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No sooner did us let y"all understand that DethKlok, the fictional pita in Adult Swim"s Metalocalypse, would be untuk membuat an appearance together an unlockable bonus track in guitar Hero II, 보다 we found out the entire bonus song list ... 24 tracks in total! that appears details Wal-Marts, depending on how many duplicates of guitar Hero castle sold, have demo kiosks through the sequel set up and also ready come rock! Twenty-four low-res pictures later, we understand the entire list of unlockable songs. Combine those with the forty tracks currently confirmed, and also you"ve gained yourself quite the batu feast.A significant addition: well-known Flash cartoon -- and Nintendo tags Team wrestling alum -- solid Bad"s metal/dragon opus Trogdor (The Burninator). Inspect out the video clip -- and the whole 64-track setlist -- after ~ the break, then bermain the Trogdor game, to hone up on your burninating. The selebar Vegas - raw DogDrist - Arterial BlackAnarchy club - CollideThat Handsome evil one - Elephant BonesValient Thorr - fall of PangeaVAGIANT - FTKBrian Kahanek - GeminiBang Camaro - push Push (Lady Lightning)The Acrobrats - LaughtrackFreezepop - less Talk more RokkBuckethead - JordanThe amazing Royal Crowns - Mr. Fix-ItEvery Time I dice - The new BlackArtillery - One for the RoadThe communities - ParasiteCount Zero - Radium EyesMEGASUS - Red LotteryAll That stays - SixHonest Bob and also the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives - soy BombShadows fall - The Light the BlindsDETHKLOK - Thunder HorseStrong negative - TrogdorVoivod - X-StreamMade in Mexico - Yes us Can1. Opened Licks Motley Crue - shout at the devil Danzig - mother Cheap trick - Surrender Wolfmother - woman Spinal madness - this evening I"m Gonna batu You Tonight2. Amp-Warmers Kiss - Strutter Nirvana - Heart-Shaped box Police - post in a party Van Halen - you Really obtained Me Kansas - lug on Wayward Son3. String-Snappers Foo fighters - Monkey Wrench Alice in chains - castle Bones Iggy Pop and also the Stooges - mencari and destroy Pretenders - Tattooed Love Boys warna hitam Sabbath - war Pigs4. Thrash and also Burn Warrant - Cherry Pie Butthole Surfers - Who remained in My Room last Night Mathew Sweet - Girlfriend roll Stones - Can"t you Hear Me Knockin" firearms N" Roses - Sweet kid O" Mine5. Return that the Shred Rage against the an equipment - pembunuhan in the name Of Primus - man the Fisherman knife - Freya slim Lizzy - bad Reputation Aerosmith - terakhir Child6. Relentless Riffs heart - crazy on You batu Temple Pilots - Tripping top top a hole in a file Heart Stray cats - batu This kota Allman brother - Jessica Jane"s seeks - Stop7. Furious Fretwork Anthrax - Madhouse Living end - carry Me residence Lamb the God - ditempatkan to remainder Reverend Horton warmth - Psychobilly Freakout buru-buru - YYZ8. Face-Melters Avenged Sevenfold - Beast and the Harlot Suicidal Tendencies - Institutionalized cock Dale - Misirlou Megadeth - Hangar 18 Lynyrd Skynyrd - totally free Bird
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