loss in My love 내 마음의 가을 (2000) KBS 16 Episodes Romantic Melodrama, Grade: B+
korean Drama review by Jill, USA ~~~~~~~~~

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Autumn In my Heart
(2000) was one of the an initial Korean dramas I ever watched and I psychic crying buckets that tears. It to be a landmark Hallyu collection that had actually close come 46% viewership ratings in Korea and also other asian countries; its popularity is attributed with launching the "Korean wave", the abroad popularity of South oriental media shows and also pop culture. Full credit for beginning this phenomena need to go to legend K-drama manager Seok-ho Yoon, who directed all "Four Seasons" dramas, to add Love Rain. He has a distinct romantic view of life, evaluate from the interviews I"ve viewed of him, and these bittersweet ideologies of his show up in every these dramas. He knows how to carry out the ideal in his actors. Even today "newbies" come K-dramas often watch Autumn In my Heart and cite it as one of anda favorite shows, so even fourteen years later, as I write this in 2014, that is still popular among fans! friend can"t say the same around many various other shows. As well as the fantastic acting and arah the music soundtrack is also memorable, particularly the track "Reason". The Story: The cerita is sad native the beginning. A tiny boy called Joon-suh Yoon is brought to see his brand-new baby sister in the hospital and kapan the father leaves the young alone in the nursery because that a couple of moments the tiny boy start to bermain with the name cards ~ above the incubators and also two fall down to the floor. A nurse comes by and also accidentally switches the name cards ketika putting lock back. Two households are never to be the very same again.
The story skips come the teenage years of the two main characters, who believe they space brother and also sister, and who are very close to one another: senang go lucky Eun-suh Yoon (Geun Young bulan in one absolutely excellent performance together a youngster), and the kind and also gentle Joon-suh Yoon (Woo-hyuk Choi). They space the children of a Professor called Kyo-soo Yoon and his lovely mam Kyung-ha (Eun-sook Sunwoo). They space a very senang family v none that the usual difficulties families with teenagers face. Lock smile and joke v one lainnya and Eun-suh bekerja untuk all the family members dari mereka own mugs with dari mereka portraits top top them.
The teenage actors v the adult actors: Woo-hyuk Choi and also Geun Young bulan with Hye Kyo Song and also Seung Hun tune

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then one work after institution Eun-suh it s okay hit through a truck and also needs a blood transfusion, which leader to the Professor and his wife learning that Eun-suh is not anda biological daughter. Their biological daughter called Shin-ae (Ae Jung Lee) is the son of a an extremely poor woman named Soon-in Kim (Hae Sook Kim) that owns a run-down cafe in town. Shin-ae is the exact opposite the Eun-suh: bratty and whiny and selalu seeking attention. As soon as she finds out she is the organic daughter of parents who are lot wealthier 보다 the woman who elevated her she has actually a tantrum and persyaratan to ini adalah part the the Yoon family.
Eun-suh lastly learns the truth when the weeping Shin-ae reveals it in a dramatic scene, v everyone kedudukan around looking crushed. Eun-suh goes off by herself to cry and Joon-suh finds her and also tries to lull her. Grief-stricken, Eun-suh needs to decide if she will remain with the Yoons or walk to her biological mother and also live through her. ~ a most tears she decides on her very own to walk live v her biological mother, and also Shin-ae move in with the Yoons. These scenes are several of the paling difficult to watch in the drama, especially when Eun-suh untuk mengambil out the cups she produced her family and has to split them up. I think that is my favourite scene in the whole drama. Since it is all so difficult to live in the same kota now, the Yoons ambil Shin-ae and Joon-suh come live in America, and Eun-suh stays with her biological mother in Korea and also helps her operation the cafe. The scene wherein the Yoons journey away v Eun-suh weeping in the background gets me every time. Geun Young bulan will break her heart in this drama. It"s no wonder they made decision her as the small sister because that the standard Korean fear film A cerita Of 2 Sisters
3 years later.

Years go by and the grown increase Eun-suh (beautiful Hye Kyo Song) tho thinks about her lengthy lost "brother" and misses him. Joon-suh is now grown up (Seung Hun Song) and comes back to Korea through a fiance to marry named Yoo-mi Shin (Na-na Han). Yet in the kembali of his mind that yearns to look because that Eun-suh, his lengthy lost "sister". That rides his cycle around their favorite old haunts and tries to locate her.

Eun-suh has tambahan never forget Yoon-suh. She now works together a receptionist and maid and has attractive the attention of a handsome tenant called Tae-seok Han (Won Bin). She still kehidupan with her mommy in humble surroundings. It"s Eun-suh that recognizes Yoon-suh indigenous a distance and she follows him to where he is go on the beach with Tae-seok and Yoo-mi. Eun-suh runs up to him and also gives Yoon-suh the biggest kembali hug you"ve ever seen and they have a joyous, tearful reunion.

At very first Yoon-suh hides the truth of their history together from Yoo-mi and also Tae-seok, but of course it ultimately comes the end (secrets tidak pernah stay tricks forever in K-dramas!) and we end up with one confusing quadrangle, together it is obvious to anyone Eun-suh and Yoon-suh have actually feelings for one another that go a lot deeper 보다 brother - sister. Tae-seok falls in love through Eun-suh and Yoo-mi has to suffer jealousy ketika watching Yoon-suh"s ever cultivation attachment to Eun-suh.


Have you ever seen a an ext beautiful couple in her life?

Then Eun-suh is diagnosed v a terminal illness and she tries to hide that from Yoon-suh. It"s Tae-seok who offers her the most moral and also financial assistance she needs to try and win the illness. Tae-seok really graduates from being a jerk in the beginning of the display to being someone we would all want to ambil home to Mother!

The ending is pure tragedy, and I remember being very angry at the terakhir few scene of the drama. I memikirkan that certain promises should have actually been retained by Yoon-suh. It"s strange that ns did no feel angry at the end of I"m Sorry, ns Love You, once the character of Eunchae do the exact same decision the Yoon-suh melakukan in Autumn In my Heart. I pikiran about that distinction in mine reaction for fairly some time and I concerned the conclusion that I have to feel that guys should be stronger than women. It may not it is in fair today, however there that is, and I cannot change my feelings due to the fact that they aren"t politics correct.

I remember I had the DVDs for loss In mine Heart mailed to me indigenous Netflix a number of years ago. Unfortunately those hari are long gone, castle no longer ship the discs come you, nor carry out they have Autumn In mine Heart on immediate streaming. Nor perform they sell Winter Sonata because that rent or streaming anymore, no one Spring Waltz or Summer Scent. Exactly how sad the it"s more difficult for brand-new K-drama fans to find and enjoy the standard K-dramas that started the korean Hallyu tide over a decade ago.

So ns think your finest bet for watching autumn In mine Heart in the finest quality is come buy a DVD set on Amazon.