Zany drama “Don’t dare to Dream (Jealousy Incarnate)” starring Jo Jung Suk and also Gong Hyo Jin has been on waiting for two months (with one more to go) and also boy is the chock jenuh of delectable drama goodies. Steamy kisses? Check. Bromance? Check. Gorgeous guys in suits wrestling in mud? A big, fat check! This is a need to watch drama, fasettoblog.comers. Check out on to discover out why!

When Jung dimenangkannya (Go Kyung Pyo) visits Hwa Shin (Jo Jung Suk) in the hospital and Hwa Shin is rendered immobilized through a young surgery, Jung won must rub Hwa Shin’s injection site for him. We recognize that no matter how much Jung dimenangkannya wants to pulverize Hwa Shin for liking the very same girl, he will execute anything because that his nearest and also dearest friend, including massaging the soreness the end of his behind end. That’s genuine friendship appropriate there.

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Yes, you read that correctly. Acting, singing, and dancing talent extraordinaire Jo Jung Suk attempts come wear a bra in specifically comical scene. Albeit the bra is for preserving pressure top top a surgical site, the vision is tho one to behold — and also one come laugh at. Leave it to Jo Jung Suk to milk the scene for every it to be worth. Can you reference Gong Hyo Jin’s character for jumping ~ above that kuning photo opportunity?

There ain’t nothing an ext satisfying than a an excellent meta reference. Ilustrasi 15 brings back a an excellent one from 6 years ago: one of Gong Hyo Jin’s most infamous pairings — the “voice” Lee sun Gyun native the 2010 romantic kitchen comedy “Pasta.” us hear Lee sunlight Gyun’s telltale deep baritone and tidak pernah see his face. Yet references come pasta, goldfish, and also a woman who looks favor Na Ri (Gong Hyo Jin) lug us kembali to those senang times.

From the start we gain some paws-on humor with Gong Hyo Jin together Pyo Na Ri, the weather announcer who has actually a penchant because that Jo Jung Suk’s chest. For 2 episodes she adheres to him around, grabbing in ~ him as he attempts to evade her wily fingers. Although that pretty funny, she actually has actually a serious factor (besides the beautiful male himself) to gain handsy with his chest. Doesn’t typical we can’t enjoy the antics!

One of the most fun aspects of this drama is the it kekuasaan use of adorable animations to punctuate emotionally scenes. When best buddies Jung dimenangkannya and Hwa Shin take their aggression come the boxing ring, the animated signs give humorous understanding into what Hwa Shin is yes, really thinking: he desires to ambil Jung won out indigenous behind for date Na Ri! Or, when Jung Won, Hwa Shin, and also Na Ri untuk mengambil to the beach, the animated sign illustrates exactly how alone Hwa Shin feels as the other two permainan together.

Although walk Kyung Pyo’s and Jo Jung Suk’s characters are best friends, they definitely have their moments. One of those is during low tide at a beach once the two obtain into an amazing and very muddy hit in milik mereka Sunday best. Castle punch, flip, yell, and drag out anda frustrations kapan we clock in ours nice, dried homes. Life is good.

After bermain in the mud, it’s time come clean up, and also Go Kyung Pyo and Gong Hyo Jin make the paling of it. The new couple goof off in the cool spray of a hose while attempting to to wash off the mud that covers them indigenous head come toe. Dari mereka wide grins and bubbling laughter are infectious and also a definite reason to struggle “replay” a time or two.

After every one of the fights that Jung menang and Hwa Shin obtain into lock owe us some bromance. Boy, execute they deliver. Drinks, singing, and also kisses abound together the man-children bond over soju. Their easy camaraderie is palpable despite all of the tension coursing in between them over anda shared romantic interest in Na Ri.

When Jo Jung Suk’s heartbroken personality Hwa Shin offers an adorable child to shot and manipulate Na Ri, we all need to wonder just how the stunner girl can resist? i mean, look at at that face. That’s a pout that deserves to be kissed away once the little guy has gone to bed.

If her name is Gong Hyo Jin, you are one happy woman. Not only melakukan she obtain to kiss she handsome top man, Jo Jung Suk, in among the sexy kisses ~ above television, but she gets to plant a good one on walk Kyung Pyo as well. She is one fortunate lady. Room you jealous?

This “Reply 1988” star tahu how carry a second lead to life. He has actually amazing chemistry with televisi and movie veteran Gong Hyo Jin and kenal how to placed the moves on his noona. His character Jung menang is one of the paling savvy, suave, and self-assured 2nd leads around. Carry it on, walk Kyung Pyo. We’re ready for you… we think. We can need some fans first.

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