Help a girlfriend in require & success a happy Draw

Transfer airtime to friends who are brief of credit, and receive airtime as soon as you require them. Girlfriend can also win a prize by involvement Credit mengalihkan Lucky Draw!




Open AppAccess "Gift" menu.Input destination number, whereby to menangkal credit.Choose "Credit Transfer".Select the preferred payment method.Enter the OTP code.Receive kesuksesan notifications.

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Open panggilan MenuDial *858# and press CallSelect numberi "1" for "Credit Transfer".Enter the recipient sourse and the amount.

The credit mengalihkan fee because that credit transfer via UMB *858# and app based top top nominal value is as follows:

DenominationBasic TariffSurcharge (Transfer > 10 times)Total (Transfer > 10 times)
Rp5,000 - Rp19,900

Join Credit transfer Lucky Draw!

Keep penampilan credit transfer feature and redeem 1 POIN to gain 1 lucky attract voucher for every credit mengalihkan transaction. You deserve to win credit worth as much as Rp200,000 or an iphone 12.

The berbisa prizes space as follow:

1stPrize: 12 systems of iphone 12.2ndPrize: credit transaction worth Rp200,000 because that 240 winners.3rdPrize: credit transaction worth Rp100,000 for 180 winners.

The prizes will certainly be attracted every month v the following details:

1stPrize: 1 unit of iphone 12.2ndPrize: credit transaction worth Rp200,000 because that 20 winners.3rdPrize: credit transaction worth Rp100,000 for 15 winners.
You will get the lucky attract coupon ~ completing her credit menangkal transaction and redeeming 1 POIN.Your POIN will be instantly redeemed if you have actually at the very least 1 POIN.If you don’t have actually POIN, you can still menangkal your credit but you won’t get the lucky draw coupon.You can check your lucky attract coupon via UMB *858*6#.You can check your winning negara by sending: saya menang via SMS to 777.

One sourse can mengalihkan between Rp5,000 to Rp1,000,000 per transaction.One sourse can menangkal maximum that 250 waktu a day.The sender’s numberi must be in the positif period, ketika the receiver can still receive the credit balance if they are in the anggun period.Every transaction will not readjust the positif period that the receiver. If the recipient is right now in the anggun period, the credit transaction balance they received deserve to only be used after they top up dari mereka own credit transaction balance.The amount transferred from the sender will certainly not be counted as a usage, but the transfer fee will be.You can transfer your credit transaction balance when your sourse has been aktif for at least 3 days.You deserve to receive credit balance once your number has been aktif for at the very least 4 days.The maximum number of transaction each day is Rp1,000,000 per number.

just how much minimum credit transaction balance have to be kept after credit transfer?

The minimal remaining credit transaction after delivering credit for PraBayar customers is Rp2,000.

exactly how much credit balance have the right to a recipient get in a day?

Maximum credit mengalihkan accumulation that have the right to be obtained by 1 recipient mageri per day is Rp10,000,000.

Access UMB *858#Choose menu sourse "1" option "Credit Transfer"Enter wanted recipient number and nominal amount

maafkan saya is the minimal amount of credit Transfer?

The credit that can be transferred is in between Rp5,000 come Rp1,000,000 per transaction.

apa is Credit ayunkan Lucky draw program?

It is a Credit mengalihkan program wherein you can obtain 1 lucky attract coupon because that every credit ayunkan transaction. You have the right to win credit transaction worth up to Rp200,000 or an iphone 12 if you victory the lucky draw.

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All Prepaid customers that make a credit ayunkan transaction and also have at least 1 POIN.