"It is around a small lizard ~ above the wall, crawling. Kemudian a mosquito approaches. The excitement close to the end is the lizard capturing the mosquito the end of the air." -Davis

Cicak - Cicak Di Dinding

Children"s Song

(Bahasa Indonesia)

Cicak, cicak di dindingdiam-diam merayap,datang sebagai nyamukhap.....lalu ditangkap

Lizard, Lizard ~ above the Wall

Children"s Song


Lizard, lizard ~ above the wallQuietly walk on the wallHere come Mr. MosquitoHup......grab right into his mouth… Hap!

Lizard, lizard ~ above the wallQuietly berjalan on the wallHere comes Mr. MosquitoHup......grab into his mouth… Hap!



Here"s a translate into by Harri Saptadi (with part minor changes by Mama Lisa)…House-LizardHouse-lizard on the wallSneakily crawling,Comes a mosquito…Zap! kemudian it"s caught.Here"s a translate into by Yusi Meinzen...LIZARD, LIZARD top top The WALLLizard lizard ~ above the wallSlowly and also quietly crawlingHere came close a mosquitoGlup...... That caught and ate him.


Mama Sheby wrote, "After visiting your site, hanya reminded me of one old tune that now is a fave tune of my 2 y o daughter, Jehan. The variation of this track is comparable to Lizard on the wall (USA). I"m not sure around the concise translation, however I"m make the efforts to be precise."Yusi wrote: "Saya harap mama Lisa noël lupa lagu-lagu ini, karena ini lagu favorit saya di ~ masa kanak2 dan sekarang menjadi lagu favorit anak saya Rosie. -Yusi Meinzen"Quick bahasa inggris Translation that Yusi"s comment: "I hoped Mama Lisa did not forget this song, because this was my favourite song in childhood and now it came to be my son Rosie"s favorite."



Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Mama Sheby, Jehan, Ani, Yusi Meinzen and also Harri Saptadi because that contributing this song. Many thanks to Mama Sheby and also Harri Saptadi because that the translations and to Harri for the score.Many thanks to Innosanto Nagara, and michelle and Liliana because that videotaping this track for us!Terima kasih banyak!

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