YOGYAKARTA - Kartini job is commemorated every 21 April. One of the paling distinctive functions of the commemoration that the emancipation of women is a track that praises RA Kartini entitled ibu Kita Kartini. The songwriter of medang Kita Kartini is WR Supratman.

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This song has actually a key of C = 1 and is in medium tempo with 3 couplets accompanied by chorus. Apart from the text of the track that praises the nationwide hero, this song also has that is own an interpretation and history, specifically in relation to the composer.

lyrics of the song tengah Kita Kartini

To awal the discussion, let us remember again what the lyrics of tengah Kita Kartini"s tune look like and also how this tune is sung.

Our mother Kartini

genuine princess

Indonesian Princess

His surname smells good

Our mom Kartini

country warrior

pejuang of his clan

To be free

O our mother Kartini

her noble daughter

Really huge dreams

because that Indonesia

Our mother Kartini

Princess jeweler

The meritorious daughter

transparent Indonesia

Our mommy Kartini

divine daughter

The totally free princess

His ideals

O our mommy Kartini

your noble daughter

Really large dreams

for Indonesia

Our mother Kartini

nation warrior

Approachers of mothers

everywhere Indonesia

Our mommy Kartini


Counselor of the nation

because of her love

O our mommy Kartini

her noble daughter

Really big dreams

because that Indonesia

The background and an interpretation of the song ibu Kita Kartini by WR Supratman

RA Kartini was declared a national hero on might 2, 1964. Even so, this Jepara-born woman has regularly been talked about for years before.

The story goes back to the Indonesian Women"s congress on December 22, 1929. In the event, one of the attendees to be a young guy named fairy Rudolf Supratman (WR Supratman).

Illustration of WR Supratman (Antara)

The forum questioned a Javanese woman called Raden Ajeng (RA) Kartini that was claimed to be a great person. In his just 25 year of life, Kartini"s correspondence did well in inspiring a dutch scholar named Mr. Jacques Henri Abendanon.

Abendanon is a regulation graduate that was the manager of the to adjust of Teaching and Crafts in the dutch East Indies. He tambahan compiled a publication entitled Door Duisternis tot Licht in 1911 from RA Kartini"s letters.

At that time Supratman wanted to know more about Kartini. He kemudian studied the book by Abendanon.

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In the tune he composed, Supratman looked therefore impressed and raised Kartini"s figure. He considered RA Kartini as a rakyat who has actually a an extremely important duty for all ladies in his nation.

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