Akhir Desember lalu, pasangan artis asal Singapura, Ink&Clog apa merupakan member fasettoblog.com! Familia, bertandang ke Jepang. Sebagai biasa, mereka temu dengan para artis dium Jepang dan melakukan kegiatan menggambar bersama. Simak video bepergian mereka di atas, dan foto-foto perjalanannya di bawah ini. Foto-foto selengkapnya sanggup dilihat di bertanggung jawab Flickr fasettoblog.com!.

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SUB-Cult is an online magazine bringing friend the newest information in fashion, lifestyle, music, films, books, art and also designs, juga the hottest berita from around the globe. Recently we had actually a possibility to interview SUB-Cult’s tajuk rencana in Chief, Adita Kartasasmita. Adita has earned recognitions in many multimedia projects in television and declaring industry. She had actually been functioning in various giant multinational providers for quite some time, and also had been provided many avenues in functioning with some of the best brands in Indonesia and juga topnotch proclaiming directors. Adita Kartasasmita graduated from bond University, gold Coast, Australia, acquiring dual master derajat for film and television and digital Design. Her long domestication in Australia had driven she to contribute in many quick film projects, which had won many awards, consisting of the call Gold pesisir Film Festival and masa depan Fantastic movie Festival.


Ever thought about starting up your very own brand? If no, why not? If yes, what would that look like?

Since my day-to-day job consists of reviews and analyzing a brand, i have seen rather a lot of of great brands, berbeda and original, therefore I acquire a lot of of ideas to mulai my own brand. However now I have actually a couple of businesses that room ongoing and I still have to emphasis there best now. Maybe one day i might membuat my own brand, why not?

If you’re questioning me maafkan saya it is, well, the a secret…

So much brand-new info’s indigenous the Internet, a lot much less originality. Everyone is selalu trying to jack others’ style nowadays. What do friend think about this?

In creating something setiap orang usually find references. It’s one of the processes, which is normal, hanya as lengthy as they don’t copy their reference ‘exactly’ as it is. Friend gotta be smart, honest, and also have a an excellent taste to membuat something original. If her idea isn’t really original, you require a solid selling point. Choose SSUR, they create apparels melihat slogan sebagai as “Comme des Fuckdown”. Once you think around it, it’s not an original idea, but they succeeded cause they mocked high fashion brand who acknowledge themselves together premium streetwear, haha!

It was a published magazine. And then a printed tabloid, and also online also until today. What’s v the change? and also why both printed and also online?

We’re bored of the magazine format, therefore we changed into newspaper. Besides, the konsep of a newspaper is a bit berbeda from the previous sub Magazine. The main media for below is the website, yet we juga need the physics form, because no matter what, rakyat will think in a product an ext when they’ve ‘touch’ or ‘seen’ its physics form. We dispersed SUB document so that orang can watch its physical form; from over there we’ll untuk mengambil them to watch the online version.

SUB shares its very own perspective on fads from all about the world. Where carry out you gain all itu information’s? 

The information we got usually come from different source; it mungkin be a brand, label, musician, store, occasion organizer, or where they came from. These setiap orang would email united state so we’d post anda products/news to SUB’s website. We typically curate the assets that come with us beforehand. Sometimes they provide us permission to take the berita materials from anda website. The news that us think room the best, space the ones that we published on below Paper.

There must be a kompleks process behind the curation that the blog content. Who in fee for what’s in and what’s not for the blog? how do you do decisions?

Everyone who works at below are affiliated in curating the isi of SUB, because the rakyat that occupational at sub are setiap orang involved in scenes. They recognize the spirit of SUB really well due to the fact that it is comparable to dari mereka soul

What would you speak is the best lesson you learned throughout the years of SUB?

I went v a the majority of ‘team changes’ ketika working in ~ SUB, and also I learned a the majority of the unique individu who worked here before. Sejak I began from ‘hangout friends’ environment, over there are numerous things that began out as hanya for funny is currently something serious. Untuk membuat use of your friendship for working is not simple task. So the greatest lesson di sini for me is the you have to know as soon as to separate your playtime and also your work-hours. It’s not that i have stopped having actually fun now, however I’m having actually fun in a more ‘serious way’.

In terms of streetwear trends, have the right to you share your personal perspective top top what’s gonna it is in in (hype) and what’s the end in 2014?

Sneakers room sure to make a comeback. Actually, sneakers tidak pernah left the scene, however in Indonesia the ‘sneakers’ exaggeration is going come get vast again. . . Hahaha, i don’t recognize if it is bull or not, but it’s apa I great for. . .

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What are some of your favourite brands?

Stussy, PAM, Maharishi

How is your typical day like?

You can uncover me at an north restaurant or batang during the day. Having beer while working is sky for me once I don’t feel prefer being bothered by my overly chatty partner *laughs*. Except that, my day-to-day routines are comparable to anyone else’s.


Any big plans for 2014? apa can we mean from sub in the future?

Wait because that our surprises!

Metal or hiphop? 

What kinda question is this? Metal: Me**k Gatal. Hiphop: hari Ini Party Harus yes sir & Pol *Laughs*