Naruto: Every Kage Ranked from Weakest come Strongest no every Kage in Naruto is make equally. Some space stunningly powerful, rather are hanya okay, and a few weren"t also worthy that the judul at all.

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A separation image depicts Hokages Tombirama, Naruto, and Tsunade in the Naruto franchise
transparent Naruto, the young Uzumaki has actually a single goal: come one day menjadi Hokage come lead and protect his people. This coveted function passes bersama to several occupants of Konoha sebelum falling to this young man. Happy for him, he ultimately becomes one of the most powerful ninja ever, untuk membuat him a perfect candidate. However, he"s hardly the only Kage out there. Over there are four other leaders juga trying to protect their own villages and lands. ~ all, the land of fire is just one of lima great nations. Even if Naruto is very powerful, an ext protectors are necessary to keep milik mereka whole dunia safe. V time, he"s even become friends with few of these leaders.

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With all the years the tersembunyi Villages have actually existed, there have actually been dozens that Kage to defend them. No every Kage is make equally, though. It isn"t tough to see some have a greater kerusakan than others.

Updated on December 9th, 2021 through Amanda Bruce: The Naruto audience can get to understand the leader of Konohagakure ideal in the franchise, however there are a besar number of other town leaders who make appearances in the series. Every the Kages need to be strong leaders, also if the audience doesn"t selalu get to see it. With apa the audience melakukan learn about all the Naruto Kages, however, they can easily discern that just a select couple of are as hugely an effective as the title character himself. The weaker that the Kages tho aren"t powerless though.

though the Hoshikage isn"t saya mengakui by the five great Shinobi Countries, they space organized and have a rich enough history to deserve mention. However, the third Hoshikage is, through far, the weakest Kage. Ketika he was solid enough to command a an effective village, he completely didn"t notice and to be overpowered through his successor"s plot to overthrow him. Of course, that doesn"t tolong that the doesn"t also have a offered name in the anime. (To be fair, not every one of the recognized Kage in the collection are named.)

This Kage bisa have tangan kedua more foresight and power, however at the very least he pengarahan his orang proudly.

father of the 5th Kazekage, rasa dug his very own grave through unsavory dealings and horrible parenting. Rasanya happily used his youngest son as a weapon, membuat him the jinchuriki the the One-Tailed Beast together a child. Ketika Rasa was a understand of gold Dust, his decision to make Gaara a monster overshadowed that ability. Worse, do the efforts to deal with the difficulty by assassinating Gaara only made points worse. Eventually, rasanya turned to plots v Orochimaru, which pengarahan him to his grave.

Though that had distinct abilities, his negative choices and also selfish endangerment made him a poor Kage.

The 2nd Raikage shows up serious in Naruto
Like many of the 2nd Kage, A functioned hard to keep the peace and unity his predecessor built. Bersama with maintaining the village at peace, he wanted to remain on good kondisi with the other bersembunyi Villages. While his abilities space a an enig in Naruto, his tenure together Raikage was mainly uneventful. A kept the status quo however didn"t really include anything the his own to the village.

Spending numerous years together the an initial Raikage"s bodyguard, the probably hanya wanted his friend"s vision to stay intact, even if it left the unremarkable.

27 Byakuren (First Mizukage)

First Mizukage Byakuren in Naruto has actually eyes the look in two berbeda directions
not the prettiest man, Byakuren to be the an initial ninja to unite the warriors in the floor of Water. Creating Kirigakure, he united his people. However, he also kept his village isolated. Byakuren to be a cautious man and also distrusted the various other ninja, leaving Kirikagure very mysterious to various other leaders. Despite this safeguarded them indigenous infighting, this seclusion ultimately helped bring about the barbaric techniques of the Bloody Mist era.

Byakuren did his best and also protected his people, but he set them increase poorly because that the future.

Founder of Kumogakure, the young very first Raikage did every little thing in his strength to save his town protected. Unlike countless of the other aggressive Kage, that was also willing to give away lands because that loyalty and protection. Kapan not one come flex his powers, he was pragmatic and also effective. Once war ambil his life, he just entrusted his long-time bodyguard, who juga deeply meyakini in protecting Kumogakure, through the Kage position.

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Anyone solid enough come unite and keep a negara together deserves to it is in recognized. Clearly, though, he relied an ext on intelligence and diplomacy end strength.

25 third Mizukage

once the very first Mizukage went to satisfy with the various other nations, his bodyguard was the serious masa depan third Mizukage. As much as Naruto and also Konoha knew, the third Mizukage to be even much more isolated than his predecessors. After village meetings and the violent background of the second Mizukage, this Kage retained Kirigakure more secluded 보다 ever. The Gengetsu/Mu feud almost ripped both of milik mereka villages apart.

While the 3rd Mizukage traction the village back together, he just made dari mereka isolationism worse. Much worse, he promoted the vicious graduation rituals that pengarahan to Yagura, a an effective and destructive Mizukage.

Unlike plenty of other Kage, Shamon"s greatest feats don"t come from strength or strategy. The second Kazekage was the first person to seriously research boosting the strength of the tailed beasts. He tambahan developed ninjutsu into his own style, penampilan puppets, which is used by Sunagakure ninja to this day.

Once the bodyguard that the an initial Kazekage, fans have to assume the guy was nice powerful. However, he altered the dunia a lot an ext in the tradition he left for his village. Awakened tailed beasts and also puppets became unique assets of anda town.

23 Ishikawa (First Tsuchikage)

in ~ a natural stronghold the mountains and rockface, Ishikawa established Iwagakure, the tersembunyi Village in the soil of Earth. The town has wonderful protective capabilities, something its people are an extremely proud of. As the village"s leader, Ishikawa to be a proud, strong man with distinctive abilities. History records have implied he manipulated bugs. However, Iwaga ninja recognize him best for his ability to make his tubuh light enough to fly.

Though he spoke in puns and batu jokes, Ishakawa took his Kage place seriously. The town he created has selalu been secure and also strong.

after the worst that the "Bloody Mist" Mizukage"s power ended, Mei Terumi aku mengambilnya over the position. Indigenous the 2nd she ambil office, Mei started to amandemen all the ruthless policies left by her predecessors. Ketika Yagura to be the worst, more sebelum him tambahan took part in the violence.

Considering she rotate the entire town around after so numerous years of brutality, she deserves commendation for the alone. Despite her type nature, it"s still not ideal to overcome her. A grasp of heavy steam and lava, Mei is a dangerous enemy for anyone to face.

21 Hiruzen (Third Hokage)

When Naruto started, Hiruzen to be the yonsi Hokage the the young Uzumaki admired and listened to. A close girlfriend of Tobirama and also Hashirama, the town fell under his protection as soon as both dulu gone. Able come summon a great ape warrior and use high-level fusion alam transformations, even in his old period his abilities dulu impressive.

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Unfortunately, though, Hiruzen waited far too long to step down from his position. Once he was far too old, he had actually to confront off against Orochimaru together Hokage and also lost. Ketika a wise man, his judgment always waned when it involved him.

Of all the nations, the desert-dwelling shinobi were the paling nomadic and complicated to manage. First Kazekage Reto had to draw upon his own overwhelming stamin to to convince them all to come together as one village. From apa fans view of lock in Naruto and also Boruto, they"re a stubborn people. His strength must have actually been domineering if he convinced them every to change milik mereka ways.

Unfortunately, Reto self is horribly stubborn. He virtually tore the first Kage Summit apart with his demands. It"s no surprise that, in spite of his abilities, that was eventually assassinated.

19 Chojuro (Fifth Mizukage)

~ the "Bloody Mist" era in Kirigakure"s history, the lanjut Mizukage put a many of initiative towards reforming milik mereka image. Mei Terumi conducted paling of the inner work, however Chojuro boosted the kota so that it looked like any other hidden Village. Kids learned exactly how to be ninja, traditional ways were preserved, and also outsiders dulu welcome.

Furthermore, Chojuro came to be a grasp swordsman and an adept user of water ninjutsu. The excels in blades and stealth. Despite he"s lot kinder than most historical Mizukage, the still is a an effective and danger leader bound come protecting his people.

A cheat and an effective man, the fourth Hoshikage, Akahoshi, brought back the dangerous but incredible star-training of his people. Ketika the star-abilities are impressive, working through the meteorite that fuels them is toxicity to humans. Despite the secret Peacock technique and others set them apart from other ninja and make castle powerful, it juga decays their people.

Akahoshi"s willingness come sacrifice his people and himself for glory makes him an awful person. However, once it concerns power, his mastery the the star-training and ability to get noticed by other nations bekerja untuk him (almost) the strongest Hoshikage come date.

17 Darui (Fifth Raikage)

as the 5th Raikage, Darui experienced a lot of social changes in his people. Because that one, he"s the first Raikage not to be named A. Second, he"s akan far much more trusting the the other ninja villages. When the fourth Raikage"s bodyguard, he"s a capable shinobi through a an excellent understanding of lightning ninjutsu, the village"s specialty. By the moment Boruto is a genin, that has ini adalah the leader that his village and does so through seriousness.

Specializing himself in broadswords, warna hitam lighting, and also shadow clones, Darui will usage whatever means necessary to protect Kumogakure.

In some ways, Onoki is a legendary ninja that deserves greater standing. However, the third Tsuchikage has actually some glaring flaws that make him less ideal. For one, despite being immensely powerful, his sparse joint pains reason chaos in battle. Second, his cloning during the waktu of Boruto threw his morality right into a murky place. After ~ all, his clones menjadi powerful yet he didn"t treat lock right.

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If orang judged him solely by his younger years, Onoki would certainly be among the height Kage. However, looking at his tenure overall, in his latter years he placed his town in major danger.

15 an initial Hoshikage

The an initial Hoshikage the Hoshigakure to be the ninja that discovered the "fallen star", a meteorite that offered anyone who trained through it superordinary ninjutsu abilities. Eventually, villagers dubbed this the mysterious Peacock Method. Anda first Hoshikage to be the first to understand this style, introducing a new era of power and mengenali for Hoshigakure. They memikirkan they belonged at the Kage Summits, and also this power mungkin get lock noticed.

Between learning the star"s secret benefits and also founding dari mereka village, the first Hoshikage did an excellent things for his people. If just he had actually learned the terrible side effects of the star faster.

Kage deserve to be an overwhelming position, however few were as uninterested together Kakashi Hatake. A solid ninja offered the strength of the Sharingan, his laid-back mindset masks his own capability. However, the hardly means he"s the leader type. After just a few years, he passed the title onto Naruto.

During his time together a leader, though, Kakashi didn"t slouch. That helped safeguard Konoha native The fourth Shinobi War and Kaguya"s assault. An clever ninja, he digunakan his abilities and also made decision that added to conserving the world. Even if he to be reluctant, that bekerja untuk for a pretty great Kage.

13 A (Fourth Raikage)

when Naruto first ventured to Kumohagakure, that was disutradarai by the stern 4th Raikage, A. A is well-known for his lightning transformations and also his immense chakra. As soon as Minato Namikaze passed on, he became the new fastest shinobi alive. In spite of losing an arm, he was still liked as the paling tinggi Leader that the allied Shinobi Forces throughout war.

The paling impressive component of the 4th Raikage, though, is his determination. Despite he shed his leading hand, he persevered and also still protected his people and the world. That was figured out to fight during war, also if it pengeluaran him his life.

while many Kage positions experience from nepotism, among the worst offenders room the Kazekage. Villagers i think that kids of the Hokage will certainly lead one day. This ended up being frightening as soon as it pertained to Gaara, the young ninja increased to be a weapon.

Luckily, ketika visiting Konoha because that the Chunin Exams and also a plot, Gaara met Naruto, rock Lee, and other genin who increased his tainted, wounded mind. His exceptional power lanjutan to grow and also he eventually came to be a an effective and kind Kage. Together an adult, the even adopted a regional boy v powers that reminded the of his own.

11 Kurotsuchi (Fourth Tsuchikage)

A clever shinobi, Kurotsuchi is a well-rounded and powerful ninja. Between that and also her Kage lineage, she to be an easy an option for Tsuchikage. She learned whatever she knew from she grandfather and father. Since of she proficiency in api and earth releases, she"s a understand of lava release.

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However, her powers the misdirection, reflexes and physical stamin are what bolster she ninjutsu come be every the an ext powerful. Together a clever woman with countless capabilities, Kurotsuchi bekerja untuk for a versatile and effective Tsuchikage.

regardless of Gaara"s abilities and fame/infamy, the people of Sunagakure surname the 3rd Kazekage together their paling powerful leader. Considering his competition, a jinchuriki, a gold-dust master, and the first Kazekage, the feat is wildly impressive. His mastery of iron sand and magnetism make him a danger foe. Furthermore, as soon as Orochimaru reincarnated him, the ran right into a little bit of a problem. Not just did the third Kazekage defeat his copy, but juga awoke from Orochimaru"s influence. That"s a strong tubuh and mind.

If this man could impress the divisive sand people, he had actually to it is in one amazing Kage.

9 Tsunade (Fifth Hokage)

Of all the Kages, Tsunade is the one the audience security the paling time with in power. Tsunade showed serious promise together a ninja all of her life and a member of among the strongest shinobi team-ups in Naruto history. She was passionate and also had a severe knack for healing. Furthermore, she committed herself to pembaruan medic rule on ninja teams, in respect of she brother. As a ninja, she had a hand in both protection and diplomacy. As soon as Orochimaru tragically slew Hiruzen, she to be a natural an option for the role. ~ all, she tambahan had the blood of the an initial Hokage berlari in she veins.

Though she to be reluctant in ~ first, Tsunade spent her time together Hokage protecting her people, proceeding medical-nin abilities, and pendidikan ninja below her.

few Kumogakure ninja deserve to compare to milik mereka third Raikage, A. The rakyat consider him milik mereka greatest leader. No only mungkin he accomplish most all various other Raikage ninjutsu, but also the stamina to challenge a Tailed Beast head-on. That"s not straightforward feat. Similarly, he could use the Heavenly mengalihkan Technique, which bisa destroy a male from the inside out when used.

Teaching whatever he knew come his son, that ensured the the next Kage would have actually the best training possible. Between his forethought and also incredible powers, he protected his setiap orang and secured anda safety because that generations to come.

7 Yagura (Fourth Mizukage)

As probably the paling feared Kage in history, Yagura was elevated in a violent town that he just made worse. As a child, he dimenangkannya the Ninja akademi graduation battle, ending up being the strongest young shinobi in Kirigakure. In no time in ~ all, he came to be the paling powerful in the town and ascended to Mizukage. In between his Three-Tailed Beast and also his own strength, he to be the paling ruthless leader the the "Bloody Mist" period.

Of course, Madara"s affect didn"t tolong make him any less violent. Despite he was a horrible person, his power is undeniable. He lugged many ninja to dari mereka knees.

brother of the an initial Hokage, Tobirama specialized himself to maintaining his dunia stable. ~ all, the town was fairly new and born that an finishing war. Emphasize in the area were still difficult. Sebelum appointment, Tobirama was the leader that Konoha"s security forces. Dedicated to his brother"s vision and almost as powerful, he maintained Konoha together.

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Without a source, Tobirama mungkin create mass volumes of water, valuable in fight or for town supplies. An clever ninja, he had a wide selection of ability (including time-space ninjutsu and both Yin and yang release) that assisted him protect the home his family members built.

5 Gengetsu (Second Mizukage)

after ~ the initial formation of the lima Hidden Villages, every 2nd Kage had actually to work tough to preserve everything. Few had a more tough time 보다 Gengetsu, second Mizukage in a brutal feud v Mu, second Tsuchikage. He bisa summon a huge clam to attack his enemies. His most powerful ability, though, was using a water-based oil the diluted also the difficult to handle sand capability of the Kazekage.

Powerful as he was, his biggest flaw was his enmity towards Mu. This fury ultimately finished both milik mereka lives. Otherwise, he to be a tower of toughness for the setiap orang of Kirigakure.

through the capacity to erase all signs of his chakra, Mu was quickly one of the paling powerful and also dangerous Kage. Despite he was calm and polite, he mungkin evaporate other ninja before they bisa realize he was there. His sensory abilities, swordsmanship, and also general assassin skills made him a formidable leader. Any unseeable opponent is tough to destroy.

His life finished only due to the fact that his feud with Gengetsu had gone as well far. Lock both lost their hidup in their final battle. Otherwise, the would have actually been intimidating enemies away indigenous Iwagakure because that many much more years.

3 Minato (Fourth Hokage)

Konoha"s own prodigal son, villagers knew Minato Namikaze for his speed and summoning. Rakyat claimed he was the more quickly ninja to ever exist. Jiraiya even memikirkan this "Yellow Flash" ninja was the kid of Prophecy, destined to conserve the world. As soon as Hiruzen called him fourth Hokage, no one was surprised.

Able come fend off Tobi/Madara, Minato is a an effective character that cared deeply for his family and also his village. ~ all, he shed his life protecting his child son, Naruto, and stopping Kurama"s strike on Konoha. Though his tenure to be short, that was whatever a Kage have to be.

Hero of his own anime and also Konoha"s boldest, knucklehead ninja, Naruto is most likely the goofiest Kage. However, the doesn"t adjust the fact he wields tremendous power, between his own abilities and Kurama"s assistance. A jinchuriki together a leader isn"t unheard of, but Naruto is far an ext balanced. His great heart and also hereditary power blended with his passion and also persistence do him a great ninja.

With deep chakra reserves, the Rasengan, enhanced Nine-Tailed power, Naruto is a kekuasaan unlike anything else Konoha has seen. He may not be a perfect leader, but how lot he cares bekerja untuk up because that it, and also his tenure has actually left fans wondering who could possibly replace Naruto together Hokage.

1 Hashirama (First Hokage)

when it involves the leaders, only Hashirama Senju could be the the strongest Kage. Not only was the an incredibly an effective ninja, but he also was diplomatic sufficient to convince warring clans to membuat a solitary village. The didn"t even want the Hokage position for himself, yet the rakyat chose him.

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An significant ninja, leader, and also man. Of course Hashirama would certainly be the strongest Kage. He changed his warring world for the far better and created a dynasty of leaders. Also if the shinobi room imperfect, his success and abilities are endlessly impressive. There"s no way anyone have the right to overshadow that.