Close-up the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G phone in Phantom warna hitam seen from the behind at an angle, focused on its four cameras: Ultra wide Camera, Wide-angle Camera, and also two Telephoto Cameras.

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Epic.In every way

Introducing Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. Designed v a unique contour-cut camera to create a revolusi in photography — letting you record cinematic 8K video and snap epic stills, every in one go. And also with Galaxy"s more quickly chipset, strongest glass, 5G and an all-day battery, Ultra easily hidup up to its name.

“The Galaxy S21 Ultra’s camera is stunner good. It’s probably the paling versatile call camera because that stills we’ve ever before used.”


“Every millimeter feels prefer it’s to be maximised. Every function feels favor it’s to be turned approximately ultra.”


“I can"t speak highly sufficient of the 120Hz display on the S21 Ultra. Every pergerakan feels especially responsive and smooth.”


“The Galaxy S21 Ultra has all the makings of ending up being the finest Android call around.”

Tom’s guide

Introducing a bold new camera design in a group of the own. It's ultra-sized through a contour-cut camera that seamlessly homes cutting-edge lenses.


Introducing a bold brand-new camera style in a classification of that own. It"s ultra-sized through a contour-cut camera the seamlessly homes cutting-edge lenses.



6.8-inch Infinity-O Display2

Its slim bezels and also subtle camera cut-out sell a massive room for you come view and also enjoy.

Dynamic AMOLED 2X





EYE comfort SHIELD



It"s the paling vivid and brightest display screen in a Galaxy smartphone. Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G it is provided our most stunning suffer at 1500 nits, v 100% color nada for accurate and realistic color.


*The Dynamic AMOLED 2X display screen on Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G obtained a certification native VDE Germany for 100 percent cell phone Color nada in the DCI-P3 shade range, which way your pictures aren’t to wash out and you’ll gain unbelievably lively colors nevertheless of differing levels of brightness. The display screen can attain peak brightness of up to 1500 nits, enhancing the contrast between dark and also light elements of digital content for a an ext brilliant picture quality, with a 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio to make her mobile experience much more immersive.

Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G adjusts blue light because that you at night, cutting down the harmful blue irradiate you watch as party your favorite films.1


*SGS, the world's top certification company, vested Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G's screen the Eye treatment Certification based upon its capability to dramatically reduce the harmful effects of blue light. This certification can be uncovered on

Our smoothest scrolling screen that keeps up with all your feeds. Incredibly responsive, this display screen delivers seamless transitions and also optimizes the refresh rate based on apa you check out — saving battery for more of what you love.

1. Eye comfort Shield is "off’ by default, and also must be turned ~ above in Settings. 2. S Pen latency might vary by app. S Pen offered separately.

The toughest Gorilla Glass yet

Designed to scrape less and protect both front and back, this is the toughest Gorilla Glass in a Galaxy smartphone.3


Scene that a male dancing in prior of an architecture structure, shot v 8K ~ above Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. A still photo is taken native the video penampilan 8K video clip Snap. The photo shows just how crisp a structure from 8K video clip looks together a photo.

Take epos portraits best out the 8K video

8K Video is the highest resolution video clip available in a smartphone — that's four times as many pixels together 4K. Record in 8K 24fps and get crisp footage the looks better than the cinema, kemudian upload and watch appropriate on YouTube.

And through 8K video clip Snap, you deserve to pull epic high-resolution photos right from 8K video.4 So girlfriend don't have to choose in between shooting video clip or stills.

Galaxy Ultra 8K video clip Snap (BTS ver.)

The Galaxy S21 Ultra appears on screen as if floating in mid-air and also a hand take away it. Accomplish Galaxy S21 Ultra v BTS. Jimin indigenous BTS has the Galaxy S21 Ultra in his hand together he gets the end of a car. Jungkook ambil a epic 8K video of Jimin and V leaning versus the car with his Galaxy S21 Ultra. Epos 8K. Disclaimer: display image simulated for illustrative purposes. BTS berjalan into a building. Record now, snap later. One member is recording the other members ~ above his Galaxy S21 Ultra. Disclaimer: display screen image simulated for illustrative purposes. They gather round the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Camera zooms right into the 8K video clip Snap UI. Ambil photos. A finger moves the video clip from 27 second mark and also toggles the footage back and forth. Disclaimer: display image simulated because that illustrative purposes. Yes, really UI may differ from image. Ambil Hi-res photos directly from 8K videos. Disclaimer: 8K video Snap produces image of approximately 33MP. Picture simulated for illustrative purposes. Yes, really UI may differ native image. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is digunakan by a professional camera operator to film their performance. Disclaimer: display image simulated because that illustrative purposes. Shots of each of the BTS members room interspersed with shots the the Galaxy S21 Ultra viewed from berbeda angles. Disclaimer: image simulated for illustrative purposes. Produced the epic in every day. Disclaimer: shade may vary by negara and carrier. Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. Galaxy BTS.

SPen compatibility method you deserve to finesse and fine-tune kapan editing your videos down to the last frame, through precision that your finger merely can't touch.


Man to dance on a staircase. One shot through Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G without Super Steady, and the other shot with Super Steady. The one shot v Super secure is clear and detailed.

Turn ~ above Super Steady and also Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G shoots choose an pergerakan cam. AI stabilization eliminates the bumps, moving gimbal-smooth video when you"re ~ above the move.

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Super Smooth 60fps Video melakukan just what it states — shoots in ~ 60fps because that a smooth, thorough view once you play back the moment. Dynamic frame kecepatan in FHD Auto setting captures relection video throughout the work — then switches come 30fps for brighter video clip in low light.