Want to switch from Android to a new iPhone 13? That"s nice. However, ns guess that it may worry you a lot about how to ayunkan data indigenous Android to iPhone. Don"t worry! There space some ways to move data from Android phones to her iPhone, membuat it mungkin to migrate all your essential data safely.

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3 steps to mengalihkan Data indigenous Android to iphone in 1 Click

Be aware:

Contacts in account: fasettoblog.com - Phone mengalihkan can menangkal contacts top top Twitter, Facebook, Google, and any account supported by her Android device. Therefore, please make sure whether you want to ayunkan contacts in the accounts or not. If yes, please tanda in the accounts on your Android device.One-click Backup and also Restore: use this mode when you only have one phone in ~ hand. Just backup data on her Android phone to the computer, and also restore that to her iPhone whenever you require it.Step 1. Operation the Android to iphone phone Data menangkal Tool

Run fasettoblog.com - phone call Transfer, the best Android to iphone phone data transfer tool on the computer, and also you will watch the window as follows. ~ then, affix your Android phone and your iPhone through the computer via USB cables respectively. Make certain that both devices can be efficiently detected by her computer.


Step 2. Select "Phone Transfer" feature

In the key window, select the "Phone Transfer" mode, and also you will watch the programme displays as follows. You have the right to use the "Flip" switch to switch the locations of her phones and make sure that the iphone phone is the destination one.


Step 3. Ayunkan SMS, Contacts, Calendar, Photos, video clip and Music indigenous Android come iPhone


To learn much more about exactly how to transfer data indigenous Android come iPhone, follow this video:


Step 1. On your Android phone, walk to the contact app. Madness the button on the left of the home switch to show the menu list. Tap Import/Export.


Step 2. Click Export to USB storage> > OK to save the call list to your SD card. Affix your Android phone with your computer via a USB cable as a disk. Open up the SD card document to violin the vCard document to your computer.


Step 3. Open up your Gmail webpage on her computer. Click Gmail > click Contacts to display the call control panel. Click More > Import…. > click Choose File to choose the vCard record you have saved in steps 2 to import it.


Step 4. On her iPhone, click Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account... > Google. Log in in v your Gmail account and tap Next to finish the setup. Revolve on Contacts. Then, contacts will certainly be synced to her iPhone).

2.2 Sync Notes, Email and also Calendars from Android to iphone phone (10 MINS)

Your Android phone features the Google sync and also enjoys syncing all your necessary calendars to Google account. Great. You can sync calendars from Google to the iphone phone easily. Combine these two steps, girlfriend can ayunkan data from Android to iphone successfully.

Follow the easy procedures below:

Step 1. On your Android phone, click Settings. Scroll down the screen to uncover Account & sync. Find your Gmail account and also tap Sync Calendars. Then, tap Sync now to upgrade the calendar to her Gmail account. Contact can juga be synced in ~ the exact same time.

Step 2. On your iPhone, tap Settings and also go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars and also click Add Account. Choose Gmail and enter your Gmail account info, choose name, email address, password. Madness Next and turn ~ above Calendars, Email, and also Note. Then, the syncing procedure begins.


2.3 transfer Music and video clip from Android to iphone phone (10 MINS)

Can"t wait to bring music and video on your Android phone come the iphone phone 13? No problem. ITunes deserve to do that for girlfriend easily.

Step 1. Affix your Android phone to the computer and save music and also videos ~ above it to the computer. Download iTunes top top the computer. Operation it and get your iPhone connected with a USB cable.


Step 2. In the iTunes Window, click File > Add Folder to Library…. Browser your computer to uncover the music and video clip folder and mengalihkan video and also music to iTunes Library.


Step 3. Click your iPhone di bawah DEVICES to acquire the iPhone regulate panel. Click Music tab > Sync Music. Mite your wanted music or playlists and also click Apply.


Step 4. To transfer video indigenous Android to iPhone, you can click Movies, TV Shows, or other video clip categories. Then, tick your wanted videos and click Apply.


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2.4 acquire Android Apps on iphone (60 MINS)

What to operation Android apps ~ above the iPhone? To her regret, Android apps don"t occupational on the iphone phone (iOS 14 supported). However, plenty of Android apps have actually iPhone version or replace instead instead that carry out the exact same things. Girlfriend can mencari and get sebagai apps native the application Store in iTunes easily.

Additionally, if some apps require you to membuat an account for bermain or stores your data in the cloud, the data will come v you when untuk bergerak to the iPhone. Or, the data will certainly be shed after installing them on your new iPhone. Thus, after convert from Android come iPhone, you deserve to get maafkan saya you want from the application Store or mencari the internet for acquiring the best cost-free apps because that iPhone.


2.5 transfer Photos native Android to iphone phone (10 MINS, free Way)

You probably don"t desire to lose hundreds of thousands of picture that record your priceless memories. Di sini is a method out. To ayunkan Android photos to iPhone, you can attract support from iTunes.

At the very beginning, mount your Android phone on the computer as a USB drive. Drag and also drop all your wanted photos in a folder on her computer. Attach your iphone to the computer by plugging in a USB cable. By clicking your iPhone, you get the manage panel. Walk to Photos and also tick Sync image from and also find the photo folder. Walk to the reduced right corner and click Apply come sync photos from Android to iPhone.

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2.6 Sync records to iphone phone from Android (20 MINS, totally free Way)

Want to lug your documents, favor Excel, PPT, PDF, TXT, DOC, and more to your new iPhone because that viewing ~ above the go? To make it, Dropbox is a good pembantu for you. It allows you upload her wanted files to the cloud without any kind of hassle. Then, start the Dropbox on your iPhone to view or penyuntingan any papers you want. Learn much more about Dropbox.