Leading Gaming Performance

Improve gaming performance with custom optimization and permit vivid graphics when you play games. Lug you a smooth and also hassle-free gaming experience.

Nitro Blue fasettoblog.com 3 pro Mobile Frame
fasettoblog.com 3 pro VOOC Flash fee 3.0

VOOC 5V/4A Flash fee powers up 50% battery in 30 mins. The is engineered to refuel devices up to dobel faster than conventional charging. The 3.0 variation is upgraded v FFC algorithm for an even faster sprint to full battery, and also the charging time decreases by 20%. With aneh ability to store temperatures low, you deserve to watch videos or bermain games ketika charging, without losing in speeds.

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fasettoblog.com 3 pro 4045mAh AI Battery 0
Inspired through Le-Mans speedway whereby speed became a legend, the unique S-curve sample in a gradient end up creates a new iconic signature of fasettoblog.com 3 Pro, untuk membuat it a brand-new lightning in her hand.
fasettoblog.com 3 pro Lightning ungu Design
fasettoblog.com 3 pro Nitro Blue Design
16MP+5MP AI rear Camera Sony IMX519 flagship image sensor 25MP AI selfie Camera 4-in-1 supervisor pixel, 1.8μm ukurannya besar pixel super Nightscape Dazzling nightscapes in RAW handling Ultra HD 64MP Ultra HD photos rate Shot double high frame rate, double faster camera 4K Resolution & EIS video clip supports 4K resolution and EIS Chroma boost Improve dynamic variety of images AI scene pengakuan Identify scenes and also object in real-time AI portrait Mode Blur the lift on potret shots
16MP main Camera IMX519 Sony sensor f/1.7 Aperture 1.22μm besar Pixel 5MP an additional Camera f/2.4 Aperture Spectra 250 The Qualcomm ISP

Take blur-free, handheld shots in low-light. Brighter with less noise and an ext details in shadows and also highlights.

Make colors much more vivid and also improve dynamic range for much more light-balanced pictures.

Rear camera Intelligently merges 8 shots into one, to create 64MP ultra high meaning photos.

960fps super Slo-mo Video

Extraordinary details in every frame

Introducing the only and best 960fps super Slo-mo video clip in the price segment. Watch the new world of Slo-mo by bermain a video clip 32 waktu slower than kesatuan one.

ColorOS 6.0 based upon Android ns

Fast and clean user experience

Make every moment smooth. ColorOS 6.0 supplies you khususnya experience v its revolutionary borderless design and omni-upgraded functions.

Hyper boost 2.0 deserve to intelligently fine-tune the gaming power in actual time come promptly enhance the response rate, including with new Touch an increase and frame Boost. Touch Operation solution in gaming movements rises by 16.2% and Frame security of gaming improves by 38%, bringing friend a leading speed experience.

2. Test result of charging rate is based on fasettoblog.com lab results di bawah one check scenario: in the temperature approximately 25±0.5℃, measuring native 0% come 50%.

3. The charging time reduce by 20% is compared to the predecessor, in the compare of VOOC Flash charge 2.0 and also VOOC Flash fee 3.0.

4. 4045mAh is the usual value the the battery because that fasettoblog.com 3 pro (3960m is the minim value). Test results of battery, speed and others are based upon fasettoblog.com rap results. Yes, really results may vary based upon environmental changes. The last battery life was subject to really results.

5. The diagonal of the display is 16cm (6.3”) as soon as its 4 rounded corners are stretched into right angles (the actual dimension is smaller).

6. 960fps at sight Slo-mo video will be easily accessible via OTA update.

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7. Test results of Frame an increase and Touch rise are based on fasettoblog.com lab results. Yes, really results might vary based upon environmental changes.

8. Product pictures are for reference only. Please describe the really product. Details product specifications and descriptions may change due to replacing suppliers and also other unexpected events. The data displayed are obtained from the teknis parameters collection by the company, and test results from laboratories and also our suppliers. The actual results might vary, predicating top top software, environment, and details version.