It is not the dunia becomes an obsession that a person, but menjadi embedded in his heart against four cases; poverty does not understand the wealth, desire tidak pernah broken, unlimited bustle, and delusion that there is no rupture.Life is no promised happiness of every time. Sometimes humans diasak with perbagai allegations and also exams.When we are afraid the ache of heat from the fire, why execute we allow the embers that anger and also hatred hurt our souls?Muslim is a brother to other Muslims. That did not molest her, no one let wronged.The target is the compass of life, a life without function without captain instance ship, drifting in the tengah of the ocean. Oscillate struggle by currents and waves that life.And God carried you from your mother"s ship in a state of not discovering anything. And he provided you hearing and also sight and hearts. The ye may be grateful.Violence, disappointment, sadness, humiliation, suffering, grief, infidelity, yet of all that there is an expectation the life for the delight of love.If we succeed, friends must understand who us are. Once we fall, we will understand who our friends are.Life is faith and struggle.Life is not initiated indigenous a Darwinian theory of coincidence. But life started with the development of Allah.What is the real meaning of life ?, ie whatever we doO Allah, make me patient and also the patient"s life in every trial.Let united state accept and give advice come each various other on the mengurung of faith. And also teach all the is done v an open up heart, happy, and also sincere. Execute the opposite, choose advising yet rarely hear the advice that others.Everything has actually a meaning, for this reason we space to make sense of our own lives stairs.Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep balance you have to keep moving.In life, naught is eternal, since for every "welcome", will selalu end through a "goodbye".Will not enter paradise someone that is in his heart emotion cocky though high mountainYou"re walking through life shanties, starfish dulu left wounded, hurt will fade the color, the shade of life that selalu tertapak. In solitude and also anxiety, restlessness to find a healing wounds the life.If you want to know your future, think about you room kerjaakan now. Everything you perform in earnest this particular day are developing your kesuksesan in the future, especially if you pick wisely you are doing today.If you want to move forward into a life with lebih tinggi expectations, perform not do anything that melakukan not have actually a large size in the future.
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Life is filled through a thousand type of sweetness but to achieve it needs a thousand kinds of sacrifices.Life is beautiful, if we know how to evaluate it.The beauty beauty of life, every bad, there should be beautiful, every good, there should be bad.Sweat flow in the bidang of practice is the redeemer the blood ~ above the battlefield.Trying come live independently because other people will not be roughly forever.Do not antagonize the past, bad whatever it is, make tranquility with the past, therefore it does not interfere v the future.Love your loved ones, follow her heart, perform not care around other orang say. You space determining the arah of your lifeLife is simple, it"s hanya that us are untuk membuat it complicated with empty plans.The beauty of life is because of the hesitation and consistent change occurs.The beauty, beauty of this life if she had selalu decorated beautiful colors, shining sparkly, no grim soak flavor.Life is beautiful melodies.Be candles are lit lainnya candle because happiness will not it is in divisible by other beings.Through life choose a climbing rope in high places. Us must proceed to run with jenuh concentration to be the future we can not proceed to look kembali because it just makes ours hearts flourish worried.The only male in the world is separated into two groups: the umat ​​manusia good and also evil.When friend fall, carry out not stay down. Fall melakukan not typical losing, it hanya means you have actually to acquire up and also re-try.A mawar can it is in my friend and also a friend deserve to be mine world.I never felt fear to love friend as long as we are still under the very same sky and also the exact same world.Dreams deserve to not exist by itself, but the dream will certainly come once we do the efforts to with it.Life would tidak pernah be median if regrettable, yet life would be much more meaningful if ns faced.Every experience should enter into life, in order to enrich life itself.Because there is no last word come learn as well no last word because that life.Patience in life seperti as herbs, despite bitter however healthy.The more clean heart, the irradiate looked in ~ life check our approach.As seeds require soil the is softer, so to teach advice, and also warning would need heart shaped.Learn the entirety hog of your life, something that can readjust your life for the far better again.If girlfriend fail today, carry out not ever before give up. Repeat her failure till you offer up boss.All the problems in this life will certainly pass away and replaced through happiness.Friend, when you"re sad i cry, as soon as you hurt mine heart was torn, once you"re upset i was always restless. That"s the actual life colors.Do no be jealousy of the facility of others, understand that they room there since of the determination and hard work.You will still be rakyat who have actually not prospered the next 5 year if you do not make alters in your life today.Trust me, this particular day will be more beautiful, than yesterday, if we awal with a prayer and a smile.Life is hard and also not easy. But I was much harder and not quickly defeated.The struggle in life is beautiful after we pass.And life in this dunia is only permainan and amusement. While the hereafter, the is better for itu who fear Allah.The mission life in a work, the difficulty is a challenge, the power of hope. Execute it through kindness, being maafkan saya it is, speak the language that the heart, proceed to work and also face life.Life is to it is in a great, strong, broad, large, and also useful, straightforward it is his attitude.Live favor a tree the is fruitful, life on the leaf of the road and also when pelted through stones, but rewarded v fruit.Someone that is intelligent, however he was humble as jewelry whose worth is same to a kingdom.Think everything you space going come say, because every word that comes the end of your mouth you will not be able to pull back.If a life he melakukan not force, but selalu trying.Responsibility, love, and also affection mungkin be whatever goes side by side in a manusia life. However, the real pertanyaan whether we could do justice to it ?.I like painting ocean waves hitting and passionate than paint cool calm serene rice fields. The is the principle of real life.Success, success, and ideals in the chest at any kind of age, even if it is young or old is no a measure up for both.When we have actually something that actually is in us, us cry in the shadow of revenge, and also if us regret and also mengikhlaskannya, we will certainly find what is ours, and we will certainly regret will be the revenge.The most difficult in this life is not when you reach a success, but when you maintain your success painstakingly done.Happy person is not a great man in every way. But rakyat who can find basic things in life.Success in life is to be fought not hanya a dream.Respect every dream girlfriend have. Since of whereby will membentuk the heart to establish the dream of ending up being a kebenaran of life.O people, after ~ this short life you will live a life that is eternal.If you understand the an enig of your duty in this life and also charity to lord mengikhlaskan there waiting for you enjoyment.If love you hanya a dream to me, kemudian let me loss asleep forever and also do no taste the sweet of life.Success is the capability to move from one failure to lainnya with no lose of passionate alive.Friendship will cause friendship if castle know and also understand your bad side.Plans room nothing, to plan is necessary is come live better.The greatest mistake that can be made man in life is the consistent fear the he would make a mistake.Do not think the pain will certainly in the lengthy run, the future will bring despair come God. Remember usually dimensi will no be prolonged.Exams are organized edukatif life through God.In this life, rakyat usually appreciate something the is difficult to find yet often forget the favors that have been provided.It to be not created the jinn and mankind except to prayer Allah SWT.Love will certainly ask because that all that you have in your life.The expedition was fee no end. We are not beginners, not also late, however the connector, kemudian do not avoid the trip. Store walking.Success is measured by the obstacles that life that a person overcome ketika trying to succeed than a position that has actually been tercapai in life.People who deserve to overcome his desire more on line than itu who can dominate his adversaries because most elusive success is victory over yourself.If you have the right to not discover peace within yourself. Kemudian you will tidak pernah find anywhere.And God carried you from her mother"s ship in a state the not understanding anything. And he gave you hearing, sight, and hearts the ye may be grateful.Success is the ability to pass through and overcome from one failure to the next, without losing the spirit.A winner tidak pernah stopped to shot and rakyat who stopped to shot would it is in a winner.Life is like"re traveling on the road, if you perform not follow the rule of the roadway it will be wretched.When alive, carry out not let yourself be in the dark, due to the fact that the darkness bayanganpun will leave.Life transforms will result in maturity.The only means to pass the test of life is to resolve it.Capital required to mulai a progress is the willingness, courage, and also knowledge.

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Ketika the stamin to safeguard it is honesty, commitment, innovation, and patience.Adorn this life v a smile since he symbolizes the harmony the life.The life of this world is nothing but play and amusement, room villages that actual life hereafter, you people know it.If offered the opportunity, apa I dreamed would I recover any kind of mistakes in my life.Patience it may be painful, yet patience will be kesempurnaan in the future.The more we too mau besides Allah, kemudian be prepared to be disappointed.Today I will certainly do what others will certainly not do, so tomorrow I can accomplish apa others can not do.Live well as if tomorrow will tidak pernah come.Stop asking exactly how to get what you desire in life. Because the answer you are hanya trying to find.Publisher by Muhamad RamliTerimakasih