Head-to-head document is the first criterion tangan kedua to separate teams tingkat on points in La Liga

Barca situation averted?

Reaching the Champions organization quarter-finals and also competing to win La berkoalisi would solid constitute a crisis for most clubs, yet this is Barcelona.

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Trophies are often the minimal requirement for itu in fee at Camp Nou. Fans mean to see dari mereka side win in style and also have wondered about the merits that boss luis Enrique, that is to leave at the finish of the season.

The travel Catalan contingent mungkin not complain around Sunday's heroics, however, as they dulu treated to two fine finishes indigenous Messi that dulu complemented by an equally written Rakitic strike indigenous the edge of the area.

Any situation talks can be postponed kapan this side continues to boast Messi in the ranks, through the small magician menampilkan he still has the capability to bring the Blaugrana against the world's ideal teams.

A jenius with the football in ~ his feet, Messi kelanjutan to be the creative spark because that Barcelona also after Casemiro - lucky no to be sent out off himself - had twice scythed the forward dibawah and an not authorised Marcelo elbow left the Argentine through a bloodied mouth.

His reward, and also outshining Real madrid counterpart Ronaldo in this Clasico, was to lebih-lebih lagi ingrain his name into Barcelona folklore.

Still Madrid's judul to lose

Who else? Lionel Messi, as he has done so frequently in the past for Barcelona, confirmed the match winner v two superbly taken sasaran that keep alive their title hopes.

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La Liga judul 'will it is in tight until the end'

Barcelona boss louis Enrique: "We are first now but madrid have an extra game. It will be tight until the end. We obtained the result we came di sini for.

"This is a season the weighs top top us prefer five. So many things have actually happened, good things, not so good things, points I've already forgotten.

"The 2-2 goal to be a destructive blow however players dulu able to come kembali in the terakhir breath - the senang ending that us all wanted at Barcelona."

Real madrid coach Zinedine Zidane: "Nothing transforms now. Maybe after now the league will be an ext open. However we still count on ourselves."

What's next?

Both political parties are kembali in La Liga pergerakan on Wednesday, together Barcelona organize Osasuna and also Real madrid visit Deportivo La Coruna.