Ellie Goulding recorded this sultry power ballad because that the 50 Shades that Grey movie. It finds the brother songstress channeling literatur student Ana Steele"s desire for the rich entrepreneur Christian Grey.

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You"re the light, you"re the night You"re the shade of my blood You"re the cure, you"re the pains You"re the just thing ns wanna touch never knew the it could mean for this reason much, for this reason much.The anthemic tune was penned by swedish singer Tove Lo and songwriters Savan Kotecha and also Ilya Salmanzadeh. That was created by Ali Payami and also Taylor Swift producer max Martin.
There"s much more going top top in the simple title than meets the eye. No only melakukan "Love Me prefer You Do" pique our attention (how melakukan he love?), however it also can be interpreted as physical or emotionally love, together both aspects are intertwined in the lyrics and also in the 50 Shades of Grey story.
The song"s music video mixes footage from the Fifty Shades of Grey movie with shots of goulding ballroom dancing, a re-creation that Anastasia Steele"s first dance with Christian Grey. The bahasa inggris singer called Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon ~ above the resources Breakfast show: "I basically have akan fascinated v ballroom dance so i was like, "Can i please perform some to dance in it?"Goulding added: "There"s no handcuffs. There"s nobody of the stuff. There"s part sensual bits in it i suppose. Not very actually! There"s a nice guy it, he"s not famous yet something speak me he might get a couple of more admirers after ~ this video. He"s sort of in the shadows so friend can"t really watch him that much, which is a shame since he"s a lovely guy."
Instead of lihat a bridge to lull up ~ a an effective chorus, this uses a short instrumental/vocal break comparable to the intro to evoke the calm before the storm of a final chorus.
This tune was the first time that Ellie Goulding functioned with maksimum Martin. She ultimately teamed up v the swedish hitmaker for several Delirium
tracks. Goulding defined to Billboard magazine how he unlocked her voice. "He command me on a couple of songs and he"d be like, "Can you execute this? and I"d it is in like, "Do you mean this?"" she said. "and he"d it is in like, "Where did the come from? tidak pernah heard the before. Tidak pernah heard you song low on any kind of of your records before." and also yeah, it was great. It hanya came out of nowhere. That was great at bringing that confidence out of me."
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