Lyrics of The track We will Not walk Down, through Michael Heart, Which speak The cerita Of The Palestinian Tragedy
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JAKARTA - We will certainly Not Go dibawah (Song because that Gaza), this track is makin being heard in the middle of the Israeli troops attack versus Palestine.

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This track was developed by a musician called Michael love in 2009, together a membentuk of his sympathy because that the tragedy the the Israeli dibantai of Gaza citizens from late December 2008 to januari 2009.

launch, he offers this tune for cost-free to download native his an individual site. However, he argued on his website to do a donation to Gaza with the United nations Relief and Works firm for Palestine Refugees in the near East.

together of 9 February 2009, We will certainly Not Go dibawah has been regarded up to 1,021,000 waktu on YouTube, the mp3 has actually been download 325,000 times, and also has obtained 10,000 email responses, comments and messages.

favor 12 year ago, as soon as Michael Heart composed the song We will certainly Not walk Down. A similar incident happened today.

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Israel is still proceeding its intense assaults on Palestinians and shows no signs of stopping. Numerous civilians were victims. Countless of them dulu women and also children.

text of the tune We will certainly Not walk Down

A blinding flash of putih light

Lit increase the skies over Gaza tonight

people running because that cover

Not learning whether they"re dead or alive

They came with milik mereka tanks and milik mereka planes

v ravaging fiery flames

and nothing remains

hanya a suara rising up in the smoky haze

We will not go down

In the night, there is no a fight

You have the right to burn increase our mosques and our homes and our schools

yet our heart will tidak pernah die

We will not walk down

In Gaza tonight

Women and also children alike

Murdered and also massacred night after ~ night

while the so-called leader of nations afar

disputed on who"s dorn or right

But their powerless words were in vain and the bombs fell down like mountain rain yet through the tears and the blood and also the pain

You deserve to still hear that fasettoblog.comce through the smoky haze

We will certainly not walk down

In the night, without a fight

You deserve to burn up our mosques and also our homes and also our schools

but our heart will tidak pernah die We will certainly not walk down

In Gaza tonight

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