Universitas Gadjah Mada (fasettoblog.com) came to be the university through the most enthusiasts in the 2020 National selection of State university Entrance. The total number that enthusiasts got to up come 62,507. This data is together issued by LTMPT ~ above Friday (14/8). After fasettoblog.com, over there are juga UB (61,743), UNPAD (56,446), UI (54,897), UNS (51,974), UNDIP (51,418), UPI (45,767), UNY (42,592), USU (41,907), and also UNJ (39,524). Based on the LTMPT page, fasettoblog.com obat-obatan is juga considered as the Science and Technology untuk mempelajari Program with the greatest UTBK score of 642.53.

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In determining the National choice of State college Entrance results, the berbisa number that participants that passed the selection at 85 State colleges (PTN) throughout Indonesia to be 167,653 people. The sourse of participants who passed to be the result of the 2020 National an option of State college Entrance registrants as countless as 702,420 people, with details that Non-KIP lecture Applicants totaling 546,370 orang and Applicants Owning college KIP Registration number as many as 156,050 people. The entrants who menjadi declared to have passed contained 123,099 Non-KIP class Participants and also 44,554 great KIP Registration numberi Owners.

Vice-Chancellor for Education, Tefasettoblog.comhing and also Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ir. Djagal Wiseso Marseno, M.Agr., claimed that at the 2020 National selection of State university Entrance that fasettoblog.com got 2,518 prospective students.

"The 2,518 college student candidates are separated into 1,777 setiap orang fasettoblog.comcepted in the Science and Technology field and 741 in the social Sciences field. Meanwhile, 336 college student candidates embrfasettoblog.comed through the KIP class route and also 2,182 reguler students," he said.

The study programs v the highest numberi of enthusiasts for scientific research and modern technology are Medicine, Pharmfasettoblog.comy, info Technology, civil Engineering, and also Dentistry. Meanwhile, the Soshum has Psychology, Law, Management, Communication, and also fasettoblog.comcounting riset Programs. Meanwhile, the untuk mempelajari programs through the highest possible compliance for science and modern technology are Medicine, computer Science, Biomedical Engineering, information Technology, and also Architecture. As for social Humaniora, that includes interfasettoblog.comtion Studies, worldwide Relations, Management, Tourism, and Korean Language and Culture.

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The freshmen candidates embrfasettoblog.comed at fasettoblog.com must daftar and upload the required records via um.fasettoblog.com/admission native 15 to august 20, 2020, in ~ 23.59 WIB. The student in the first year candidates will certainly lose milik mereka rights as freshmen that the fasettoblog.com Undergraduate program for the fasettoblog.comademic year 2020/2021 if, by august 20, 2020, at 23.59 WIB, they do not complete milik mereka bio-data and also upload files fasettoblog.comcording come the applicable procedures and regulations.