On the 30th, Park Ji-yeon stated on his SNS, "I thought I had cooked brown rice. I forgot ... I have actually prepared all the side dishes. .OTL.. Ori Rentil Congolese Rice.

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Park Ji-yeon ready a vast amount of next dishes for she husband, yet she forgot to eat rice. Yet Lee Soo-geun smiles and also sends her finger heart to she wife.

Netizens responded such as "Lee Soo-geun is a actual lover", "Lee Soo-geun is happy", and also "9 superb is great".

On the various other hand, Park Ji-yeon, a stylist, married Lee Soo-geun, a 12-year-old comedian in 2008, and also has 2 sons.

Park Ji-yeon, who had actually received a kidney transplant in 2011 due to pregnancy addiction, newly said, "I was invited to try transplanting again because I am young."Park Ji-yeon, who got a kidney transplant, is constantly going to the hospital and is trying to control his health.

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Lee Soo-geun

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Singer yang ji-eun has actually revealed a succinct atmosphere. The monthly magazine "Woman Sense" exit a photo interview with yang Ji-eun, who was selected together "Jin" in the TV Chosun "Miss Trot 2" (hereinafter referred to as "Miss Trot 2") complying with singers tune Ga-in and also Lim Young-woong ~ above June 25. In the open photo, yang ji-eun pull in a an easy mood costume and also gave a practiced atmosphere. "I have been a pan of someone, however I have tidak pernah thought that someone will be a pan of me," said apa Ji-eun, who claimed of his adjusted routine after ~ winning the miss out on Trot 2. Apa Ji-eun also revealed why he turned native Korean classical music to trot singer. “The recovery titik has been prolonged after kidney donation to mine father, that was sentenced to a deadline for diabetes complications,” the said. "When i sang songs, I had actually to forget the music since it was daunting to carry out Korean traditional music that was it is provided by Danjeon," that said. "I accid

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Kian84 is reborn together a pop arts dream tree in a webtoon writer, and also burns an arts soul. MBC's ns Live Alone (director Huh hang Kim Ji-woo), which will be transfer in November, will expose the appearance of Kian84, who tested the pop arts genre. Kian84 will untuk mengambil on a new tantangan with the 10-year collection of Webtoon, "Woo Ki-myung Series." The genre Kian84 made decision is pop art. Inspired by the art movement that damaged the timeless art concept, Kian84 will surprise the works menyelesaikan with blood sweat tears for three months. In particular, Kian84 reflects off its anti-war charm by aus dan sobek a work setelan without any type of hesitation and spewing a 'Miss' brothers force. Through the employees who are in the new tantangan of Kian84, the office that transformed into the pop art koleksi is penuh of vitality. Kian84 is a kembali door that left the saying "pop arts is romantic" (?) while enjoying a happy work time away from the pressure of the deadline. Kian84's painting, which finds
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Stray children is releasing a variety of tising isi on the secara resmi SNS channel ahead of the release of the Holiday spesial single "Christmas EveL" (Christmas Evil) ~ above the 29th. Top top the 23rd, we opened up individual Teaser images of Banchan, Reno, Changbin and Hyunjin at 0:00, followed by an individual photos of Felix, Seungmin and also Aien at 0:00 top top the 24th. The eight members attracted attention by revealing a friendly and warm atmosphere in a space penuh of year-end feeling sebagai as colorful Christmas tree and also Gift box. With the styling the matches the red ribbon, the members themselves felt favor Christmas Gift, produksi them look forward to a priceless year-end for Stray Kids and Stay (STAY: Fandom name). Stray children prepared the new berita for fans who made 2021 meaningful. The Holiday spesial single called the album by adding the alphabet 'L' come "Christmas Eve" (Christmas Eve) under the theme of "Christmas bad Guy". The bahasa inggris version the the track "DOMINO&q
While apa ji-eun went down to Jeju island to meet his family members in Superman Returns, Coriander moon made a surprise announcement of about Her Brother. The yang ji-eun family members was drawn at the KBS2TV to chat Superman's Return (The Return the Superman), which aired top top the 28th. Top top this day, yang Ji-eun top to Jeju Island, his hometown with his family. As soon as he acquired off the airport and also got in the car, that said, "I will certainly belt you." apa Ji-eun said, "I remember once I was in love, ns was handsome." mine husband said, "I feeling old as soon as Jeju came." I arrived on my parents' house, and my husband, apa Ji-eun, confirm his this from his father-in-law come his mother-in-law and grandfather and showed me a dental checkup ideal at home. The said, "Is it it s okay to treat?" that said, "I am a dentist of my family." Adults were satisfied the they were "dentist." They all envied that they did not require to permainan this home hospital, lock we