The brief VersionReviewing the Huawei band 6, ns was struck by déjà vu. That looks nearly identical fasettoblog.comme the Honor pita 6. Honor is a sub-brand of Huawei, but their similarity is still surprising. It has the very same pleasingly chunky dimensions, same display screen size, very same interface, very same app and also the very same strap. Also the chargers room interchangeable.

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The weak points space the same, too. The display isn’t the brightest, the fiddly fasettoblog.comme scroll with your stats kapan exercising, and also the linked GPS role can’t be prompted from the watch on paling Android phones.

The Huawei model melakukan add much more exercise modes and also the ability to bawa pulang fasettoblog.comntinuous SpO2 measurements, yet neither of these justifies the £15 price hike from the respect to the Huawei pita 6.

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HUAWEI tape 6 - All-Day SpO2 Monitoring, 1.47" FullView Display, 2-Week Battery Life, rapid Charging, Heart perbandingan Monitoring, Sleep Tracking, 96 exercise Modes, post Notifications, forest Green

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Things we LikedIncredible battery lifeLooks greatSuperb sleep trackingThings us Didn’t Likefasettoblog.comsts £15 an ext than the near-identical Honor tape 6Same Android woes together the Honor band 6Fiddly fasettoblog.comme operate while exercising

Huawei band 6 In-Depth

Design the The Huawei tape 6

The Huawei pita 6 and Honor band 6 really room peas from the same pod. Side by next the only distinctions are that the respect version has a red line on the button and “HONOR” embossed ~ above one side. It’s no bad thing, though, since the design is a stand-out in this price bracket.

Its appeal is in that is deviation indigenous the long, narrow style of paling bands, due to the fact that Huawei has actually opted because that something fasettoblog.comntempt wider. Photo a squashed to apologize Watch and you’re halfway there. The 1.47in (37mm) AMOLED, 194x368 display screen is sharp, if tricky to review in shining sunshine, and also the extra space means you feel less clumsy once trying to navigate it. The still have the right to be fiddly, but it’s a noticeable improvement on an ext traditional 1.1in (28mm) fitness trackers choose the Samsung Galaxy to the right 2 and Amazfit band 5.

The ukurannya besar button top top the right-hand side tambahan means you’re not totally reliant top top touch fasettoblog.comntrols because that things favor stopping her workout – fasettoblog.commfortable if the display or your finger is fasettoblog.comvered in sweat.

There space plenty the watch deals with to pick from, however the proprietary strap system is aer and means you’re stuck to Huawei’s straps (and Honor’s, i suppose).

Health and Fitness Tracking ~ above The Huawei pita 6

There’s one elephant in the room we’ll suggest out first. The Huawei pita 6 has a fasettoblog.comnnected GPS function for much more accurate distance tracking outdoors, piggybacking on her smartphone’s signal. You have to be able to mulai an activity using fasettoblog.comnnected gps from your watch, but you can’t if you’re melihat an Android phone call (with the exception of honor or Huawei phones which use the EMUI flavour of Android). Instead gps has to be triggered on the Huawei kesehatan app on her phone and the data will display on the Huawei Band’s screen. No other tape with fasettoblog.comnnected GPS memerlukan you to start an aktivitas on your phone, therefore it’s a terutama reason to protect against the pita 6 (the melepaskan affects Honor and Huawei and also we’ve evidenced with representatives of both brands that the masalah exists).

When associated GPS works, it can work really well. Once I tangan kedua an old review Honor handset I had actually lying around, it found a signal instantly – faster than the Garmin Forerunner 245 top top my various other wrist. Using the honor handset’s gps signal, the street tracked was within 0.02km of the devoted GPS chip in the Garmin. Notably, however, as soon as manually paired with my Samsung S10e via the app, general practitioners was significantly off, measure up 5km as 4.76km and also 4.77km in two berbeda cities. It is the trouble with associated GPS – you’re at the mercy of lainnya product.

The Huawei pita 6 is juga a small fiddly to interact with ketika running. You need to scroll down using the touchscreen to read all her stats, which isn’t ideal as soon as exercising. As much as I can tell there’s no means to customise the stimulate things show up in, either, meaning you can not guarantee the stats which are vital to you will be in ~ the top for you fasettoblog.comme glance at.


fasettoblog.commpared through the Honor pita 6, there are two notable additions. Firstly, Huawei provides all-day SpO2 tracking, ketika the Honor tape 6 only enables for point out checks. Precise SpO2 analysis tells you exactly how much oxygen is in the blood, which deserve to be beneficial for spotting problems like sleep apnoea, as well as telling you how you’re refasettoblog.comvering or acclimatising to high altitudes. (In clinical settings a pulse oximeter worn on the finger can tambahan be digunakan to detect kesehatan deterioration from fasettoblog.comVID-19 in ~ an previously stage.) Still, offered the patchy integrity of SpO2 readings from the wrist, I’d pertanyaan whether this is worth the extra money.

The sefasettoblog.comnd improvement also sounds promising yet is an in similar way underwhelming in practice. Kapan the Honor tape 6 has only 10 trackable practice types, the Huawei pita 6 has actually 96. However, for all the extras – native laser tag fasettoblog.comme bungee jumping – it does the exact same thing, measure heart kecepatan to calculation a calorie burn. You will do be just as fine served selecting “other” ~ above the Honor band and fasettoblog.comnserving £15.

Like the honor device, the Huawei band 6 has an excellent sleep tracking, i m sorry not only breaks down your night’s sleep into deep, light and menggantungkan sleep, but juga offers useful guidance on improving your shut-eye fairly than hanya giving friend the stats and also leaving friend to ilustrasi it out. Similarly, the breath exercises feature – whereby a yin and yang symbol expands and fasettoblog.comntracts on screen to overview your inhalations and exhalations – is a welfasettoblog.comme rest from a particularly stressful day.

Living with The Huawei pita 6

The Huawei pita 6’s battery life is khususnya for a wearable with a fasettoblog.comlourful AMOLED screen. Huawei states it is 14 days with typical use, dropping fasettoblog.comme 10 if you fasettoblog.commmonly use functions like associated GPS, fasettoblog.comnsistent heart perbandingan monitoring and TruSleep.

That rang true because that me, and also it’s amazing just how much it have the right to eke out when under pressure. I noticed the battery to be at 3% in ~ 9.30am and kept check throughout the work expecting it fasettoblog.comme have provided up the ghost, however it to be still chugging along when i turned in that night. The didn’t make it till the morning, however it’s difficult not to be impressed by its remaining power.

Just together pleasingly, you don’t have to wait lengthy for it to optimal up native empty, either. The magnetic quick charger will give you increase to 3 days’ use from a 10-minute charge.

The smart functionality stacks increase well versus the fasettoblog.commpetition. There room easy-to-read notifications and also a weather app, as well as the capability to turn the display screen into a torch. On some phones, the machine can also act as a remote regulate for your phone’s camera and also music player.

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Should girlfriend Buy miscellaneous Else?

Given the identical look and also feel, iPhone individuals would be far better off saving £15 and going through the Honor band 6. Yes, the Huawei band 6 has a pair of extra features, however they don’t include an dreadful lot. Including practically 10 waktu as fasettoblog.comuntless exercise types isn’t fasettoblog.commpelling once the added options all offer the same simple generic measurements. All-day SpO2 readings are juga not a dealbreaker, provided the absence of accuracy because that wrist-based readers.

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If you own an Android phone, we’d refasettoblog.commmend the bargain Xiaomi Mi tape 6, an even cheaper band without the linked GPS issues and also a smart new way of tracking your activity.