The golden Garden (Korean: 황금정원; RR: Hwanggeumjeongwon) is a 2019 southern Korean televisi series starring Han Ji-hye, Lee Sang-woo, oh Ji-eun and Lee Tae-sung. The aired four episodes every Saturday on MBC TV indigenous 20:45 come 23:10 (KST), native July 20 come October 26, 2019.

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Marry Me currently (Korean: 같이 살래요; RR: Gat-I Sallaeyo; lit. Kandil We Live Together) is a 2018 southern Korean televisi series certification Han Ji-hye and Lee Sang-woo. The collection aired on KBS2 from March 17 to September 9, 2018.

Beyond the Clouds (Korean: 태양은 가득히; Hanja: 太陽은 가득히; RR: Taeyangeun Gadeukhi; MR: T"aeyang"ŭn Kadŭkhi; lit. The penuh Sun) is a 2014 southern Korean televisi series starring Yoon Kye-sang, Han Ji-hye and also Cho Jin-woong. The aired top top KBS2 indigenous February 17 to April 14, 2014 top top Mondays and Tuesdays in ~ 21:55 because that 16 episodes.

Pots of gold (Korean: 금 나와라, 뚝딱!; RR: Geum Nawara, Ddookddak!; lit. Ns Summon You, Gold! or Gold, Appear!) is a 2013 southern Korean television series starring Han Ji-hye, Yeon Jung-hoon, Lee Tae-sung, Lee Soo-kyung, Baek Jin-hee, Park Seo-joon and also Kim Hyung-jun. That aired ~ above MBC indigenous April 6 come September 22, 2013 on Saturdays and also Sundays in ~ 20:40 because that 50 episodes.

Flower tape (Korean: 닥치고 꽃미남 밴드; RR: Dakchigo Kkonminam Baendeu; lit. Shut increase Flower Boy pita is a 2012 south Korean televisi series certification Sung Joon, Jo Bo-ah, L, Jung Eui-chul, Lee Hyun-jae, Yoo Min-kyu, and also Kim Min-seok. It is a coming-of-age cerita about a high school rock pita dealing v friendship, rivalry, romantic and dari mereka passion for music. The collection aired on tvN from january 30 to March 20, 2012 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 23:00 (KST) for 16 episodes.

The Duo (Korean: 짝패; RR: Jjakpae) is a 2011 south Korean historis drama series, certification Chun Jung-myung, Lee Sang-yoon, Han Ji-hye and also Seo Hyun-jin. That aired ~ above MBC from February 7 to may 24, 2011 top top Mondays and also Tuesdays at 21:55 because that 32 episodes.
Pianist (Korean: 피아니스트; RR: Pi-a-ni-seu-teu) is a South oriental single-episode televisi drama starring Choi Minho and also Han Ji-hye. It aired top top November 27, 2010 together the 24th episode of Drama Special, a weekly program on KBS2 showing short tv series (usually solitary episodes), v each ilustrasi having a different story, cast, director, and also writer.
During a unstable time when politics, rebellion, and also invasion concerned a head. A clash stirs in between two swordsmen in a violent struggle to seize manage of the bangsa they love.
Jun-Seo (Lee Chun-Hee) and also Mi-Yeon (Han Ji-Hye) have actually been dating for a lengthy time. Jun-Seo grows worn down of his girlfriend"s unfailing love, and volunteers to execute research work in Antartica. One day, Mi-Yeon visits him, however he operation away just to uncover out that she had been injured in a automobile accident the job before. Walk she really involved meet him after falling into a coma? Jun-Seo realizes her love and preciousness through retracing her steps.
Likeable or not (Korean: 미우나 고우나; RR: Miuna Gouna; lit. I dislike You, but It"s Fine) is a south Korean televisi series starring Han Ji-hye, Kim Ji-seok, Jo Dong-hyuk, Yoo In-young, and Lee Young-eun. The everyday drama aired top top KBS1 indigenous September 3, 2007 to might 2, 2008 ~ above Mondays to Fridays at 20:25 because that 172 episodes.
Cloud stairs (Korean: 구름계단; RR: Gureum Gyedan) is a 2006 southern Korean television series starring Shin Dong-wook, Han Ji-hye, ns Jung-eun and also Kim Jung-hyun. That aired top top KBS2 native September 18 to November 7, 2006 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 because that 16 episodes.
The mystery Lovers (Korean: 비밀남녀; RR: Bimil Namnyeo; lit. "Secrets in between a Man and a Woman"), juga known as A Man and also a Woman, is a 2005 southern Korean televisi series certification Han Ji-hye, Kim Suk-hoon, song Seon-mi and Kwon Oh-joong. It aired top top MBC from august 29 to November 1, 2005 top top Mondays and Tuesdays in ~ 21:55 because that 20 episodes.
Young-bin and Ha-mi accomplish by accident after ~ a row over him destroying her cellphone. She believes he and also she dulu destined to meet, yet the problem is, he has actually blood-type B, untuk membuat him spontaneous and emotional yet unreliable. Her sister, berlari a dating-agency based on an option by blood-types, opposes the friendship, together she"s encouraged that Ha-mi, v blood-type A, making her soft, introvert and also shy, will only finish up as lainnya victim that his whims and arrogance. Romantic comedy by Seok-won Choi.
Sweet 18 (Korean: 낭랑18세; RR: Nangrang 18-se; lit. "18-year-old Bride") is a southern Korean televisi series that aired top top KBS2 in 2004. The cerita strongly focuses on both personal and clan-level relationships between Jung-sook, a member of Papyeong"s Yun clan, and also Hyuk-joon, a member the Andong"s Kwon clan. Both clans had hoped because that re-establishing good hubungan after being separated for 3 generations by war, through arranging a marriage in between Jung-sook and also Hyuk-joon top top Jung-sook"s birth.

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Summer scent (Korean: 여름향기; RR: Yeoreum Hyanggi) is a 2003 southern Korean televisi series starring song Seung-heon, child Ye-jin, Ryu Jin, and also Han Ji-hye. The aired on KBS2 native July 7 to September 9, 2003 ~ above Mondays and Tuesdays in ~ 21:55 for 20 episodes.