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Watch Live coverage of masjid al-Haram, Makkah consisting of 5 day-to-day prayers. Throughout the month of Dhul-Hijjah, watch the Hajj. Throughout the month the Ramadan, watch the Taraweeh and also Tahajud prayers.

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For Prayer times in Makkah click here.

Category: confidence & Spirituality, Featured, middle East, VideosTopics: Hajj, Makkah (Mecca), karyawan Al HaramChannel: Live Tv Views: 63268
History of Hijrah: Migration for Peace and also Justice
Sacred Emigration
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HAMZA said:
Assalam-O-AlikumHajj is one annual spiritual pilgrimage come Mecca undertaken each tahun by 2-3 juta people. The approximate dates for the 2017 Hajj room August 30 to September 4..If You space From Muslim masyarakat of joined Kingdom and wants to perform Hajj or Umrah kemudian you can pick our Hajj & Umrah Packages 2017.

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