PUBG Mobile has actually revealed a few redeem codes because that players in celebration event of the Godzilla vs Kong participation event.Each code has a selang of in-game goodies kemudian as cosmetics and also Battle Points.Players will have to use the redeem password as quickly as mungkin as castle will only be obtainable for a short periode of time.

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PUBG Mobile has revealed a couple of redeem codes for players in celebration of the Godzilla vs Kong participation event. Developers have listed players with 3 redeem codes for the brand-new PvE video game mode Titans: terakhir Stand. Each code contains a volume of in-game goodies seperti as cosmetics and also Battle Points. This codes deserve to be digunakan through the Godzilla vs Kong Redeem Codes user interface in the event menu. Players will need to use the redeem password as quickly as possible as lock will only be available for a short titik of time. Di sini is the Godzilla vs Kong Redeem Codes because that PUBG Mobile.

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In celebration event of the first-ever PvE video game mode in PUBG Mobile called Titans: last Stand, the devs have detailed three Godzilla vs Kong Redeem password containing berbeda in-game goodies.


The event has its very own redemption center.However, this user interface will only work for redeem password released during the themed event. 

Players are certainly getting busy v the Godzilla vs Kong cooperation event in PUBG Mobile. Make certain to redeem the codes detailed to acquire much more rewards with the themed event. 

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