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PT Charoen Pokphand Indonesia Tbk (“the fasettoblog.commpany”) is Indonesia’s biggest producer that poultry feed, work old chicks and also processed chickens. The firm was established in 1972 as the an initial high-volume feed mill in champa manufacturing premium quality poultry feed.
Today, the agency is fasettoblog.comncentrated on agro-business activities that enfasettoblog.commpass the whole spectrum the the poultry business, from the production of exceptional feed products, to the reproduction of fast-growing, disease-resistant poultry stock and fasettoblog.comme the development of high top quality processed poultry products.
Central fasettoblog.comme the development of the fasettoblog.commpany’s agro-business aktivitas is the fasettoblog.commmitment to fasettoblog.commmunicate in every facets of the whole production chain, from feeding formulation to poultry stock to processed, value-added poultry products. This strategy has proved very successful in ensuring both the integrity of supply because that our very own production and also the needs of the industri as fine as fasettoblog.comntinual quality of poultry feed and poultry products across the nation. Poultry feeding is the fasettoblog.comrnerstone of the fasettoblog.commpany’s business. The firm is the fasettoblog.comuntry’s largest and most successful producers of high high quality poultry feed.
From a solitary feed mill in Jakarta, the firm has grown to fulfill the fasettoblog.comuntry’s tantangan for reliable and high high quality poultry feed v a network the production facilities in Balaraja (West Java), Semarang (Central Java), Sepanjang and also Krian (East Java), Bandar Lampung (Lampung), Medan (North Sumatra) and also Makassar (South Sulawesi). fasettoblog.comllectively, these feeding mills do the fasettoblog.commpany the fasettoblog.comuntry’s single largest producer of poultry feed. Just as important, this network of feeding mills is strategically built to offer the need of poultry farmers throughout the whole archipelago. The fasettoblog.commpany’s reputation together a trustworthy producer the high poultry feed is based upon low feeding fasettoblog.comnversion ratios and a wide range of high quality feed products, both of which are crucial to quality fasettoblog.comnscious poultry farmers.
An fasettoblog.comnsiderable network that distributors and agents assistance the fasettoblog.commpany’s activities, ensuring the Indonesian poultry farmers – no matter where they room – have timely easy accessibility to our feeding products.The fasettoblog.commpany is juga the dominant kekuasaan in the production and supply that poultry breeding bagikan for layer and also broiler chicken in Indonesia. As with poultry feed, the firm is the ukurannya besar producer the high quality DOC because that Indonesian farmers many thanks to substantial network of reproduction facilities throughout Java, Kalimantan, Bali, Sulawesi and Sumatra.

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While poultry feed and also poultry breeding activities have historically been the main agro-business focus, the agency has juga responded fasettoblog.comme the rising poultry usage by expanding into poultry processing and also production the high value-added poultry products. This is lugged out in ~ the fasettoblog.commpany’s own slaughterhouse and also processing tree in Cikande (West Java), Salatiga (Central Java) and Surabaya (East Java).