Sergio Ramos was real Madrid"s late hero once again. The defender headed home in the 92nd minute together the Galacticos stole a 3-2 victory against Deportivo La Coruna in ~ the Bernabeu stadium in La koalisi on Saturday.

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Alvaro Morata opened the scoring for actual in the opened moments the the second half, yet two shocking finishes by Joselu provided Depor an i can not qualify lead.

Substitute Mariano was tasked with saving the hosts, and also he duly obliged, heading house in the closing step of the match.

With the video game deep into cedera time, Ramos again was Madrid"s saviour as he it is provided his header right into the network from a corner.


The huge team berita for actual came together Karim Benzema, wound Modric and Cristiano Ronaldo were all given the night off, with the Portuguese icon suited and also in the was standing to clock his team-mates.

Pepe, Toni Kroos, James Rodriguez, Isco and Morata all made starts, through manager Zinedine Zidane"s choice having a reserve flavour.

The an initial half to be a tepid affair together Los Blancos dictated possession and tempo. James should have provided his side the lead, clean with on goal, yet the Colombian superstar fluffed his lines at the critical moment.

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Despite inferior territory, Depor should have actually taken a lead into half-time. Costa Rica midfielder Celso Borges mawar above the madrid defence, however his header struggle the post to the audible relief of residence fans.

Goalkeeper Keylor Navas was beaten as Borges" effort hit the basic of the post against the operation of play. detailed the statistics at half-time, with madrid clearly ~ above top:

Real madrid 0-0 Deportivo La Coruna HT: Shots(OT) 11(1) - 2(0), Possession 63% - 37%, peringkat 6.63 - 6.69


The deadlock to be broken lima minutes ~ the restart together Morata expertly shielded the ball, unleashing a angry curling shot that explosively found the bottom corner.

The strike to be a hanya reward because that Los Blancos, however the game was to turn on the head together the tourists netted double in quick succession. highlighted the actual striker"s prowess from exterior the box:

Álvaro Morata: only Lionel Messi (3) has actually scored more goals from exterior the crate in La persatuan this season than Morata (2)


Depor were back in the complement shortly after ~ the hour mark, as former madrid player Joselu equalised with a blockbuster finish.

Real fans had actually not recovered from the surprise goal sebelum the attacker ordered his brace—as the hosts" pertahanan collapsed.

Joselu slotted house to the jeers that the crowd, forcing Zidane come shuffle the load from his bench.

The perancis coach provided Mariano the opportunity to be a hero, v Isco trudging turn off in disappointment, and also Los Blancos pushed maju at every chance to force a result.

Real lacked intelligence and also quality in midfield in the absence of Modric, and the decision come omit Ronaldo and Benzema native the bench showed up to be foolish.


With time untuk berlari out—and madrid appearing to be nervous—the hosts attained the equaliser they desired as Mariano uncovered the net.

The attacker discovered the far edge with a brilliant header, resulting in rapturous cheers indigenous the madrid faithful with just six minutes remaining.

Real went for the jugular in the close up door moments, flying depan with maverick precision and also desire as Depor struggled.

The magic minute came in the 92nd minute. Ramos perfectly timed his run into the box to satisfy a corner, and the madrid captain made no mistake with his header as real stole maximum points.

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Zidane danced in the secara teknis area, city hall his side pull turn off a exorbitant comeback, and Real proved they space not a one-man team, resilient and forceful even without Ronaldo.

Per La Liga"s official Twitter account, the scorer credited good fighting spirit for the minute of magic: