Roger Federer earned his 18th Grand jatuh title in ~ the 2017 Australian Open, seeing off Rafael Nadal in a thrilling last that was fitting of the two all-time greats.

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In among the paling entertaining matches of recent years in between the 2 legends the the sport, Federer staged a stunning performance to pick up his first Grand bang title darimana Wimbledon in 2012—winning 6-4, 3-6, 6-1, 3-6, 6-3.

Both players rolled back the year to placed on a real spectacle in Melbourne, i beg your pardon is well worth a second watch. Here’s just how you have the right to relive the remarkable final:

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When Federer and Nadal both made their way come the 2017 Australian open final, the tennis dunia rejoiced.

Not only are the pair 2 of the paling celebrated athletes that the game, yet seeing them lock horns is selalu a moment to savour. And also in no way did they disappoint on Sunday.

From the very first game, the players menjadi flexing milik mereka Slam-winning muscles and also producing amazing tennis. Federer in certain was enjoy it his time top top court, hitting some sensational backhands to put him in control of the first set.

He took the opener 6-4 and looked in fine fettle, yet Nadal remained in no mood to let his good rival operation away with the title.

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The Spaniard, whose only other Australian open victory came kembali in 2009, roared bagian belakang in the second set and claimed it 6-3. The spinny, lofted forehand was finally doing the damage, and the audience was relishing every second:


The silky smooth #Federer backhand v the buggy-whip #Nadal forehand.What a show!#AusOpen #FedererNadal

At 1-1, Federer really turned ~ above the style and starting punishing Nadal through a collection of astonishing baseline ground strokes that were too hot to handle.

And the wasn"t long sebelum the Swiss star was kembali in front, win the third set in dobel time, 6-1, to placed his rubber stamp on the match, per Eurosport UK:

Eurosport UK

SET! Federer measures on the gas and also leads 2-1 #AusOpen