Players having trouble deleting Monika in the game"s new remake and/or console version can vị so with this easy method.

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No trò chơi puts players on a course of wild twists and turns quite lượt thích Doki Doki Literature Club. The visual novel has players going in thinking they are going khổng lồ get a xinh tươi dating simulator. Instead, players realize that they have actually mix foot into a psychological horror game.

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Near the kết thúc of the game, the girls the player interacted with will all be gone. That is, except for Monika. The trò chơi brings the player one-on-one with Monika as she sits there & stares at you. The only way khổng lồ get rid of her is khổng lồ delete her character file. This was pretty straightforward in the PC version, but now with the console release of Doki Doki Literature Club Plus, players on consoles must try an alternate method.

Updated on December 12, 2021 by Ritwik Mitra: Doki Doki Literature Club was one of the biggest surprises when it was released on Steam in 2017. Fans expecting a dễ thương visual novel were thrown in for a loop when the trò chơi suddenly swerved into the realm of horror with some dark themes và twisted scenes that are hard khổng lồ watch even now. With the launch of Doki Doki Literature Club Plus, both new gamers and old fans have another excuse to check out this amazing indie title once again. Out of all the characters in the game, Monika is easily the most intriguing of the lot. Here's a step-by-step guide on how players can delete this character khổng lồ get lớn the title's true ending và end her nightmarish existence once & for all.

A Summary Of Events Until Monika Locks The Player

There are four girls in the trò chơi that the player can interact with: Sayori, Yuri, Natsuki, and — last but not the least — Monika. For the most part, it's the three girls apart from Monika who keep on vying for the player's attention... That is, until Sayori ends up taking her own life.

After this jarring event, the trò chơi takes a turn for the worst with events becoming more & more surreal. The main character stops reacting lớn things in a way that's even remotely immersive, & the player has lớn bear the horror of Yuri & Natsuki growing more & more unhinged. The trò chơi turns into a nightmare fest where the player has little khổng lồ no control over the events taking place.

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During these events, Monika starts acting weird and hints at the fact that she may have realized something. This is revealed near the kết thúc of the trò chơi when Monika locks the player lớn a particular screen and tells them that she's become self-aware knows she's in a video clip game, và has fallen in love with the player. Not the player character — the player themselves. Unless the player deletes Monika's file, they'll be forced lớn stare at her face & read the occasional quips she comes up with.

How lớn Delete Monika On PC


Getting rid of Monika on PC is quite straightforward if players know how to navigate their computer files. If players are playing the trò chơi through Steam, it is probably even easier. Before doing anything, save & quit the game. Then, go khổng lồ Steam and right-click on Doki Doki Literature Club in the library, hover over Manage, và select Browse Local Files. This will xuất hiện up the files for the game.

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Amongst the files players will find is the Characters folder. Open this and players should see a tệp tin called Monika and no other character files, hinting at the events of the game. Delete the file or move it to lớn the recycling bin. Then, xuất hiện up the game to find that Monika is no longer there. If players are playing the trò chơi in any other method outside Steam, just tìm kiếm for what tệp tin the trò chơi is installed in và the same process should work.


The move to consoles is interesting for Doki Doki Literature Club as the reliance on the desktop is crucial for this moment. For that reason, the new version now has an in-game desktop that players can navigate. There are plenty of cool features with the new desktop that includes being able lớn listen to lớn music, look at concept art, and more more. There is a tệp tin section on the desktop that can give players options such as the ability to reset the game. This is also where players will be able to take down Monika.

Players should save and close out of the game but not leave the desktop system the game is using. From there, move over lớn files where players will then see a Character folder. Once again, players will see that Monika is the sole tệp tin in here.

Delete Monika's file directly before reopening the game. It's worth noting that the delete buttons for each system are the X button on the Nintendo Switch, the Triangle button on Playstation, và the Y button on Xbox. Players will know it worked when they start the game up again & see that Monika is no longer there. Once done, the trò chơi is almost over.