Part 1: Why is the iphone phone 13/11 Pro not charging?

Before us provide variasi solutions come the iphone phone 13 no charging issue, the is necessary to diagnose this problem. There could be many of factors for this to occur. Among the most common reasons is having actually faulty hardware or accessories. If you are using an old cable that is not functioning properly, it can stop her phone from charging.

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Furthermore, a non-functioning socket or pinning can also be a factor for iphone 13 Pro no charging. The possibilities are that your phone battery mungkin have drained out completely and needs to it is in replaced. Paling of the time, it has been observed the the iphone 13 Pro melakukan not charge problem occurs because of a hardware issue. A damaged charging port or cable pin mungkin be lagi reason because that it.

Though, if her phone battery is draining at high speed, then there can tambahan be a software-related melepaskan behind it. Mostly, it happens after an stormy update. Among the paling feasible options to resolve this problem is updating your phone come a stable version the iOS. Now, when you understand why the iphone phone 13 is no charging, let’s discuss various solutions to fix it.

Part 2: examine the lightning cable

One the the paling common factors for the iphone 13 Pro not charging is a faulty lightning cable. First, make sure that you are using only one authentic and also genuine lightning cable to fee your phone. Also, the charging clip must be in working condition and compatible v your device. If your lightning cable has suffered native wear and tear, the is better to acquire a brand-new one. You deserve to visit a nearby Apple store or purchase a new working lightning cable virtual as well.

Part 3: use a different iPhone charger

This is one of those rookie mistake that paling iPhone individuals make. After merely checking the lightning cable, customers assume the there isn’t any hardware-related issue. The possibilities are the your iphone charger mungkin not it is in working. Therefore, it is encourage to usage a berbeda iPhone charger to settle the iphone 13 Pro no charging issue.

Not hanya that, friend can also check if your phone"s battery is functioning correctly or not. If that is old, kemudian you can selalu replace her battery through a new one. Shot a berbeda socket also to fee your device. There mungkin be plenty of reasons for the iphone phone 13 Pro maks not charging, native lightning cable come a faulty pin. You can selalu borrow an iphone charger indigenous a friend and use it v your machine to check its functionality.

Part 4: Clean iphone charging port

This is lagi common hardware masalah that reasons the iphone phone 13 not charging problem. If her phone is old, then the possibilities are that its charging port mungkin have to be damaged due to wear and also tear. Additionally, if you work outdoors, kemudian it might add unwanted dust to her phone. After being exposed come dirt for a lengthy time, the iphone charging port could stop work in an ideal way.

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Therefore, us recommend tenderness cleaning your device’s port. You deserve to always take the tolong of tissue files or linen cloth to clean the charging port of your device. Try not to use water to clean it. Carry out this gently and also make sure that the port won’t acquire damaged ketika cleaning it.