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Kraton Yogyakarta

Kraton Yogyakarta is the largest and most beautiful example of regional architecture. Alive with symbolic meaning, a viewpoint of life and various symbols of umat ​​manusia existence crafted into it. Yogyakarta royal residence is not only house to the raja and his family, but tambahan has akan the flame guard that Javanese culture. Di sini you deserve to learn indigenous seeing straight how Javanese society is still maintained in the quick pace of a emerging world.

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Water kastil Taman Sari

The sound of splashing water, the beauty, beauty of its ancient architecture, and its wonderful watch make Taman Sari very enchanting. The alleys and also buildings give Taman Sari countless secrets come reveal.



The Legendary street Malioboro

Malioboro is the paling famous street in Yogyakarta. Situated in the love of Yogya, this is the city’s main street, and also was as soon as the ceremonial avenue for the Sultan come pass with on his method to and from the Keraton. During sebagai occasions Malioboro would be festively decorated with flowers and also bustling with people.


Museum Batik

Various tipe of batik from berbeda regions in Indonesia have the right to be uncovered here, ranging from the Yogyakarta Batik Indramayu, to many other Indonesia Batik craftsmen. ~ above the opposite next of Jl A Yani, is the Benteng Vredeburg , a Dutch-era ft that’s to be converted into a museum. It residences dioramas menampilkan the background of the independence pergerakan in Yogyakarta. The design is worth a look, and the dioramas space designed to inspire Indonesian patriots.



Museum Kereta

This museum has a very long history, pioneered during the management of Sultan Hamengkubuwono VII, and features plenty of displays found nowhere else in the world. In ~ Kereta Museum, you will uncover 23 carts which were used by the Sultan, all finish with the saddles, soldier hats, soldier buckles, apparel the horses, horses' replicas, paint collections, etc. You have to pay 4,000 rupiahs to enter, then you are welcomed to look approximately the museum and untuk mengambil photos.



Kota Gede has actually been famed as the hub the Yogya’s perak industry darimana the 1930s. This quiet old town, i m sorry is now a suburb of Yogyakarta, to be the first capital the the mata ramin kingdom, started by Panembahan Senopati in 1582. Senopati is buried in the small graveyard of an old mosque located to the southern of the town’s main market. You can visit the spiritual tomb, but be certain to stay conservative dress as soon as visiting. On hari when the dig is closed there is not lot to view here. Jl Kemasan, the main street leading into town from the north, is lined v busy perak workshops. Paling of the shops have comparable stock, including hand-beaten bowls, boxes, well filigree and modernis jewellery.

Alun Alun Kidul

At night, the southerly City Square situated behind the King's royal residence is always penuh of people looking for affordable amusement. The flickering lamps the odong-odong driving around the square adds come the funny atmoshphere.


Museum De Mata & De Arca

Whimsical museum special exhibits through scenic backdrops to membuat interactive optical illusions.

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