Hunter X Hunter: Every Time The mangajan Went ~ above Hiatus (In Chronological Order) numerous long mangajan series ultimately need to untuk mengambil a break or two, however Hunter x Hunter is specifically known because that its countless hiatuses.

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~ nearly twenty years of garnishing every the hype an anime have the right to possibly garnish, Hunter X Hunter has actually spent the last two years on hiatus and also this is no the very first time fans have had to wait for new issues that Shonen run to continue on with the story.

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As it"s a common trend of the series, all the the hiatuses that Hunter X Hunter has been on dari first being released in Shonen Jump back in 1998 have the right to be organized and also recalled in chronological order. Only the hiatuses the lasted at least 2 months will certainly be counting in bespeak to demonstrate the respectful patience the a mangaka prefer Yoshihiro Togashi deserves.

Hunter x Hunter
before 2006, Yoshihiro Togashi was gaining his work-related published in Shonen run on a semi-regular basis. 2006 was different though.

Perhaps the Chimera Ant Arc that Togashi to be working v was not sepenuhnya plotted when he started. Or it bisa be the Yoshihiro Togashi wanted to take more time to perfect and build upon this comprehensive arc.

~ the Hunter X Hunter mangajarkan returned in 2007, it telah mengambil another brief hiatus from the pages of Shonen jump in januari of 2008. The is in ~ this point in the Hunter X Hunter publication history that the collection began to evolve into "Hiatus X Hiatus," a fanmade nickname.

While this new judul is plan as more of a friendly term of endearment, this 9-week hiatus made the clear that the 84-week rest that Hunter X Hunter telah mengambil from Shonen run in 2006 and 2007 was no a one-time thing.

If the 9-week streak that followed Hunter X Hunter"s very first true hiatus was not sufficient to indicate that the collection would be exit at a lot slower kecepatan moving forward, kemudian the 19-week hiatus the series telah mengambil in the tengah of 2008 should.

To be fair come Yoshihiro Togashi and also Shonen Jump, 2008 walk notch a global recession into the background books the the manga industri was absolutely affected by. Still, the Chimera Ant arc was responsible for presenting Gon and also Killua come the true scale of the Hunter X Hunter world. It couldn"t be helped that this revelation had to be placed on hold as frequently as the was.

9 2009-2010, 53 mainly Hiatus Streak extended All however The an initial 2 weeks In 2009

The hiatus that Hunter X Hunter ambil in 2009 was no the first year-long break the the series took from Shonen Jump. The did remove Togashi"s mesh from the pages of Shonen Jump because that nearly every one of 2009, though.

If Yoshihiro had not been published in Shonen Jump because that the first two weeks of 2009, that tahun would have actually been fully void of any new Hunter x Hunter chapters before resuming their Chimera Ant adventure in 2010.

8 2010-2011, 59 mainly Hiatus Streak Was complied with By The Conclusion of The Chimera Ant Arc & Two new Arcs

When the collection returned in 2011, fans menjadi finally cure to the end of the Chimera Ant Arc, the whole 13th Hunter Chairman election Arc, and the beginning of the Dark Continent exploration Arc. For fans that had readjusted to the brand-new pace that Togashi and also Shonen Jump were publishing HXH, the release streak in ~ the end of 2011 and mulailah of 2012 was a real treat.

7 2012, 35 week Hiatus Streak stopped The Dark Continent expedition Arc & Led come A Kurapika One-Shot

After waiting 3 years for the Chimera Ant Arc to wrap and being treated to two sepenuhnya new arcs, it telah mengambil an additional 35 weeks because that a Kurapika one shot to be released in location of new chapters in the Dark Continent exploration Arc.

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The Kurapika one-shot the was published in januari of 2013 gives Hunter X Hunter pan the opportunity to see right into Kurapika"s past sebelum setting him up as the protagonist in the Dark Continent exploration Arc. Still, fans menjadi surely disappointed after wait for so lengthy for more Dark Continent lore.

~ the Kurapika one-shot was released in the pages that Shonen run at the start of 2013, Hunter X Hunter took a 75-week posting hiatus. That way fans excited come learn an ext about the Dark Continent exploration Arc dulu actually required to wait 110 weeks for brand-new Dark Continent lore after ~ being presented to the new arc kembali in 2011.

5 2014-2016, 85 week Hiatus Streak Is currently The 2nd Longest Break

among the longest hiatus streaks sejak the series took its very first break in 2006 come after the Dark Continent expedition Arc wrapped increase halfway with 2014.

This is tambahan the first Hunter X Hunter hiatus that covered the whole of a provided calendar year. Because that the entirety of 2015, HXH never published new content in the pages that Shonen Jump. This left fans to imagine apa the true exploration to the Dark Continent would look choose themselves until the series returned in 2016 to fill in the blanks.

lagi extended hiatus ideal in the tengah of a brand-new arc to be nothing brand-new by the moment 2016"s end-of-year hiatus hit Hunter X Hunter fans. At this point, fans had actually come to adopt the hiatus and also even casually began flooding the web with irradiate jabs about milik mereka favorite animeFortunately, the succession Contest Arc is jenuh of chapters that sell viewers answers to world-building concerns that they have been asking sejak the Chimera Ant Arc.

3 2017-2018, 19 mainly Hiatus Streak followed After A legendary Battle

after ~ fans menjadi treated to an ext Succession Arc content, another hiatus of 19 main stalled the brand-new arc native giving HXH fans an ext Kurapika content.

This hiatus tambahan followed after the legendary battle between Chrollo Lucilfer and Hisoka Morow. After cut to the Heaven"s Arena and also introducing the life-saving ability of Nen, Togashi pivots kembali to the succession Contest for a single chapter sebelum entering lagi hiatus.

~ waiting lainnya 23 mainly for much more Succession dispute Arc content, fans were finally satisfied once Yoshihiro Togashi changed with new HXH chapters at the end of 2018.

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The sequence Contest is intended to game viewers through incredible Nen battles up till the huge dark continent expedition team reaches their destination.

1 2019-current, 129 mainly Hiatus Streak & Counting

The plans are collection and the sequence contest has actually begun, yet fans of Hunter X Hunter space still waiting now for Yoshihiro come return with depicted panels of Kurapika playing detective while the rich princes the Kakin battle for milik mereka right come the throne.

The existing hiatus the fans room patiently waiting through is the longest Hunter X Hunter hiatus yet. Still, fans space re-watching and also re-reading with really hopes that Yoshihiro Togashi will someday be bagian belakang and far better than ever.

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