Cara untuk membuat dan Mengurus NPWP APK we provide on this page is original, direct fetch from Google Store. The is compatible through all android tools (required Android 4.0+) and can juga be may be to download on pc & Mac, you can need one android emulator seperti as Bluestacks, Andy OS, KOPlayer, Nox app Player, ...

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Cara membuat dan Mengurus NPWP

App description (See english translation)

Kita such warga negara Indonesia mungkin Anda sudah paham ataupun setidaknya siap pernah mendengar tentang NPWP (Nomor pokok Wajib Pajak) ataukah NPWP adalah nomor apa diberikan kepada delegasi Pajak seperti sarana batin administrasi perpajakan yang dipergunakan sebagai gejala pengenal diri atau identitas diamanatkan Pajak di dalam melaksanakan hak dan kewajiban batin urusan perpajakan yang berada di negara indonesia.NPWP memang wajib hatim oleh warga Indonesia, baik itu pribadi maupun badan usaha. NPWP ini dijadikan seperti sarana memandu perpajakan atau acuan karena membayar pajak, juga menjadi demands sejumlah pelayanan umum, kemudian pengajuan kredit, pembuatan paspor, dan go sebagainya.Pada aplikasi ini khusus akan dibahas tentang NPWP memiliki perorangan maupun badan usaha. Kartu NPWP memiliki bisa konon sama seperti Kartu gejala Penduduk (KTP) yang wajib hatim orang yang telah memenuhi tuntutan tertentu. Batin hal ini, berarti memenuhi syarat seperti Wajib Pajak.Bagi setiap orang Wajib pajak yang tidak mendaftarkan diri karena mendapatkan NPWP, sudah ada sanksi yang menunggu benar dengan ketentuan perundang-undangan perpajakan.
We as citizens that Indonesia, possibly you currently understand or in ~ least have heard the Taxpayer Identification numberi (NPWP) or NPWP is a sourse given to taxpayers together a way of tax administration that is tangan kedua as to know or the identity of taxpayers in transporting out anda rights and obligation in taxation matters in Indonesia.NPWP is a must-have because that Indonesians, both individuals and business entities. This NPWP is digunakan as a taxes administration alat or a reference to salary taxes, it is juga a necessity for a number of publik services, such as applying for credit, membuat a passport, and also so forth.In this application particularly will be questioned about personal NPWP individu or service entities. Personal NPWP card deserve to be stated to it is in the same as identification Card (KTP) that have to be owned by rakyat who have fulfilled specific requirements. In this case, it method fulfilling the requirements as a taxpayer.For every taxpayers who carry out not register to acquire a TIN, there room sanctions waiting in accordance v the provisions of tax legislation.

App Details

Package name: com.farizalstudio.npwpUpdated: 1 year agoCompatibility: Android 4.0+Developer Name: farizal studioCategory: publications & ReferenceFile MD5: CCC51796827C357EF79F8F7E8B9AC4DEFile SHA1: 8E1F3BA70E2919D12A9FAA8173B0D93E41FF8A5A

Permissions List

Allows applications to access information around networks.Allows applications to open up network sockets.Allows applications to accessibility information around Wi-Fi networks.Allows an applications to create to outside storage.Allows access to the vibrator.Allows an applications to get the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is transfer after the mechanism finishes booting.Allows lihat PowerManager WakeLocks to save processor from resting or display from dimming.Allows an applications to check out from outside storage.

Installation Instructions

Download APK document on this page, kemudian follow these steps:

Step 1: permit Unknown Sources

In your an equipment Settings page, tap ~ above "Security" or "Applications" (varies v device)Enable "Unknown Sources" permissionConfirm with "OK"

Step 2: Install and also Launch

In your device's "Download" folder, find and tap ~ above the APK fileTap "Install"on the Android Installer screenLaunch the App


What is one APK file?

An APK paper is an app created because that Android, Google's mobile operation system. Some apps come pre-installed top top Android devices, while other apps can be downloaded from Google Play, or site like . Apps download from Google play are instantly installed on your device, while those downloaded from various other sources have to be mounted manually.

If ns install an APK from this website, will I be able to update the app from the play Store?

Yes, absolutely. As shortly as the permainan Store find a variation of the app newer 보다 the one you've installed, it will certainly commence an update.

What measures do you bawa pulang to make certain all APKs are real?

Whenever someone desires to download one APK record from this site, we'll inspect the corresponding APK paper on Google bermain and allow user download it straight (of course, we'll cache the on our server). If the APK file does not exist on Google Play, we'll mencari it in our cache.

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Why can't I tekan the download button? It's grayed the end on my Android device!

Disable any type of screen-dimming apps, choose Lux or Twilight. For security reasons, Android will certainly gray out the Install switch when an app like that is active.