Top actress from early 2000 Lee Ji Ah dated v hottest gibbs Jung Woosung yet everything was destroyed when press revealed her mystery marriage and divorce the Seo Taiji.

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She lost all her cfs on the other hand STJ married again v a younger actress and JWS broke up with her for the masyarakat pressure that dated v a divorced mrs from a mystery marriage.

paling Shocking Celebrity dating Scandal Korea Has ever Witnessed

The cerita began when Sports Khan broke news of actress Lee Ji Ah and actor Jung Woo Sung‘s relationship on march 11, 2011. They exit photos that the pair enjoying a date in the roads of Paris.

Dispatch soon followed by releasing picture of them enjoy it a night drive together. Follow to reports, the two came to be close kapan filming for Athena: Goddess that War.

At the time, Jung Woo Sung was among the sexty eligible bachelors in the oriental entertainment industry. Through rugged an excellent looks, a stunning build, and an extensive line of fight productions, Jung Woo Sung to be the ideal male without a note of scandal in his career.

Lee Ji Ah was juga one of the paling popular celebrities in ~ the time, whereby she to be a climbing star after starring in hit dramas like The Legend and Beethoven Virus. V her elegant beauty and also spunky personality, she was quickly on her method to ini adalah a family members name.


On march 20, 2011, Jung Woo Sung confirmed milik mereka relationship by writing a heartfelt blog post to his pan site. The berita was break for korean fans since this to be the very first time Jung Woo Sung was dating a celebrity!

Fans congratulated the power couple and everything seemed to it is in going well for the beautiful couple. However then, suddenly.. Something taken place that turned everything upside down.

Lee Ji Ah’s Shocking past Gets Revealed

The scandal broke on April 21, 2011, a month after ~ Jung Sung Woo’s announcement.

Multiple berita sites reported the Lee Ji Ah was in the middle of a lawsuit end alimony and also an asset division with a mystery ex-husband. The an enig husband was none other than Seo Taiji, the legendary batu and popular music musician who is attributed in developing K-Pop as a genre.

The whole nation was shocked come hear the Lee Ji Ah and also Seo Taiji were once married, as there to be no link connecting the two prior to the news release.

In 1996, Seo Taiji announced his retirement from the industry and flew to the States, whereby he married Lee Ji Ah a tahun later in las Vegas. They dulu married for 9 years.

They were able come keep their marriage a mystery for almost a decade because of Seo Taiji’s famous kepribadian of keeping his private life absolutely bersembunyi away from the public.

Their shocking previous was leaked to the publik when Lee Ji Ah filed a 5.5 billion dimenangkannya ($5.1 juta USD) lawsuit against Seo Taiji because that alimony and department assets in 2011. She also revealed in her lawsuit the she suffered psychologically because of Seo Taiji’s heavily guarded life.

The lawsuits came to be messy end the following months after it became publik as lock each contested the others’ claims. Lee Ji Ah and also Seo Taiji lastly reached a negotiation in July 2011.

The netizens dulu surprised that Lee Ji Ah had actually kept a an enig for so long and also began questioning if she had the ability to land kemudian accredited functions only due to the fact that of her call with Seo Taiji.

Lee Ji Ah’s increasing fame involved an abrupt halt together she to be pulled from berbeda endorsements and halted all activities for the moment being.

With that, the shocking scandal including three the the paling legendary bintang in the oriental entertainment industri finally quieted down.

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Seo Taiji has gone ~ above to farther promote as a musician and is right now happily married through a child. Jung Woo Sung proceeds to star in some of the sexty blockbusters like “The King”, and Lee Ji Ah has slowly made she way back into acting with drama and film.