PT Mitra Adiperkasa (MAP) Tbk is retail company group incorporated in 1995. MAP meraih phenomenal expansion over the years finishing in that IPO in November 2004. Today, MAP is the leading lifestyle retailer in Indonesia with diversified portfolio that contains sports, fashion, department stores, kids, food & beverage, and also lifestyle products noted on the Indonesia stock exchange through over 10.000 employees, MAP was twice voted together " controlled Company" in Indonesia - through AsiaMoney Magazines in 2005 and also FinaceAsia newspaper in 2007.

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As a top retailer in Indonesia, MAP is moving over 85 international famous brands the covers all elements including: Food & Beverages : Starbucks, Pizza Marzano, burger King, Domino" Pizza, ColdStone and also soon. MAP has actually a vision to it is in Indonesia" height retail marketing firm of hari pertama lifestyle brands and quality products. Our MISSION : we strive to exceed the aspirations of ours valued customers because that a healthy and an ext fulfilling way of life by provideng them with the recent and paling innovative products; the paling exciting shopping experience and ambiance; unsurpassed the client service; the finest value because that money.PT MAP searching for qualified rakyat to fullfill the adhering to positions:

Pilih PosisiAccounting(198)Accounting - Tax(23)Administrasi(171)Advertising(4)Arsitek - Drafter(37)Asuransi(9)Audit(27)Banking - Finance(232)BUMN(39)Cashier(18)Cleaning Service(8)Collector(17)Consultant(3)Counter Sales(10)CPNS(3)Customer Service(19)Delivery - Driver(38)Design Grafis(37)Freight Forwarding(2)Guru - Dosen(33)Hotel - Restaurant(51)HRD - GA Staff(92)Investasi - Trading(3)IT Staff(57)Logistic(8)Manager(43)Manufaktur(127)Media(21)Medis - Farmasi(44)Office Boy/Girl(12)Pelayaran(5)Penerbangan(2)Penerjemah(2)Percetakan(5)Perkebunan(43)Pertambangan(4)Produksi(15)Programmer(29)Property(4)Purchasing(19)Reporter(4)Retail(150)Sales - Marketing(275)Security(19)Sekretaris(15)SPG/SPB(21)Stock Purchasing(10)Surveyor(19)Teknik Elektro(14)Teknik Industri(6)Teknik Kimia(8)Teknik Komputer(6)Teknik Listrik(21)Teknik Mesin(41)Teknik Sipil(41)Telekomunikasi(27)Telemarketing(2)Tour and also Travel(14)Warehouse(28)Web Designer(3)

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