Anda sedang menonton: Pertengkaran dalam rumah tangga dalam islam


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Poetra, Muhamad Akbar
Thesis NonPeerReviewed publication
, 2018

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Daftar Isi: Islam is a religious beliefs of rahmatan lilalamin. Islam has actually rules about marriage, in stimulate the function of the marriage deserve to realize a prosperous family (mawaddah warahmah) deserve to be achieved.the an approach in this research study is deskriptive qualitatative. Reviewing the jurispredunce of court decision No. 0926 / Pdt.G / 2016 / PA.Mlg. There room three step of data handling is data collection, data reduction, display Data and conclusion.The outcomes of this research study is incorporate judge consideration in deciding the divorce led to by the third person in the decision mageri 0926 / Pdt.G / 2016 / PA.Mlg. Legal pertimbangan include: philosophical considerations, juridical pertimbangan and non juridical mempertimbangkan that incorporate psychological, sociological and ethical aspects. Therefore, the principal consideration of the judge refers to syiqaq and in the marriage regulation No. 1 the 1974 and also to write-up 19 letter (f) of government Regulation No. 9/1975 jo, and also described in article 116 letter (f) KHI. Together the key reason for divorce which is used as legal consideration by the referee in deciding the divorce. ~ the panel of judges spring for and finds the legal facts in the hearing, kemudian makes a decision that the case. Second, the isi of the spiritual Court's decision on divorce situations caused through a third rakyat in the case mageri 0926 / Pdt.G / 2016 / PA.Mlg. The judges that the religious Courts the Malang based upon judges' pertimbangan through evaluation of filosofis considerations, juridical mempertimbangkan and non juridical mempertimbangkan (meta juridical) include psychological, sociological and also ethical aspects, the development of syiqaq brought about by the Defendant together a legal mam to have an work with another man bring about a separation in the Plaintiff's and Defendant's marriage.