Indonesia"s reference coal price surged in September 2017. South east Asia"s largest economy"s benchmark coal price (in Indonesian: Harga Batubara Acuan, or HBA) soared 9.6 percent month-on-month (m/m) to USD $92.03 every metric ton, indigenous USD $83.97 in August. Indonesia"s HBA is currently at its greatest position sejak December 2016.

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Meanwhile, previously this week, coal hadiah (October 2017 delivery) touch USD $95.80 per metric nada on the ice Futures eropa Index, the highest level since 11 June 2013.

The strong performance that the coal price is supposed to terakhir up to (at least) the finish of 2017. This outstanding recent performance is mostly attributed to climbing coal demand, bad weather conditions, and also the weakening united state dollar.

Deddy Yusuf Siregar, analyst at Asia Tradepoint Futures, said the soaring charcoal price is resulted in by a big jump in coal demand. For example, in Queensland (Australia) coal exports mawar to that is highest tingkat so far this tahun (at 13.4 juta metric tons) in respectable with certain strong need originating native Japan.

Coal demand tambahan rose in the united States and also China. The US energy Information administration (EIA) recently stated that so much in 2017 31.3 percent of electrical energy generation in the USA stems indigenous coal-fired power plants, kapan natural gas only accounts because that 31 percent that US electrical energy generation. This is in comparison to 2016 once gas provided 33.8 percent of electricity in the USA, kapan coal-fired strength plants only contributed 30.4 percent. Secondly, united state steel production rose 3.2 percent (y/y) come 60.90 million tons as much as 2 September 2017 (coal is juga an vital energy resource for stole production).


Meanwhile, in China stole production mawar steeply in July 2017. In July China produced 74 juta tons the steel, increase 10.3 percent (y/y). Hence, China"s coal consumption mawar accordingly.

Another factor that is at play di sini is that the US dolar has displayed severe weakness recently amid expectations that the federal Reserve will certainly not decide to lebih jauh tighten monetary policy too soon.

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Lastly, poor weather is plaguing the Guangzhou harbor in southern China and it can as such not take care of its usual coal freight load. Meanwhile, continuous storms in the USA may also impact positively on charcoal prices.

Indonesian Government"s Benchmark Thermal charcoal Price (HBA):


in USD/tonSource: to adjust of Energy and Mineral Resources

Indonesian Production, Export, intake & Price that Coal:

Production(in mln tons)217240254275353412474458461434
Export(in mln tons)163191198210287345402382366343
Domestic(in mln tons) 61 49 56 65 66 67 72 76 87 91
Price (HBA)(in USD/ton) n.a n.a70.791.7118.495.582.972.660.161.8

Sources: Indonesian coal Mining combination (APBI) & ministry of Energy and also Mineral Resources