prominent location and also commanding view of the well known landmark, the Welcome monument or Tugu Selamat datang that attributes a spectacular water fountain, but juga a vast sweeping view of the hotel’s grand lobby with a cascading atrium waterfall set as the backdrop.
our in-room dining business offers the ultimate in convenience for a perfect start to the day, a romantic dinner because that two, or a hospitable gathering and also offers every little thing from snacks to full‑course meals best in her luxurious room.

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Call us for all the pampering touches to complete your house experience.