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Fromis_9 is a oriental idol girl group dibawah the monitoring of batu Music Entertainment. All of its members dulu the survivors indigenous the idol competition program Idol School. Fromis_9 contained nine members and also debuted on januari 24th, 2018. One of its members is recognized as among the youngest idols. She is also famous as the cutest maknae amongst all idol groups. Her name is Baek Ji-heon or more popularly recognized as Jiheon.

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Despite her young age, Jiheon completed and saya menang against girl who dulu several years older than her in Idol School program. Older members tidak pernah had a opportunity to enraged or make fun of her since she methods hapkido and also is so smart that virtually can read the mental of various other Fromis_9 members

In this article, Channel Korea will talk about Fromis_9’s Baek Jiheon. So continue to be tuned!

Fromis_9’s Baek Ji-heon’s jenuh Profile


Name : Baek Ji-heon

Stage surname : Jiheon

Birthday : April 17th, 2003

Place of bear : Suncheon, south Korea

Height : 165 cm

Weight : 45 kg

Zodiac : Aries

Blood type : B

Position : Maknae, below vocalist

Instagram :

Fromis_9’s Baek Ji-heon’s Facts

gasengi.comBaek Ji-heon is the smartest member in Fromis_9.Never underestimate her fragile appearance since she can perform korean martial arts Hapkido.She loves analysis books, however she tambahan loves continuing to be at home and lying ~ above the bed.She hates exercising.She pass Woollim entertain audition but decided to join lagi agency.She is so smart that other members think Jiheon deserve to read their minds.She can bermain guitar and act.Baek Ji-heon tangan kedua to live through her parents and also one younger brother.Her favorite motto is “My Way”.She want to it is in an entertainer dari she to be little.She was a fashion-fitting model.Baek Ji-heon join IF I pelatihan to belajar acting throughout her schooldays.She prefers oriental food to western food.She prefers pork meat come beef, chicken, or goat meat.

Fromis_9’s Baek Ji-heon’s official Debut


Baek Ji-heon participated in Mnet’s idol survive program, Idol School. Despite up and down performance, she maintained her cool and also finished in the eighth position. Together a reward, Baek Ji-heon and eight various other contestants deserved to debut with Fromis_9.

Fromis_9 debuted on januari 24th, 2018, dibawah the management of stone Music. The group released the debut EP To Heart.

Baek Ji-heon is the youngest member and also maknae that Fromis_9. She dance and also vocal talent tidak pernah stood out, yet her fresh and also cute appearance selalu make she the center of attention. Her smile is selalu contagious, and she selalu brings a senang virus come the audience.

But don’t it is in deceived by her breakable appearance. Other Fromis_9 members respect her because she is excellent that other members komandan she mungkin read anda minds. Paling important the all, lock love Baek Ji-heon because of she cuteness.

Fromis_9’s Baek Ji-heon’s focus Fancam

Many fans praised her smile once performing top top the stage. She smile have the right to melt the love of any kind of fans. She is so priceless to Fromis_9, no only due to the fact that of her cute figure but also because of she singing and also expression. In the video, she was hanya 15 year old, yet she was already one that the paling important members. Nobody have the right to deny her cuteness and also potential.

Baek Ji-heon looked for this reason fresh and also pretty in a white outfit when performing FUN!. The choreography and also hairstyle tambahan supported the cute concept of Fromis_9. The more you look at her dance, the more you fell in love v her. In the video, her hairstyle and her face resemble IZ*ONE’s Sakura Miyawaki. She looks better with long hair rather than quick hair.

Fromis_9’s Baek Ji-heon’s illustration in Idol School

Baek Ji-heon joined the idol survival program Mnet’s Idol School and also competed v 41 mrs contestants. Fromis_9’s Baek Ji-heon joined Idol School program from the non-trainee route. Despite lack of pendidikan and preparation, she properly stayed in the optimal 10 positions and also finally debuted together a Fromis_9 member. She deserved substantial praise due to the fact that she competed with full time trainees and also girls who dulu several years older than her.

Idol School is a similar program to Produce 101 but berbeda in the vote system and also the removed phase. Contestants who got to the optimal position got the chance to debut with Fromis_9 as full time members. The contestants weren’t previous idols however trainees.

In a preliminary evaluation, she vocal talent ranked in ~ 38th, she dance ability ranked at 18th, kapan her stamina ranked in ~ 24th. She to be positioned at rank 29th before the airing of first episode.

Baek Ji-heon was among the youngest Idol School contestants. Her performance was relatively stable other than in ilustrasi 7. In the episode, her rank dropped from second to tenth. Her ranks and also votes were better at previously episodes however went stagnated toward the end of the program. She was ranked eighth in the final episode and deserved a opportunity to debut with Fromis_9.

Fromis_9 Baek Ji-heon’s illustration in Welcome To heal Inn

Welcome to Heal In is a Korean web drama that was aired ~ above Vlive TV. Every Fromis_9 members participated in the drama and portrayed themselves. Season 1 aired from October 15th come 20th, 2018, while Season 2 aired from February 13th to February 20th, 2019. Fans and also viewers well embraced the drama, and also it verified the exhilaration talent of all Fromis_9 members.

In the drama, Baek Ji-heon acted together Saerom’s close friend. Saerom, Baek Ji-heon, and also other close friends take trip to cure Inn. Baek Ji-heon character was a calm and also relaxed character who loves reading and also bringing many books with her throughout traveling. Baek Ji-heon is the perfect take trip companion because she doesn’t nag a lot, but she selalu ready to help.

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