VK akibat tabik spring di ~ mereka yang berjaya menurunkan berat badan hingga berbelas-belas kilo sampai nampak betul perubahannya.

Anda sedang menonton: Jam makan nasi untuk diet

moisorohoisyoh . Dari bobot 69 KG itu berusaha mencantas bobot badan sehinggalah sekarang sudah mencecah memuat badan impiannya 52 KG.

Apa yang VK kagum adalah cara itu mengawal pemakanan. Apa penting dia tetap makan nasi dan tak menyeksa diri dengan diet yang ketat.

Ini cara apa dikongsi, bolehlah siapa yang nak cuba. Perkongsian dalam bahasa Inggeris, harap korang paham!

Jangan strict mencapai diet setelah itu stres

69KG (2016) ➡️ 52.8KG (2017 -2018) ➡️ 52KG (Soon, InsyaAllah!) This is because that my own motivation purposes. If I can do it, you have the right to do it too.

I will bagikan my diet rencana and workout plan soon for her own an inspiration purposes and also my own. **SPAM alarm FOR itu WHO are NOT INTERESTED HAHA** remain tuned babies!

I greatly ate homecooked food in the start of my weight loss journey yet if I had to eat out, I’d take the healthiest option there is in the menu! i was not as well strict v my diet since I dislike stressing out. TIPS: selalu have sports in her meals so girlfriend won’t gain bored!

DON’T STRESS. Trust me and also promise me you won’t stress. Stress and anxiety doesn’t help to load loss.


Jogging 40 minit!

I functioned on my cardios a lot, and lift weights easy (With mine 2KG Dumbbells, you have the right to youtube on how to usage dumbbells the exactly way!)

1. Jogging because that 40minutes – DON’T ambil BREAKS IN in between – when you stop, friend can tidak pernah go back lol! Tbh, mine mileage was really poor but currently I have the right to run because that 5K in much less than 40 minutes – yet I’m sure you have the right to do much better than me!

2. Threadmill sesh for 1 hour 3. My FAV – while jamming to Spotify – Pilates! (Youtube on HIIT Pilates)4. Background weights – for girls, that doesn’t do you bulk! Lol toned is GREAAATT5. I do a lot of stretching too to work-related on mine flexibility

Also, bersama my journey, ns was deceived by consuming supplements yet other than ripping off your wallet, supplements carry out not execute you any kind of good! TO decoding IS to SWEAT OFF! Lift her ass and also run sis

And also, mine favourite drink to be Thai environment-friendly Tea and also Caramel Frappe from Starbucks, however drinking them currently doesn’t work on me anymoreeee.

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Cheat enjoy the meal boleh

If you feel like approving yourself a cheat meal! (My go-to dessert is always Llao llao, like hell who can resist ) Please carry out so, and also do no hesitate to eat. Hesitating = stress. But be best on track and be disciplined. After all, it’s because that your tubuh ??

If I deserve to do this, you can do this too! I mengharapkan you’re motivated! Stay healthy is the key, guys! Goodluck, HMU at any time #positivevibesonly ???

Paling penting, jangan sakitkan trấn your mom kalau dia masak and tak nak makan sbb diet : ( Eat a little, jamah while you still can! kemudian lift her ass and also run sis hahahahhah.