NameClash the Clans
Size190 MB
Required deviceAndroid 4.0+
MOD InfoUnlimited Gems/Resources
Latest FeaturesSuper Bowler/Hero Skin Randomizer
Download OnGoogle Play
Last updatedNovember 12, 2021

COC mod APK is tambahan known as Clash the Clans mod APK. It’s the personal servers that the Official Game. The resmi game has countless private servers and they all are well-known as the amendment versions. After ~ all, hacking the original video game is not a an excellent option and in addition, the can result in a irreversible ID ban. So, lihat the Modded version known as, Clash the Clans mod APK can be the safest & most basic option.

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As we understand COC is fun to permainan and a really popular game and it’s addictive and an extremely time-consuming. It has leagues that have the right to be rank up melihat attacks, getting trophies, and also winning defenses. Lagi awesome thing everyone loves about this game is upgrading defenses, heroes, buildings, troops and, chatting through friends in the clan. On the other hand, read more about the COC mod APK 2021 in this article.

“Aflowercannot blossom there is no sunshine, and a male can’t live there is no love.” Similarly, Clashers can’t breathe without Clashing!

NK (former legend dari 2016)

COC mode APK (New Features)

Introducing the brand-new Super Troop: supervisor Bowler that throws Triple Strikes!New bangunan and troop level for town Hall 14Hero Skin Randomizer AvailablePlenixClash and Nulls’ Clash have updated to version 14 with the new town Hall 14, so download and have fun.New waiting unit, Dragon Rider, and new visual isi is available in Nulls’ Clash.Introducing defensive Builder’s Huts​!Meet The Hero Pets!Hero Pets accessible on kota Hall 14 (L.A.S.S.I, Electro Owl, Mighty Yak, and Unicorn)Starter difficulties are available now when beginning a new accountNew royal Champion Skin (Rogue Champion)Minor bug Fixes and Game ImprovementsNew Siege Machine, log in LauncherBrand brand-new Super Troops, super Wizard, and also Ice HoundUpdated King, Queen, grand Warden, and Royale Champion Levels.Attractive graphics & Gameplay improvement



Hi Guys! kota Hall 14 is obtainable in the Clash that Clans mod APK. You can download the PlenixClash, Clash the Null, Atrasis COC, Clash the Magic, and upgrade your kota hall come the max, i m sorry is level 14 now. Have actually fun!!

Updated October 21, 2021

Recommended Note: All private Servers below are 100% Working and also are updated come the latest Version. Ours team keeps an eye on new updates every solitary day come make sure you download the newest version.

COC mod APK 2021(Updated)
CLASH the NULL APK (Updated)

The October 2021 upgrade brings many brand-new features in Clash of Clans mod APK. Because that example, now, you deserve to use at sight Bowler and Hero Skin Randomizer. All of them are accessible in the recent version. Download & have fun! You can download and shot both PlenixClash and Nulls Clash private servers.

New Troop: Dragon Rider

Speaking that brand brand-new updates, In COC mod APK, you deserve to now use Dragon Rider. Dragon driver is the latest troop obtainable in Clash the Clans. As we know, Dragon Rider have the right to be unlocked at kota Hall 13 and it meminta the Barrack level 15.

Favorite Target: DefensesDamage Type: solitary TargetTargets: Both soil & AirHousing Space: 25Movement Speed: 20

Town room 14 – obtainable in COC mod APK


Hey, clashers! You all know, the Clash that Clans mod APK is your favorite place to chill, relax, battle, and talk through friends. So, supercell has actually launched the newest and latest “Town room 14”, now, so download the resmi Version and enjoy playing. Also, now it’s easily accessible in the “Clash the Clans mod APK”. Check below the updates and also changes v the new town hall secara resmi update.

Clash of Clans original APK
Town room Town hall 14
Upgrade Cost16 juta Gold
Storage volume (Gold)2 juta Gold
Storage volume (Elixir)2 juta Ellixir
Storage volume (Dark Elixir)20K Dark Elixir
Hit Points8900
Credit: SupercellNew wait unit, Dragon RiderNew intuitive contentNew cool Warden Skin – The jungle WardenThe new kota Hall 14 has a Giga Inferno that can be upgraded to tahun more levels. Hero pet are available with the new kota Hall 14.The builders can safeguard too (only for town Hall 14).When town Hall 14 will be destroyed, a poison bomb will certainly explode that causes slow effects, deal damage, and slow units as well.New walls, bombs, gigantic bombs, waiting bombs, skeleton traps, etc. Will be unlocked.New level of defence buildings & traps will be available.With kota Hall 14, new heroes levels will certainly be available.Lots of troops level will be increased including the tingkat 10 Barbarian, kadarnya 10 Minion, tingkat 6 ice Golem, etc.New levels because that clone and poison spells.Lots the balancing & improvements in the new town Hall 14.

Clash the Clans mode APK – brand-new Updates


In Clash of Clans mod APK, finally, we have the right to now upgrade to the brand new kota Hall 14, it’s a vast update in Clash dunia and us at, welcome the new kota Hall 14! Every single clash lover desires to upgrade to the new kota Hall today. But don’t worry, quite soon, you will be able to bermain with kota Hall 14. The brand-new skin (The jungle Warden) is easily accessible now.

Defensive Builder Huts


Imagine you room in a glorious battle and also your builders, rather of hiding in dari mereka huts, they bawa pulang part in the fight themselves to protect your base till their terakhir breath. Well, it’s kelayakan only on the new kota Hall 14. Now, us have protective Builder’s Huts. Now building contractors can transform milik mereka hammer right into a alat of fighting. We can juga upgrade dari mereka huts too. As soon as we start upgrading them to level 2, castle change milik mereka shape come a weaponized turret, the helps lock to protect themselves.

Hero pet

Playing v heroes is fun however it’s more when bermain with her heroes and anda special pets. You heard right, Supercell amazed us v this brand brand-new feature whereby you can take part in battles through heroes and dari mereka mighty pets. This pets help your heroes with some unique & spesial abilities.

Pet House

pet home building

Actually, it’s a new form of unit in this video game that have the right to only it is in unlocked on kota Hall 14. Once you are on the level, you space able come unlock it and also build the pet House. Currently, there will certainly be only four pets, and also the ideal thing is the you should upgrade the pets House building in order to unlock all the pets. Friend can regulate your pets and assign castle to any type of hero you wish to. Speaking of them, we have actually the following pets.

L.A.S.S.I. – It’s a special type that puppy, it have the right to jump over walls, and attacks floor targets. L.A.S.S.I. Is tambahan known as the high-jumper and his movement speed is so rapid that i don’t think also Hog rider can record him. This pretty pet damages single targets.Electro Owl – This khususnya pet shoots part amazing tipe of attacks, which also bounces to lainnya nearby target. He is especially known as the high-voltage. Electro Owl damages single targets.Mighty Yak – the destroys walls v its mighty horns and helps the fellow hero to clean the path. Juga known as the dinding buster, the damages much more to walls. As soon as a dinding is broken, this pet will attack nearby buildings. This pet juga damages in area-splash.Unicorn – The fourth and also one the the finest hero pets is Unicorn. It helps heroes to reclaim some kesehatan and recover damage. It’s especially known as the an individual healer. The pindah speed is pretty short (16) however we are happy to see sebagai a beautiful pet.

GIGA Inferno

From the top pic, we have the right to see the details in town Hall 14 room so amazing and even it’s the first kota hall with sebagai details. According to that theme, that draws catalyst from native mesoamerican architecture, together the developer told us. Now, we have the right to upgrade the GIGA Inferno five times. If you don’t know, once this new kota hall destroys, it releases a toxicity cloud that poison, as stated by Supercell. The poison not only damages the troops yet slows them together well.

New Upgrades

Speaking the the upgrades, on kota Hall 14, there are several things to upgrade. We have additional levels because that the Laboratory, Clan Castle, Eagle Artillery, every the storages, Cannons, Bomb Tower, Scattershot, Interno Tower, and tersembunyi Tesla. Every one of them are obtainable now because that a next-level upgrade.

Pet Upgrades

Now, we have the right to upgrade our pet too. But we must upgrade castle in the Pet residence Building. Each pet will require a enormous amount that dark elixirs come upgrade. So, make sure you have actually your dark storage filled up. Upgrading pets house membangun will cost you elixirs. Examine the table below.

PetsUpgrade Cost
L.A.S.S.I15 million Elixir
Electro Owl17.5 juta Elixir
Mighty Yak18.5 million Elixir
Unicorn19.5 million Elixir

New troop Levels

Don’t concern if girlfriend think why the pertahanan is so solid on the new kota Hall, yet hey, currently we have actually Hero Pets. When your kota Hall is upgraded to tingkat 14, you deserve to unlock the newest membangun “Pet House”. As soon as unlocked, you have the right to upgrade it to kadarnya 4. New upgrades will unlock new pets. There are at this time four of castle are accessible which is also discussed in this article. Remember, you can use the Hero publication to update all the pets on the new town Hall 14.

With all the upgrades in defensive structures on the town Hall 14, you have the right to now update your activities to the additional tingkat and update troops to the lanjut level. Examine out the following list to recognize the newest troops’ levels.

Barbarian & Super barbarian – tingkat 10Archer & Super archer – tingkat 10Wall penghancur & Super wall Breaker – tingkat 10Healer – level 7Baby Dragon & Inferno Dragon – level 8Minion & at sight Minion – level 10Valkyrie & Super valkyrie – level 9Ice Golem – level 6

COC mode APK

The new “Town room 14” is easily accessible in the latest variation of Clash that Clans mod APK.Defensive Builder’s Huts​ unlocks at town Hall 14.Hero pet unlocks at kota Hall 14.Brand new siege makers are obtainable including the log in launcher. So, stop through opponent bases penampilan it.You can use ice cream Hound and also Super Wizard together super troops currently in the mode version.Headhunter new troop unlockedBuilder room 9 is obtainable with O.T.T.O Hut.A new hero “Royal Champion” is now available in the private Servers.GIGA Inferno is easily accessible and have the right to be upgraded as well.Clan games, familiar battles, and new events are available.New level of buildings, troops, heroes are easily accessible in every three famous COC exclusive Servers (Clash of Lights, Clash of Null, PlenixClash).

Newly included in Clash the Clans mode APK

Get details that newly included items in this game. As we see, the newest update in the modified variation brings some new troops and also siege machines, let’s discover out.

Log Launcher (A new Siege Machine)

In the latest coc mode apk Update, players can use the 5th siege machine, which is the log Launcher. Also, it have the right to be upgraded to tingkat 5. The log Launcher simply throws logs native time to time which deserve to go approximately twenty tiles or will hit four buildings. It’s perfect for destroying enemy base walls.

Super Troops (Ice Hound and Super Wizard)

Speaking the fun, what’s superior than melihat super troops. Well, the latest update brings brand-new super troops consisting of Super Wizard and Ice Hound. Ice Hound slows the adversary units everything comes in that range. And, everyone’s favorite Super magician can damage enemies through its bouncing fireballs.

Why bermain Clash the Clans mod APK?

People love the initial game even if it is time-consuming because it is a user-friendly game. However if friend wanna double your joy and also wanna bermain the same game with barrels in coc mod apk, sepenuhnya of totally free gems and also resources, will certainly you? you can acquire this in the COC private Servers. Check out the following attributes to understand more:

Download COC mod APK 2021

So, girlfriend are di sini and I should say that you have challenged many websites through fake download URLs and also fake COC exclusive Servers and “COC mode APK 2021” however that is tidak pernah gonna occur here. We carried you three famous Private Servers Mods the are free to bermain with reguler updates. For example, Clash of Lights, i m sorry is occurred by lamp Server and also known together the ideal COC exclusive Server, gives weekly updates. Together a result, orang can access new features ~ above time.

PlenixClash exclusive Server

Unlimited resources (Gold, Elixirs, and Dark Elixirs) & Gems.PlenixClash is to update timely, therefore you have the right to access kota Hall 14, Builder room 9, Royale Champion, and also all various other latest features.PlenixRoyale is tambahan available top top its resmi website which is juga a Clash Royale personal Server.No account ban favor other renowned COC exclusive Servers.PlenixClash has three private Server that can membantu you to readjust between servers if one ain’t work. Castle are called PlenixClash S1, S2, and also S3.

Clash of Lights exclusive Server

Unlimited sources (Gold, Elixirs, and Dark Elixirs) & Gems.Weekly Clash of lamp Updates by lamp Server.All 5 siege devices are available.The latest town Hall 14 deserve to now be upgraded in the latest version.Builder hall 9 is also available.Royal Champion is available.It is the best COC private Server the is easily accessible right now.Clash Royale mode APK (RLights) can juga be downloaded from lights Server.

Clash the Null exclusive Server

Unlimited sources (Gold, Elixirs, and Dark Elixirs) & Gems.Town hall 14 support and a new hero “Royal Champion” can be used.Builder room 9 support.24 hours aktif status that the Clash of Null mod Server.Few reguler updates but it is a rapid server.Clash of Null is a renowned anti-ban COC mode APK.Commands in Clash the Null

In this server, you can juga use commands which is awesome. Check them out:

/clean– reset her account /full– update all buildings, troops, and heroes come the maks level easily accessible for your kota hall/th – upgrade kota hall come specified kadarnya (for example:/th 13)/asp– attack your very own village/cct– eliminate all spells, troops, supervisor troops, and also siege machines/g– switch worldwide chat/status– display server status

COC mod APK 2021 attributes in Details

Let’s check out all the attributes of this video game in details. Here you can discover every tiny detail about those features as well. So, let’s acquire started.

Town hall 14

So, finally, the wait is over guys. Now, you have the right to upgrade to kota Hall 14. Yes, you heard right. Clash that Clans mode APK’s finest server, PlenixClash deserve to now it is in played v TH14. It means you can now access all the newest attributes in the game including hero pets, and new troops levels, and also also, you have the right to upgrade your kota Hall 14’s GIGA Inferno’s additional five levels.

Unlimited sources & Gems

The ideal feature the Clash that Clans mod APK private Servers are of course endless Resources & Gems. People know how vital they are. Without resources, you can’t update troops, buildings, do attacks, etc. However without resources, one point you can do is to use gems however as us all understand in the secara resmi game, they can’t be tangan kedua freely. Di sini you have the right to use unlimited gold, elixirs, dark elixirs, gems to build a basic you selalu wanted to make and dreamed of.

Royal Champion

With the latest upgrade of kota Hall 13, Clash the clans mod apk juga provide the Royale Champion, a brand-new hero. It is cool. Examine it the end by yourself if friend don’t know just how it works. And also don’t issue it won’t bawa pulang you year to reach, hanya some minutes. Just like that, you have the right to access new levels of other heroes as well. You deserve to upgrade them come their max levels to shot them the end for genuine multiplayer battles.

Town hall 13

There are many COC personal Servers that are not effectively updated on time to administer the recent features however this Clash the Clans mode APK information which is noted by us, supports the latest kota Hall that has a GIGA Inferno on it. It have the right to be upgraded together well. So, you have the right to use limitless resources to upgrade your town Hall to the max level in no time.

Builder hall 9

Just together you know, us have brought you several of the best COC exclusive Servers, as they support kota Hall 13. And hanya like it, they juga support Builder room 9. Us know setiap orang love face-to-face attacks that have the right to only be discovered in the builder base. So, here you go, use these Mods, enjoy the recent features. Like, Builder hall 9 brings the O.T.T.O Hut. And if girlfriend don’t know maafkan saya it does, then you room not really right into the builder base.

Siege Machines

As we understand the siege devices are other awesome things that have the right to be tangan kedua in battles. So, in the latest version of COC mod APK, you can have castle in her game. So, go for it. Update your kota Hall to tingkat 12 come able to unlock them. Best now, just like the resmi game, these personal Servers tambahan provide you every the 4 siege devices that you have the right to fun with.

New Troops

Troops are what this game buatlah so cool. COC private Servers juga provides every the recent troops that are obtainable in the resmi game. You deserve to unlock them, update them, train them, usage them, donate them, exercise with them, and all this in no time.

New Defenses

So, defenses are also great and also keep upgraded from time come time in the secara resmi COC. For this reason in the COC exclusive Servers. Through the latest kota Hall 13, you can access new defenses, new upgrade levels of buildings, etc.

New Events

As us know, events permainan an awesome function in any kind of game. So, even if COC exclusive Server isn’t the initial game but still girlfriend can accessibility the latest occasions like winter events, summer events, the new tahun events, festival events, etc.

Multiplayer Battles

Without the multiplayer battles, nobody wishes to bermain these personal Servers, so, girlfriend can access them from di sini as well. You have the right to train the maks level troops and also enjoy attacking there is no the fear of losing. Also, this Clash of Clans mod APK Servers support leagues, friend can mulailah pushing trophies too.

Single Player Battles

So many setiap orang love single-player battles, therefore don’t worry, you have the right to have this function as well. You deserve to try various techniques to dominate these single-player goblin bases together well, hanya like the secara resmi game.

Regular Updates

As us all know, rakyat don’t desire to stuck with the exact same old game with old features and also no updates. So, in COC mode APK, you have the right to have regular updates together well. So that you can gain the to update of the latest troops, buildings, heroes, and also events.

Anti-Ban & Safe

Playing these Servers won’t half your account and also you can bermain them as lengthy as you want to. And also they are safe as well because they won’t ask girlfriend to source your an equipment to bermain them. They are secure & cool.

Stable & fast Servers

Finding a stable and also fast server is difficult when talking around Clash the clans mod APK. But we lugged you the working, secure & fast servers. Girlfriend can shot them out and also find yourself the difference in between old Hack Mods and the recent ones.

Clash the Clans mode on iOS devices?

No, friend can’t bermain these private Servers ~ above iOS devices. The Hack versions space only accessible for the Android gadgets so if friend are searching for the iOS versions, you have to wait but it’s no sure as soon as it will certainly be arisen for the iOS devices. So, we indicate you to usage Android gadgets to bermain such mods.

How many COC private Servers room there and which one i use?

There are numerous but paling of them space inactive and milik mereka server is not working. If friend are in search of the functioning COC Servers, kemudian I deserve to suggest you the best and the functioning servers. They encompass Clash of Lights, Clash that Null, PlenixClash, Clash the Bugs, MiroClash, Clash of Souls, etc.

How to download COC mode APK?

These exclusive Servers are basic to permainan but paling importantly if friend are brand-new and don’t know how to download them, it can be a mess. So, we are di sini to provide you the easiest procedures to install them. Therefore, let’s obtain started.

After downloading and install COC mode APK, your an initial step must be to enable unknown source installation. And if friend are new and don’t know anything then follow this path, call Settings> Security> Permissions> Unknown Source> Enable.
After allowing unknown source installation, hanya try to discover the downloaded Clash the Clans mod APK file. The file can be discovered in the downloaded folder by default. If you don’t know the path, follow this path, call Storage> file Manager> Downloads> COC mode APK.Now, hanya open the COC mod APK and tap on the download button and wait for a few seconds and also hurray! Now, friend can play the game and enjoy all the features including endless gems and also resources.

Frequently asked Questions

In this FAQ section, us will provide the information related to what people typically think about COC Mods. If anyhow, girlfriend still have any much more questions in mind, you deserve to comment freely turun below in the comment box.

Clash the Clans mode APK is anti-ban?

This pertanyaan comes to mind of too many of rakyat so check out properly. COC mod APK is completely anti-ban. It’s a exclusive Server that provides a berbeda account 보다 the initial game. As a result, friend can’t usage the mod account in the resmi game and vice-versa. So, it’s completely safe to permainan Mod games. Also, you can bermain the Official play Store version and also the hack mode in the very same device.

Can ns use kota Hall 13 and also all the latest features?

Yes, recently COC exclusive Servers include reguler updates and Currently, Clash the Lights, a COC exclusive Server, deserve to be played to use all the recent features. For example, kota Hall 13, GIGA Inferno, Builder room 8, brand-new Troops, new Buildings, brand-new Hero ‘Royal Champion’, and many various other latest features.

How have the right to I upgrade the Clash of Clans mod APK?

We understand that bermain with the very same old version deserve to be very boring so we have lugged you COC Mod through its reguler updates. Come download the latest update, hanya visit us and also install castle on your device to reap the brand-new features. Us recommend melihat Clash of Lights since of the weekly to update feature.

How deserve to I permainan the COC Hack version?

Firstly, you should know around these hack mods. Lock aren’t the resmi Versions and also they are emerged by third-party developers and they are controlling them on anda private servers. This servers have the right to be found on the internet. You deserve to visit united state to download the latest COC personal Servers.

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Which COC exclusive Server is best?

If you are trying to find the paling stable Server, then you can shot Clash the Lights. That is detailed by lights Server and is available complimentary to download. It provides weekly updates, through all the recent features. Also, if friend are looking for Clash Royale personal Server, kemudian RLights by lights Server can be the ideal option.

Top reviews on Clash the Clans mode APK

Our Opinion

So guys what do you think about Clash that Clans mod APK? paling importantly, you can access three of the personal Servers and that can an outcome in good output. Because if you find any melepaskan in any kind of of the servers, friend can try another. Still, they all administer unlimited resources and unlimited fun. So, if girlfriend are looking for a hack version, you can download any type of of the detailed APKs. We hope that friend gonna love them. Also, if you are trying to find other COC and Clash Royale Mods, you have the right to visit us. Download COC mode APK 2021 from di sini and have a an excellent day!