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OverviewChelsea laid turun a marker through a statement victory over the paling successful club in Champions organization history, and the margin of win could’ve quickly been double 2-0. Chelsea enforcement the game-plan — well, other than the finishing component — v absolute conviction and also blew away a very solid opponent.

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Every Chelsea starter brought anda A-game. Chelsea created methods from almost every script — turnovers, set-pieces, collection possession play, etc. — and also did no give madrid any time to breath on the ball. Purely in terms of performance, this to be arguably Chelsea’s finest outing dari the 2-1 win away in ~ Atlético madrid in 2017-18.

Match statistics

Statistics native fbref and wyscout.

Note: part statistics top top the player charts can not corroborate with itu presented in the “stats that note” sections. This is because the stats for the charts are acquired from a berbeda source and also not fbref. For instance, Jorginho has actually 7 loose-ball recoveries according to fbref and 8 according to Opta. In most cases, the differences will be minimal.

Individual ratings

Thomas Tuchel

Got pretty much every solitary decision best over the food of game, thoroughly outdoing Zidane. Possession stats can indicate that Chelsea dulu set to defend deep and harapan for the ideal but that could not be lagi from the truth. We let a distinctly unathletic Real madrid team have the bola and extensively pounced on milik mereka physical inadequacies to create transition after transition.

One would expect madrid to have actually created constant chances considering their possession however Chelsea walk extraordinarily fine to limit this, too. Besides one tough header native Benzema, madrid did not create even half-openings and were managed with impressive ease. Chelsea pressed choose a fill of wolves and had madrid walking right into the traps collection all over the pitch, a true mark of a well-coached team.

Chelsea might not have actually superstars littered everywhere the pitch favor our opponents, do but apa we do have actually is a manager who fully understands the qualities of the team. It was an absolute masterclass.


Édouard Mendy — GK

Mendy’s conserve off Benzema in the first half was exceptional and worthy the a high rating by itself. He kemudian followed it up v two more an excellent saves to ensure he finished the night together the goalkeeper v the most clean sheets in the competition — 8. His circulation was very an excellent too.

Stats of keep in mind 5 saves6 passes menyelesaikan over 40 yards (8 attempted)


César Azpilicueta — RWB

Dealt v the speed of Ferland Mendy and trickery that Eden risk pretty well. Make a couple of nice runs upfield too, back they dulu not fruitful.

Stats of note38 pressure - 1st3 passes right into final 3rd - share 1st2 clearances - share 2nd7 loose-ball recoveries - joint 2nd


Andreas Christensen — RCB

The power of the football player ahead that him intended he to be hardly called into severe action. As amazing as this sounds, Christensen and also his centre-back partner coasted v a high-pressure game like it was a residence assignment against Burnley. Christensen has ramped increase his aggression together a wide centre-back without compromising ~ above his analysis of the game, a very good sign of his development.

Stats the note4 clearances - 1st2 tackles - joint 2nd7 loose-ball recoveries - share 2nd3 progressive passes - share 3rd


picture by Steve Bardens - UEFA/UEFA via Getty pictures

Thiago Silva — CB

Booked a second consecutive expedition to the Champions league finals with the sort of no-frills performance we’ve become accustomed to seeing from him. Silva’s economy of pindah and the means he makes everything look easy alone is often worth the price that admission. Could have perhaps done better from corners yet that is a an extremely minor gripe.

Stats of note2 shots - joint 2nd2 aerial duels menang (2 contested) - Joint 2nd


Antonio Rüdiger — LCB

Yet lagi rock-solid display, keeping the likes of Vinicius, Valverde and also Asensio comfortably the end of danger zones. Favor Silva, what Rüdiger does is no easy and should no be taken because that granted.

Stats of note3 passes into final 3rd - joint 1st2 tackles - joint 2nd2 clearances - share 2nd2 aerial duels menang (4 contested) - share 2nd


Ben Chilwell — LWB

Showed terrific decision-making to keep things ticking over and also picked the best moments to defer come his an ext expansive teammates on the ball. Over there is lot of of evidence to suggest he is wonderful ball-carrier, the lanjut step in his evolusi is to present it consistently.

Stats of note3 tackles - joint 1st2 passes into penalty crate - share 2nd4 steady passes received - joint 2nd3 steady passes - share 3rd


N’Golo Kanté — RCM

Had yet lainnya supernova display screen on the bagian belakang of his man-of-the-match performance terakhir week. He produced both sasaran virtually the end of slim air and could have got hold of one for self after a barely believable operation the length of the pitch. While last week’s power was a clinic in bergerak with the bola under pressure, Kanté opted to display screen his lulus repertoire in the second leg and ran madrid ragged.

Note: Both Kanté (5) and also Jorginho (6) appear to have fewer interceptions on fbref as compared to Opta (3 each).

Stats the note6 shot-creating tindakan - 1st3 passes into penalty box - 1st6 gradual passes - 1st3 interceptions - share 1st30 pressures - 2nd5 progressive carries - 2nd2 crucial passes - share 2nd2 passes right into final third - share 2nd


Jorginho — cm

Had maybe his finest display for Chelsea. While his lulus was generally secure v one long-range pass kedudukan out, it to be his defensive effort that was important notable. He to be almost selalu in the ideal spot to reduced out attention attacks and made a huge tackle late in the game on Benzema to save it 1-0. His recent run of membentuk has to be nothing short of exemplary.

Stats of note3 interceptions - joint 1st5 steady passes - 2nd2 an essential passes - share 2nd2 passes right into final 3rd - share 2nd2 tackles - joint 2nd2 clearances - joint 2nd7 loose-ball recoveries - joint 2nd2 aerial duels dimenangkannya (2 contested) - share 2nd


Mason mount — LCM

As was the case in the vault game, Mount confirmed some signs of physical and mitologis fatigue and also was at times out the sync v his midfield partners. The fakta he can supply genuinely good performances top top the best stage even when exhausted speaks volumes about his quality and the level he is at best now.

Stats that note1 goal3 shots - share 1st3 tackles - joint 1st5 touch in penalty crate - joint 1st2 successful dribbles (2 attempted) - joint 1st2 carries right into penalty box - share 1st2 passes into final 3rd - share 2nd4 steady passes got - joint 2nd26 pressure - 3rd3 shot-creating tindakan - share 3rd


photo by Pedro Salado/Quality sports Images/Getty pictures

Timo Werner — LF

His new and simplified role as a second striker behind Havertz seems to have done that a world of good. Werner acquired the ball predominantly close to package or top top transitions and also wreaked havoc against a slow madrid team. Besides his opportunistic goal, he should have had at least one help too. The was no for nothing that Werner was taken into consideration a €100 million player when we signed him, performances like this one go a long way to show why.

Stats that note1 goal3 vital passes - 1st7 steady passes obtained - 1st8 loose-ball recoveries - 1st3 carries into final 3rd - joint 1st5 shot-creating actions - 2nd2 shots - joint 2nd2 passes into penalty crate - share 2nd


Kai Havertz — RF

Havertz did not merely complement Ramos and also Militão physically, he out-fought and bullied them in the air and also on the ground. His video game on-the-ball to be at its finest too, levitating across the pitch and also nutmegging opponents for fun. His finishing was well below-par however he carried so much to the table that even without goals, this was a fantastic centre-forward display.

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Stats that note3 aerial duels won (7 contested) - 1st3 shots - share 1st3 interceptions - joint 1st5 touch in penalty crate - share 1st2 effective dribbles (2 attempted) - share 1st7 progressive carries - share 1st3 carries right into final third - share 1st3 shot-creating bertindak - joint 3rd



picture by Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty photos Christian Pulisic (67th minute) — happen Pulisic off the bench to be a relocate designed well in development and it payment off, together he eviscerated a tired madrid defence at every opportunity.

Stats the note1 assist5 touches in penalty box - share 1st7 gradual carries - joint 1st2 carries right into penalty crate - joint 1st4 progressive passes got - joint 2nd